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Where To Buy Pure Gold

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Where to Buy Pure Gold – Not Fools Gold!
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    I was excited to see the returns my SIPcould give me. I exchanged it for a pairof earrings easily.

    Shikha, Teacher from Varanasi

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    I accumulated gold and ordered a gold coin. Within 2 days I got it delivered! Thank you SafeGold.

    Imran, Working professional from Mumbai

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    Its transparent and easy to use. Showsthe price and purity upfront and theyhave a trustee.

    Sudhir, Head of Sales from Meerut

Popular Designs Of Gold Bars

As mentioned above, youll find a great deal of variety awaiting as you shop for gold bars. However, the variety doesnt stop at the weights of the available bars. Gold bars also come with a wide array of designs. Some are so popular they are viewed as symbols of excellence within the precious metals industry, while others represent limited-time offerings. The following is a brief overview of some of the most popular gold bar designs:

The Most Recognizable Gold Coins

There are a lot of different gold and silver coins. What is it that makes one coin more valuable than another?

Some coins are universally recognized, while others are more obscure. The more recognizable a coin, the easier it is to use should you ever need it as currency.

The most universally recognized gold and silver coins include:

  • US Eagles
  • South African Krugerrands

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Gold Coins For Auspicious Occasions

Gifting gold coins on special occasions is an age-old tradition in India. Be it a festival or wedding, baby shower or first birthday of the baby, gold bar or coins come across as the best gifting options. Also, many people buy gold coins to add up to their assets and use them at the time of emergencies. Whatever the reason be you can now buy gold coins online at Malabar.

Buying 24k Gold Online

How Pure Gold Is Refined

As mentioned before, you can buy gold in small quantities, for as low denominations as Rs 100 on Finserv MARKETS. With a 2-click buying process facilitated by Finserv MARKETS, theres no need for documentation when purchasing digital gold.

The digital gold price is the same across India, so you can buy and sell gold at the market-linked rate, with each quantity of gold purchased backed by actual physical gold. While buying digital gold online at Finserv MARKETS, you are able to buy in sachets, so you dont have to make a huge commitment to the investment right away. You avoid many costs which you would have to pay if you choose to buy gold the conventional way. A quick tip keep an eye on the 24k gold price, mentioned on our website.

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Gold Bullion Bar Refineries/mints

The primary benefits to gold bullion bars for gold buyers are diversity and affordability. Gold bullion bars have lower premiums over the spot price of gold when compared to gold bullion coins, and the variety of options is far more diverse. Gold bullion bars are available not only in the aforementioned weights, but also styles including cast, hand-poured, and minted ingots. Gold bullion bars are struck continuously to meet the demand for gold, with the following refineries and mints representing some of the greatest refiners of gold bars:

How Digital Gold Works

  • Selling Process
  • Redeem Gold Process

Time is money! Be it buying or selling gold online, we offer you a simple and quick 2-step buying process. So how you buy pure Gold online through Finserv MARKETS?

  • Log in to our customer portal to purchase Digital Gold using your mobile number. If you are a new customer, you will have to sign up with us.

  • Proceed to purchase digital gold either in grams or INR. Upon confirmation of the amount, you will be re-directed to the payment gateway. Make the payment and youre done with your online gold shopping.

  • Log in to our customer portal using his/her mobile number.

  • Enter the amount of gold you wish to sell either in grams or rupees. Also, provide your bank details to enable payment to be credited. Thats all you need to do to sell gold online.

  • The amount will then get credited in your bank account in 24 business hours.

Planning on gifting gold coins to your family and friends and want to redeem gold purchase online through Finserv MARKETS? Follow these simple steps and have your gold coins delivered right to your doorstep!

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How To Spot Real Gold

First things first, youll want to make sure the retailer is offering you legitimate gold. It can be hard to tell if gold is real with just your eyes, as there are plenty of other more inexpensive metals that can look super similar.

Typically, a piece of real gold jewelry is engraved with a hallmark that identifies the content or manufacturer. Its probably printed someplace hidden, like on the clasp of the necklace.

Hallmarks can include things like valid purity numbers under the Karat system, so youll see things like 18k or 24k engraved. It may also have purity numbers under the Millesimal Fineness system, which may be a three-digit number like 583 or 750.

Any piece of gold that is marked with a purity of under 10k means that it is less than 41.7% pure. This is considered fake, as the vast majority of the metal is composed of something besides gold. If you want a real gold necklace, make sure the karat is 10k or above.

If you cant find an engraving, you can try holding the gold necklace in between your hands for a couple of minutes. The perspiration in your hands should react to the metal and change the color of your skin, as long as the gold is real. If it doesnt change, you might have a fake in your hands.

Of course, its impossible to do these tests when youre ordering from an online retailer. The good news is that there are other ways to test out your pieces authenticity.

How To Store Gold Bars

How to buy gold bullion the safer, cheaper & easier way.

Part of buying gold bars is where youll store them. While keeping some at or near home can be useful, you dont want all your physical wealth vulnerable to one act of misfortune.

The ideal solution is to keep what you think you might need in an emergency close byand then get the rest of your holdings out of the house, and yet still have it easily accessible at any time.

That option is available. Private, non-bank, fully allocated, fully-insured class-3 vaults offer the highest level of security and are the best way to keep bullion safe during times of financial and social crises.

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Which One Should You Buy Gold Coins Or Gold Bars

Gold is one of the most popular metals in terms of investment and sale. Indians buy gold for various purposes ranging from jewelry to investment. Gold is not just about flashy bling but also about substantial savings and returns on the money that is invested in the metal. Buying gold in the form of bars or coins is generally done by customers who are looking at it from pure savings perspective. The value of gold, historically, has always appreciated with time, making it an extremely rewarding metal to own.

The crucial role played by gold in almost all Indian weddings and during all major festivals is what makes customers so drawn towards the yellow metal. There are times when people want to just buy gold in its purest form and keep it for future use. This future use could be getting jewelry made out of it at some point of time later or selling the pure gold after it has appreciated well enough to yield substantial profit. Any customer who is looking to buy pure gold for keeping it as savings, has two forms that can be availed, coins and bullions or bars.

Where Can I Buy Real Gold Necklaces

  • 6 min read

Take one look at kings, queens, rap stars, celebrities, and other notable figures. Whats one thing that you notice about all of them? Probably that every single one is always sporting a fresh, golden chain around their necks its the ultimate status symbol.

If youre looking to replicate their style and show off some finesse of your own, youll want to make sure youre getting a high-quality piece that lasts you a long time. One of the best ways to ensure this is by getting a solid, real gold necklace from a reputable source.

There are tons of jewelers out there who claim to offer real gold jewelry, but many overcharge for underperforming pieces. Lets talk about some of the ways you can spot a reputable retailer so you can figure out where to buy a real gold necklace for yourself or others.

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Where Do You Store Your Gold

Gold Avenue offers free storage of your purchased gold products. All products are insured in our state-of-the-art vaults. Our safes are protected against theft, damage, and loss at all times.We store your precious goods in highly guarded warehouses in Ticino, Switzerland. You can choose to have your gold bars or coins delivered directly online to your home. Your gold bars and other gold coins as well as your personal information are therefore highly protected and secure. The same applies to your silver, platinum and palladium products.

How To Buy 1 Oz Gold Bars In The United States From Goldcore

500g Gold Bars

You can buy gold bars online from GoldCore for delivery or storage using the BUY button or you can call our office to place your order over the phone.

We deliver gold bars and coins fully insured to our American clients throughout the United States from our depository partner vaults in Delaware. We offer all major bullion bar and coin products for delivery and storage and you can pay by bank wire, by credit card or by debit card.

Many of our U.S. clients opt to store their gold bars in fully insured, offshore Secure Storage locations. We specialize in offering U.S. clients access to allocated and segregated bullion storage in secure nonbank vault partners in safer jurisdictions in the world such as Zurich, Hong Kong, London, and Singapore.

Insured delivery of gold bars to homes or offices is also popular and many clients do both – take delivery of a portion of their gold and own the rest in Secure Storage.

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Pick The Best Gold Bar Size For You

Tip: Buy one-ounce gold bars to meet future needs as they come up. If you have a high net worth, buy both small and large bars.

One of the first decisions youll have to make when buying gold bars is what size to purchase. Gold bars come in different sizes and weights. Theyre as small as one gram , and as big as 400 ounces. Its these larger sizes that central banks, exchanges, and ETFs buy. Generally speaking, the bigger the bar, the smaller the premium. Thats because its less costly to produce a kilo gold bar than a one-ounce gold bar. But that doesnt mean you should buy the heaviest bar you can afford. Just the opposite, in fact

  • Big bars do not offer the divisibility smaller ones do. When you sell a big bar, you are liquidating a sizable investment. Its more practical to sell multiple smaller bars to exchange the exact amount of gold for the exact amount of currency you need.
  • Fewer potential buyers. Not many investors can afford to buy, say, a 100-ounce bar. If you have smaller sized bars, you have a greater pool of customers.
  • Lower counterfeiting risk. Counterfeiters prefer big bars, because theyre worth a lot more.
  • Avoids the need for an assay. The bigger the bar, the more likely it will require an assay to be sold. An assay adds an extra expense, is inconvenient, and will delay your payout.

On the other hand, premiums on smaller gold bars are higher, but they are still more affordable. And owning a little gold is better than not owning gold at all.

How To Buy Gold & Silver

Our Simple 4-step process makes physical gold and silver buying easy.

Q & AOne of our dedicated specialists will work with you to answer any questions you have. We will provide you with factual information of all available products. The length of this conversation is down to you and is an opportunity to ask us as many questions as possible. Please note we are not permitted to provide any financial advice. If you require advice we suggest you speak to a financial advisor.

PURCHASE ORDER When you feel confident that youve had all your questions answered, you will be asked to complete a purchase order, which is your instruction to purchase metals.

PAYMENTIn order to lock in the price and complete your order, you must then make a payment, via bank transfer or personal cheque. We no longer accept any payments over the phone / card payments.

STORAGE AND DELIVERYWe can either deliver your gold directly to you, via our insured delivery service, or you can choose to have your gold safely stored, in a London Bullion Market Association vault, where your physical metals are allocated in your name and with full insurance provided.

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How To Buy Gold Bars

One ounce .9999 fine gold bars have grown in popularity since the 2008 Financial Crisis mainly because they carry lower premiums than the popular one-ounce gold bullion coins, of which the most popular are American Gold Eagles and South African Krugerrands. Several refineries and mints produce 1-oz gold bars for the US market.

How Pure The Gold Nugget

How to buy gold jewelry

The purity of gold nuggets varies from state-to-state. In fact, each mining district will generally produce different purities of gold. Variations in purity can even be seen in the same location. Pure Gold Nugget came from 80 to 95 percent and 18 to 23KT gold its also include other mineral like silver and copper mixed with it.

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Gold Investments And Diversification

One benefit of gold investments is that they can help diversify your portfolio. Diversification refers to investing in a range of assets across a variety of industries, company sizes and geographic areas. Owning stock in a gold mining company or a gold ETF exposes you to the gold industry, and since gold does not necessarily move in tandem with the stock market, it can help further diversify your holdings. Of course, if your entire portfolio is made up of gold investments, it wont be diversified at all.

Pros And Cons Of Buying Locally Vs Online

Most gold bars are bought in one of two places: at a local coin shop, or online.

Believe it or not, youll likely find better pricing online than at a coin shop, even after factoring in shipping costs. Thats because the overhead at a brick-and-mortar store is higher. But thats just part of the difference between them

Heres the pros and cons of buying locally vs. online. First, a local dealer:

Can visually inspect product, and take immediate possession Premiums are likely higher for purchase, and will likely be smaller when you sell
Dealer may be willing to negotiate on premium Likely has limited product choices
Potential for greater privacy May have less liquidity for large buybacks

Even if you decide to buy online, I recommend checking with a local dealer, because a relationship with them can be helpful if you need to make a quick sale. If you inquire with them, see if theyll negotiate on price.

Here are the pros and cons of buying online:

Pro Con
Ability to order online and lock in price at your convenience, 24/7. Avoid talking to a salesperson Must trust dealer to deliver precise product
Total cost is likely lower
Greater selection Product only ships after payment clears

A good way to start is to compare prices of the same product among a few dealers.

Getting a low premium is good, of course, but price isnt the only consideration see if the dealer is educational in nature , and if they have a buyback policy.

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Buy Gold Bars & Bullion

Buying gold bars and gold ingots are the most popular way to invest in gold and generally the form of gold bullion that most people think about. You can buy gold bars in a variety of sizes from 1 gram to 1 kilo. Actually, a gold bar can be as big as someones imagination. Currently, the largest gold bar in history was produced by Mitsubishi Materials Corporation. The bar weighed 551 pounds and would be worth over $11 million with a spot price of $1275.

Where To Buy Gold Bars

Pure Gold Bar Buy PURE GOLD BAR for best price at INR 17 ...

You can buy gold bars over the phone or online through U.S. Money Reserve’s website. We carry gold bars from only the most established government mints and trusted private mints in the world, including the Perth Mint, Royal Canadian Mint, PAMP Suisse, Asahi, and more. Our gold bars for sale are .9999 pure gold and produced in sizes ranging from the affordable 1 oz. to 1 kilo, with plenty of sizes in between.

Client-Connect Advantage: Order Now by Phone
Prefer to order by phone to lock in your price? Call now to speak with a live Account Executive.

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