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What Does Delta Gold Medallion Get You

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Here’s What You Should Know About The Amex Delta Platinum Mqm Offer:

How To Get Delta Medallion Status With MQM, MQS, & MQD
  • In addition to the Amex Delta Platinum’s initial bonus, you can earn: 10,000 MQMs for spending $25,000 in a year and another 10,000 for spending $50,000.
  • You can also earn MQMs by flying Delta.
  • MQSs are Medallion Qualifying Segments. They reward you for flying frequently rather than for flying far.
  • MQDs are Medallion Qualifying Dollars. Medallion Qualifying Dollars are what you spend on Delta flights, aside from taxes.
  • You need 25,000 MQMs or 30 MQSs and $3,000 MQDs to reach the lowest Medallion status, Silver.
  • You can get the MQD requirement waived by spending $25,000 with your Amex Delta Platinum in a calendar year. This waiver does not include Diamond Medallion Status, for which the spending threshold is $250,000.
  • You earn Medallion status for the upcoming year, and your MQMs reset to zero at the end of each year.
  • Any MQMs between tiers that you have earned at the end of the year will roll over into the next year and count towards earning Medallion Status in the subsequent year. Moreover, all MQMs earned in 2021 will count towards 2022 Medallion status.

Delta Platinum Amex + Delta Reserve Amex

If youre not eligible for a small-business credit card, but you still want to maximize your perks when flying Delta, consider grabbing both of these cards and spending your way to Medallion status. Heres how that would work in 2021:

  • New cardholders on both: Spend $50k on the Delta Platinum Amex and $120k on the Delta Reserve Amex and youd take home a total of 95,000 MQMs in the first year thanks to the current offer and then 80,000 MQMs in subsequent years.
  • Existing cardholders on both: Spend $50k on the Delta Platinum Amex and $120k on the Delta Reserve Amex, taking home a total of 100,000 MQMs in 2021 and 80,000 MQMs in subsequent years.

In either of these scenarios, youre essentially spending your way to Platinum Medallion status every year. Youll also enjoy a pair of companion certificates along with Sky Club access when you fly Delta or one of its partners.

Complimentary Upgrades: Worth $200 To $1800

All Medallion members are eligible for unlimited upgrades for themselves and one companion to first class and Comfort+ on all flights and Delta One on flights within the U.S., as well as complimentary preferred seats. The difference lies in the priority each Medallion level is given for upgrades and how soon before your flight Delta can actually confirm your complimentary upgrade.

Diamond Medallion members are given first priority for complimentary upgrades, followed by Platinum, Gold and finally Silver members. Within each level, members are prioritized based on fare class paid tickets get first priority, followed by award tickets and Pay with Miles tickets.

Complimentary upgrades are cleared according to the table below.

Shortly after ticketing Shortly after ticketing

The value of this benefit is subjective and depends on how often you get upgraded, which in turn depends largely on the routes and times you usually fly. In general, Silver Medallion members get sporadic Comfort+ upgrades, but it’s very difficult to get any first class upgrades. Gold Medallion members fare only slightly better, maybe getting a couple of first class upgrades per year. Platinum Medallion and especially Diamond Medallion can expect regular upgrades. Given this, we value Silver upgrades at $200, Gold at $600, Platinum at $1,200 and Diamond at $1,800.

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How To Earn Delta Medallion Status

Figuring out how to earn Medallion status with Delta can be confusing. First of all, youll need to decipher the meaning of various terms, such as MQMs, MQDs and MQSs. The airline doesnt measure your status by one metric, either. Youll earn Delta Medallion status through a combination of flying and spending. This can make earning status tricky for members who tend to fly on the cheapest flights, although its possible to skirt this requirement with an MQD waiver.

Whats more, the rules on how you earn MQMs, MQDs and MQSs only apply to Delta-operated flights flight numbers that start with the code DL. On partner airlines, these metrics will be calculated differently. Delta has the metrics for each partner airline posted here. So lets dive into the requirements for Delta Medallion status, what they mean and how to meet them.

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How Medallion Qualification Dollars Work

real delta gold medallion card renes points blog

Lest you think a Medallion Qualification Dollar is just a dollar, Delta makes it a little more complicated.

First, Medallion Qualification Dollars are only accrued from the base fare of a ticket, excluding taxes and fees. So if your ticket costs $500, $100 of which are taxes and fees, youll earn 400 Medallion Qualification Dollars.

Second, you can earn Medallion Qualification Dollars when flying on select partner-marketed flights not ticketed through Delta. However, the number of Medallion Qualification Dollars earned from partner flights is not based on the cost of the ticket but rather as a fraction of the miles flown. Confused? Thats not even the whole story.

The fraction of partner miles flown that are converted into Medallion Qualification Dollars varies by partner and fare class. The easiest way to see how this works is to visit the Delta partner page, click on the appropriate partner, then click on the mileage earn box and finally look to the far-right column of the chart that appears.

Delta makes this far, far more complicated than it should be. Thus, when considering whether to book a partner flight through Delta or through the partner itself, you should compare the number of Medallion Qualification Dollars youll earn in each scenario.

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The Perks Of Medallion Status

In addition to the free basic SkyMiles membership, Delta Air Lines offers four tiers of the elite membership program: Medallion status. Frequent fliers reach Medallion status not with conventional redeemable miles, however, but with Medallion Qualification Miles . MQMs are earned based on distance flown, class flown, and annual Delta spending . When frequent fliers become Medallion-level members, they can earn redeemable miles from partner hotel, car rental, and dining programs, as well as Airbnb and Lyft.

Complimentary Upgrades With Companions

A Medallion member and one traveling companion can enjoy a complimentary upgrade when traveling on Delta and Delta Connection.

The companion must be a SkyMiles member, Medallion member, or partner airline elite member and traveling on the same flight in the same reservation.

The process is straight forward if you booked you and your companion on the same reservation.

The upgrades will clear based on the status of the higher-tiered member.

For example, if a Diamond and non-elite or Medallion member are traveling together, both upgrades will clear at the Diamond window or priority, if available.

The process is a lot more complicated if you are traveling with two or more travel companions or if you and your companion are on different reservations that are later linked.

You never want to travel with two or more travel companions because the process is:

  • If there are any non-elite Members in the reservation, and everyone checks in together, no one in the reservation will be eligible for Complimentary Upgrades.
  • If you and two or more companions are in the same reservation, all Members must have Medallion Status or be a partner airline elite member for any Members to be eligible for upgrades. Each Member should check-in separately, and they will clear for their upgrade at their respective clearance priorities.

If you and your travel companion are on separate reservations, you can link them by calling 1-800-323-2323.

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Delta Medallion Gold Elite Status

After reaching Silver elite status, you can move up to the Gold level with all the same perks as Silver elite, but with a few notable enhancements:

  • 8 Delta miles per dollar spent on Delta flights
  • First-class upgrades 3 days before departure
  • Delta Comfort+ upgrades 3 days before departure
  • Partner airline benefits like preferred seats, priority boarding, priority baggage handling and lounge access
  • Waived fees for same-day confirmed and standby flight changes
  • Expedited baggage service

Youll earn more points per dollar spent on Delta flights and your first class and Comfort+ upgrades will happen three days before your flight departs.

Plus, if you conclude your business before your scheduled time, you can head to the airport and fly standby on an earlier flight for free.

Delta Skymiles Platinum American Express Card

Delta Silver Medallion Status| Why I love it and how to get it

Help for elite status: The Delta Platinum Amex normally awards cardholders with 10,000 MQMs after spending $25,000 on the card in a calendar year plus an additional 10,000 MQMs after spending $50,000 on the card in a calendar year. However, these awards are 25% more lucrative in 2021. Instead of 10,000 MQMs at these two thresholds, youll earn 12,500 MQMs so a total of 25,000 MQMs. Offer ends 12/31/21.

Current welcomeoffer: Earn 50,000 bonus miles and 5,000 Medallion® Qualification Miles after you spend $2,000 in purchases on your new card in the first three months of card membership. Plus, earn up to $100 back in statement credits for eligible purchases at U.S. restaurants in the first three months of card membership.

Additional perks: 3x miles on eligible Delta purchases and purchases made directly with hotels 2x miles at restaurants and U.S. supermarkets annual companion certificate upon each renewal of the card Global Entry/TSA PreCheck fee credit $250 annual fee

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How Much Are You Traveling During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Its impossible to talk about travel without discussing the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. The pandemic has changed travel as we know it, and many of us are traveling less. Airlines have responded to the pandemic by extending elite status and making it easier to earn status in 2021.

While Delta was the first U.S. airline to extend status in response to the pandemic, it hasnt reduced 2021 elite status requirements. Instead, it rolled over all Medallion Qualifying Miles earned in 2020 to 2021. This includes MQMs earned with a credit card.

This means youll have to fly the same amount in 2021 as you would any other year to earn elite status with Delta. As discussed, the actual value youll get from Delta status will still depend on how much you fly in 2021.

As the author, I cant be sure of how much you travel. Make sure to go through your travel plans and see if it makes sense for you to chase elite status during the pandemic. Likewise, look toward the future and think about how much youll travel in future years.

Remember, you edit the provided Excel sheet and make changes to my assumed valuations for a more accurate look at the value of elite status.

Note that Im not reworking the valuations for 2021 to reflect the coronavirus impact on travel. With the vaccine rollout making strides around the world, were getting closer a normal travel landscape. Likewise, the status you earn this year will be valid through 2022 when travel hopefully returns to normal.

How To Contact Delta Skymiles Gold Medallion Member

Dedicated Phone Line Once you reach Gold, you have access to a dedicated Medallion phone line for service and support, with call priority over Silver Medallion Members and all General SkyMiles Members. You can reach a SkyMiles representative anytime at 1-800-323-2323 in the U.S., or contact us worldwide.

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Delta Improves Million Miler Lifetime Status Program

Delta gives Medallion members the opportunity to earn lifetime status based on the cumulative number of Medallion Qualifying Miles earned over a members lifetime. This even includes MQMs earned through co-branded credit cards.

Up until now it has only been possible to earn lifetime Silver, Gold, or Platinum Medallion status, while its now possible to earn lifetime Diamond Medallion status. Heres how the Delta SkyMiles lifetime status program now works:

  • Earn lifetime SkyMiles Silver Medallion status after earning one million lifetime miles
  • Earn lifetime SkyMiles Gold Medallion status after earning two million lifetime miles
  • Earn lifetime SkyMiles Platinum Medallion status after earning four million lifetime miles
  • Earn lifetime SkyMiles Diamond Medallion status after earning six million lifetime miles

Its cool to see lifetime Diamond Medallion status finally being something thats offered, though admittedly this requires an incredible amount of loyalty. Diamond Medallion status ordinarily requires 125,000 MQMs per year, so youd need to qualify for that status for roughly 48 years to earn lifetime status.

Of course a few people will earn it much faster than that, since some road warriors way over qualify for status. Perhaps some Diamond Medallion members earn 300,000 MQMs per year, but even those people would need to qualify for 20 years to earn that lifetime tier. Yowzers.

The Complete Guide To Delta Medallion Elite Status

Delta award tickets at low saver level

Many or all of the products featured here are from our partners who compensate us. This may influence which products we write about and where and how the product appears on a page. However, this does not influence our evaluations. Our opinions are our own. Here is a list ofour partnersandhere’s how we make money.

  • Status matching, challenges and Reclaim My Status
  • Whether youre in it for complimentary upgrades, free checked bags or just the smug sense of superiority, there are many good reasons to pursue Delta Air Lines elite status.

    Deltas Medallion elite status works much the same as other major U.S. carriers like American and United, with spending minimums for each tier and a whole bunch of acronyms like MQMs and MQDs. Whether youre a wizened old frequent flyer or are new to the game, here well break down everything you need to know about Deltas program .

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    Do Airlines Do Standby Anymore

    The short answer is no. Airlines no longer allow you to wait around at the counter in hopes of snagging a standby flight and filling the last seat of a departing flight. And buying a ticket on the day of a flight would do the opposite of save you money last-minute tickets are staggeringly expensive.

    Regional And Global Upgrade Certificates

    Upgrade certificates are one of the nicest perks of Delta Medallion status, but there are several things you should know:

    Each certificate expires one year from the date it is issued. The flight must actually be flown, not ticketed during this period. You have until January 31st after each Medallion year to choose the upgrade certificates as your Choice Benefit, so dont choose the certificates until you have a plan to use them.

    Each certificate is good for one person one-way. To upgrade two people on a round-trip flight, you would need four certificates.

    The certificate can only be used on certain fares P, A, G, W, Y, B, M, H, Q, K, L, U, T, X, or V class. You can also upgrade Pay with Miles tickets and tickets using Companion Certificates. However, you cannot use upgrade certificates on basic economy or award tickets.

    You can apply a certificate to someone elses reservation, but they must be on the same flight as you. You cannot use a certificate to upgrade someone on a different flight.

    You wont lose your Upgrade Certificate if you need to change or cancel a flight. This is a nice policy, unlike United, which makes upgrades using PlusPoints non-refundable. But if youre not changing your flight, an upgrade cannot be reversed.

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    Does Delta Overbook Their Flights

    When Delta overbooks a flight, they let their passengers decide how much getting bumped is worth. When passengers on overbooked flights check in online or at the check-in kiosk, theyre asked what the dollar value of the travel voucher they would accept as compensation for volunteering their seats.

    Delta Skymiles Has Been Continually Devalued Over The Years

    What Is Delta Airlines Medallion Status | Travel Chat Thursday

    When chasing Delta elite status, youre going to earn a lot of Delta SkyMiles in the process.

    Youll earn these from credit card spend and when you fly with Delta and its partners. That said, youll want to make sure that you can actually use these miles for the redemptions you make the most. If international travel is your goal, Delta can be tough. The airline has devalued its SkyMiles currency twice in the past year, focusing on international partner awards.

    The most recent devaluation means Delta partner awards to Asia and Europe now start a huge 120,000 SkyMiles one-way in business class.

    This is far higher than almost any other program and not a particularly good way to redeem your miles. Even worse, economy tickets cost almost as much as business class tickets do with other airlines.

    Delta-operated tickets arent any better. The airline dynamically prices its own award tickets and is known for super high award pricing on long-haul business class. These days, its nearly impossible to find a good deal on these awards.

    For example, heres a look at one-way pricing from Detroit to London-Heathrow in business class later this year.

    So, what are SkyMiles good for? Domestic awards are generally your best bet. The airline recently ran a number of award sales, with tickets starting at just 2,000 SkyMiles one-way. Its relatively easy to find a good deal on most domestic routes even when booking far in advance.

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    Does Delta Airlines Have A Frequent Flyer Program

    SkyMiles is more than just a frequent flyer program, its a loyalty program. With so many easy ways to earn and use miles, you can go see the world and experience it like no one else. And the more you go see, the better your travel experience will be with elite Medallion Benefits including benefits only Delta offers.

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