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Simple Engagement Rings Rose Gold

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Melanie Casey Diamond Ember Ring

simple elegant rose gold engagement rings designs @Mishty Tahseen

Courtesy of Melanie Casey

Metal: Platinum, 14k Yellow, White or Rose Gold | Cut: Marquise | Carat: 0.28 total

The Diamond Ember Ring features a slim gold band set with a delicate white marquise diamond with small, round diamond accents. The band tapers at the stone cluster creating a perfect balance. “Accent stones and pavé bands can also add visual interest to minimalist designs,” says Casey.

How Do I Choose The Right Diamond Cut

Choosing the right diamond cut for your engagement ring is a deeply personal decision, so be sure to follow your heart and select the cut you love, rather than what might be fashionable or popular.

The cut you choose will depend on the style you like, whether that be contemporary or traditional, classic elegance or maximum impact. A round brilliant or princess cut diamond is a timeless choice, while a pear or emerald cut diamond in a halo ring setting can give a more contemporary feel. When selecting your diamond cut, make sure you choose something you will love wearing for a lifetime. For more information on diamond cuts, consult our diamond guide.

Tacori Simply Tacori Engagement Ring In Rose Gold

Courtesy of Tacori Simply Tacori

Subtle design details make any ring truly iconic. The central oval diamond in this ring is flanked by two round stones. The band, crafted in 18k rose gold, features small diamonds lining the cathedral-style setting. A subtly magnificent piece.

The round center stone is made slightly edgier by the angled halo, rendering a touch of architecture to this otherwise feminine piece. Featuring a pavé band, this ring is set in 14k rose gold.

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Beautiful Rose Gold Engagement Rings Were Obsessing Over

Who doesnt love the romance of rose gold engagement rings?! We love how rose gold bands exude warm vibes, reminiscent of the most perfect summer sunset.

They give off all the feel-good vibes, and they look gorgeous on every complexion. Basically, you cant go wrong with rose gold, which is why weve rounded up 70 of the prettiest rose gold engagement rings we could find .

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Are Rose Gold Engagement Rings More Expensive

Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring In 14k Solid Rose Gold,Thin Dainty ...

No! Rose Gold engagement rings are definitely not more expensive than others. The price of any ring will depend on the complexity of its design, weight, and diamonds. Rose Gold is made with the same purity of the gold as Yellow and White Gold, so the color of the metal of your ring will definitely not affect its overall price.

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Grace Lee Crown Bezel Pearl Ring

Courtesy of Grace Lee

For the more unconventional bride, consider opting for pearl instead of the traditional diamond. The pearl’s iridescence is complemented by the sheen of this delicate 14k rose gold band. Plus, the octagonal, crown bezel setting with milgrain detail just exudes vintage drama.

Finding The Perfect Rose Gold Wedding Band Or Ring

Much like a first date is to a lifelong marriage, the materials in our rose gold wedding rings are only the beginning of something great. Our designers have created an expansive collection of rose gold rings for women that come in a variety of styles to suit any bride.

Whether you go for a simple eternity band or an engagement ring with an eye-catching design, our ring andbridal jewelry collection offers a little something for everyone. And with so many options, youll have no problems finding that perfect ring thats both affordable and beautiful.

Seeking a simple and traditional style that puts the focus on the center stone? Youll fall in love with oursolitaire engagement rings, with their wide variety of stone cut options and classic appeal. Looking for something with a little more dazzle? Ourhalo engagement rings wrap the center stone in a ring of brilliant accent stones that will light up her finger. For those who want to maximize their shine, we also offer multiple mix-and-match stackable sets of rose gold wedding rings and engagement rings. Combine both rings for unmatched sparkle, or add an anniversary band to take things to a whole new level.

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How To Clean And Care For Rose Gold Engagement Rings

Cleaning and caring for a rose gold engagement ring doesnt have to be complicated! With how often youll end up wearing your engagement ring, its no wonder it builds up all kinds of residue from everyday life. So how do you maintain that rings beauty for years to come?

Every few months, give your lovely little ring a warm soaking bath of soap and water to reduce buildup. Simply soak for a few minutes, rinse off the soapy mixture , and then dry your ring off with a jewelry cloth.

While other cleaning mixtures can work as well, youll also need to consider the gemstones on your ring. Cleaning protocol will be different for different stones, depending on how porous and durable they are. When unsure, we always recommend consulting with your jeweler. Many jewelers offer professional ring cleanings, too!

Jewelry From The Klenota Atelier

1.73 ct Oval Lab Diamond Rose Gold Solitaire Engagement Ring

Our atelieris located in the veryheart of the Old Town of Prague, an area which has been the center of Czech goldsmithing and jewelry-making for centuries. The local atmosphere, traditions, and history of this craft provide us with inspiration every single day. We build upon honesthandcraftingandtraditional methodswhen making jewels. The goldsmiths pay attention to every tiny detail in our workshop. We only work with high-quality materials from verified sources, so your jewels stay beautiful for a long time, even if they are worn every day. We understand selling a piece of jewelry is a lifelong commitment. You may purchase a present for someone close to you in our atelier or something special for yourself, but you will always get professional services for all KLENOTA jewels.

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Is Rose Gold Hypoallergenic

Unfortunately, like other golds used in jewelry, rose gold is not hypoallergenic. The metals used in rose gold to make it stronger are not hypoallergenic and can cause allergic reactions in people who have certain metal allergies.While most people dont have an allergic reaction to rose gold, some do. If you have a metal allergy, be sure to look at what the rose gold youre considering is made of to see if it contains a metal youre allergic to.


A Rose Gold Oval Engagement Ring is my favorite design lately. It has been trending for the past two years! Oval Diamonds on Rose Gold bands can be set with a pavé style, with side stones, or even as a solitaire! A touch of rose gold will add color and a touch of diamond accents will add sparkle. The oval is a shape that is similar to the round brilliant because of its rounded form, yet the complete design with the addition of rose gold allows you to have a unique piece until the end of time.


Katkim Marquise Crescendo Ring

Metal: Platinum, 18k Yellow, White, or Rose Gold | Cut: Marquise | Carat: 0.33-3.5

“Minimalist doesn’t mean boring,” says Casey, and the Marquise Crescendo Ring proves just that. A prong-set marquise diamond on polished 18k gold looks classic, clean, and totally wedding-worthy.

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Is Rose Gold Popular For Engagement Rings

Rose Gold has become more and more popular throughout the years. The good part about Rose Gold engagement rings is that you can play a lot with their design. Whether you want to affect a stones color or not, you can mix and match the prongs and the bands with white gold. Rose Gold gives off a romantic look and is a lot more subtle than the flashy yellow gold. Moreover, its truly romantic, as pink is the color of love.

Katkim Cosma Diamond Ring

Tisonliz Simple Crystal Rose Gold Engagement Rings Women

Metal: 18k Yellow, White or Rose Gold | Cut: Octagon Bezel | Carat: Custom

The Cosma ring features an octagon bezel setting to emulate the shape of the diamond. It’s made from 18k gold, with a selection of yellow, rose, or white. It can be made from platinum upon request or customized with different stones.

Metal: Platinum, 18k Yellow, White or Rose Gold | Cut: Asscher | Carat: 0.70

The Asscher-cut diamond sits in a square bezel and can be made with polished, satin, or brushed 18k yellow, rose, or white gold. Total diamond weight is .70 carats and comes with a Gemstone Certification of America certification.

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Rose Gold Engagement Ring

Finding The Right Ring

The big question to ask when looking for the right ring for you is what do you want it to look like? Something small and subtle? How about bright, bombastic, and hefty? Something in between may also be on the table, so how do you choose? Well, you can wear rings with just about any outfit, but consider which options you want to accent with your ring.

Do your casual or professional looks come to mind? If you need something that can fit in just about any scenario, then you’ll want something more subtle, like a pale gemstone with a simple ring. If you’re looking for loud, consider a fashion ring which tend to have more going on. If you’re looking for something ornate and beautiful you’ll want to look at fine jewelry.

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Original Eve Designs Rose Champagne Gemini Ring

Courtesy of Original Eve Designs

Inspired by the twins of the zodiac, this ring takes a cue from the qualities of the Gemini, “fueled by curiosity for the unusual and a thirst for the creative.” With the design sensibilities of a signet ring, this one-of-a-kind piece, with a central emerald-cut diamond flanked by two macle diamonds, is crafted in 18k rose gold.

If you’re looking for a cluster ring, this is a great option for you. This ring features a round diamond with clusters of diamonds on each side fanning out into the 18k rose gold band. Romantic, decadent, and modern.

Vera Wang Love Collection Princess

Making of a 1carat Rose Gold Decagon Diamond Engagement Ring

Courtesy of Vera Wang Love Collection

Romantic and vintage-inspired, this 14k rose gold ring features a princess-cut diamond and an octagon-shaped halo with milgrain edges. A sweet surprise comes in the form of two princess-cut blue sapphires, said to be symbols of faithfulness and everlasting love, set in the ring’s bezel.

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Take Her Breath Away With Rose Gold Rings From Jcpenney

As you prepare to take your relationship to the next level, you’ll want to choose a ring that shines as brilliantly as she does. Rose gold rings are a stunning choice as they beautifully combine timeless feminine appeal and trend-right style. JCPenney carries hundreds of rose gold engagement rings, bridal sets, and wedding bands that will wow her on your big day and beyond.

Modern bridal jewelry is available in virtually endless styles so you can choose the settings and stones she’ll love. A simple rose gold engagement ring with a solitaire or a trio of stones is ideal for women who prefer subtle elegance. Pair it with a wedding band with or without stones to complete the look. If she loves the glitz and glam of statement pieces, consider rose gold bridal sets with row after row of sparkling diamonds. You’ll even find men’s rose gold wedding bands so you can proudly display a complementary look as a couple.

Rose gold rings are made from a variety of metals to suit your personal tastes and budget. 10K and 14K gold rings are a classic choice but you could also select sterling silver or stainless steel rings with a rose gold finish. You’ll also find a wide spectrum of shades in the rose gold family including bold and bright pinks, coral-inspired hues, and even champagne colors with just a hint of pink. Some rings feature a two-tone design, perfectly pairing rose and white gold for an eye-catching, versatile look.

Lauren B Jewelry Radiant

Courtesy of Lauren B Jewelry

The star of this piece may be the radiant-cut diamond at first glance but a double-take will reveal subtle details that make this ring phenomenal. The split band on this two-tone ring features subtle pavé detailing giving this classic solitaire a modern revamp.

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Melanie Casey Diamond Eyelet Ring

Courtesy of Melanie Casey

Metal: Platinum, 14k Yellow, White or Rose Gold | Cut: Marquise, Round | Carat: NA

Inspired by intricate embroidery, bright white cluster diamonds accent the marquise-cut focal stone. The dainty arrangement is set on a slim gold band to maintain a minimalist form.

Nooijewelry Diamond Engagement Ring

Rose Gold Color Plated Fashion Simple Women Wedding Rings Chic Unique ...

Metal: 18k Yellow, White or Rose Gold | Cut: Emerald | Carat: 1.53

An utterly minimalistic take on a three-stone ring, this emerald-cut diamond features two tiny white diamonds set on each side of the center stone of an 18k yellow gold band. We’re obsessed with how effortlessly elegant this piece is.

Metal: 14k Yellow, White, or Rose Gold | Cut: Brilliant | Carat: 0.11

It doesn’t get much sweeter than this. A gorgeous cluster of dainty white diamonds are scattered on a thin rose gold band. This is a perfect option for the bride seeking a piece that is both simple and unique.

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Is Rose Gold Easy To Clean

Rose gold is very easy to clean because, really, you dont have to clean it at all. Because of its copper content, rose gold doesnt tarnish and instead develops whats called a patina. A patina is a sheen that develops on certain metals over time due to oxidation, which gives the metal a gorgeous vintage look.

Jacquie Aiche Pave Princess Diamond Ring


Simple and timeless, this rose gold ring features a bezel-set, princess-cut diamond on a pavé 14k rose gold band.

This intricately designed ring comes from the Tokyo workshop of Yoshinobu Kataoka. The solid 18k rose gold band holds a brilliant center diamond with diamond side stones.

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Smith + Mara Brilliant Cut Diamond Stackable Ring

Courtesy of Smith + Mara

This dainty, bezel-set round diamond ring in 14k rose gold is ideal for brides who love the wedding-stack trend. Pair it with your wedding band or other minimalist baubles.

For a budget-friendly option, consider a dainty, stackable rose-gold ring from a contemporary or emerging jewelry designer. As time goes on, you can always add to your ring stacks for a modern, anniversary upgrade.

Carbon & Hyde Twin Ring In 14k Rose Gold

1.50ct Round Platinum Rose Gold Two Tone 6 Prong Knife Edge Solitaire Engagement Ring

Courtesy of Carbon & Hyde

This open ring in 14k rose gold is sure to make a statement. Two large pear-shaped stones, differing in size, are both wrapped in pavé diamonds. The designers, third-generation jewelers, are known to mix “new world aesthetics with old world techniques.”

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Find The Perfect Engagement Ring

Whether theyve already said Yes or youre looking for a piece to take their breath away when you ask the question, selecting an engagement ring is a momentous and deeply personal occasion. Choosing a womens or mens engagement ring signifies the beginning of the wedding preparations, and the start of your married life. To find the perfect engagement ring, its important to focus on the style and personality of the wearer and select a piece that will not only suit them, but that they will love to wear for a lifetime. Consider if their style is modern or vintage, opulent or simple, and select the stone, cut, carat and setting that best matches their style. You may decide on a round brilliant cut diamond set in a white gold band for a timeless and simple style, or a pear shaped diamond or oval cut sapphire to make a modern statement. Whatever design you choose, keeping your partner front and centre while making your selection or involving them in the process will ensure you find a piece they will treasure forever. To get started choosing an engagement ring your partner will love, view our helpful guide.

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