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Is Tinder Gold Worth It

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Tinder Plus Vs Tinder Gold Vs Tinder Platinum

Is Tinder Gold Worth It In 2020?

Tinder has two paid tiers after their free version, Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold. Heres a snapshot of how they compare:

Priority likes

When I upgraded my Tinder membership, the first feature I made use of choose who sees you. This set my profile to only be seen by people I already liked. Or so I thought. Even after I enabled this feature, I was still getting notifications of new likes, even when I wasnt using the app.

My guess is they let other Tinder Plus or Gold subscribers circumvent these restrictions to like your profile, even when youve set it not to be shown.

I found the Super Likes feature next to useless. After a few months on Bumble, I was so used to scrolling up to view the rest of someones profile, I would do the same thing on Tinder only to accidentally send a Super Like.

I wasted virtually all of my Super Likes on people I didnt even like a little. Im also not clear what exactly a Super Like is meant to convey when any old regular Like will do.

Unlimited likes and unlimited rewinds are great features, and worth paying for. I often accidentally swipe left on people I am interested in, and being able to go back doesnt leave me wondering what could have been. Likewise having a limited number of likes per day could kill the fun of the app pretty quickly, which is undoubtedly why Tinder made unlimited likes a paid feature.

The Problem With Online Dating

Online dating is by far the most common way we meet people nowadays, especially now that COVID has restricted in-person meetings. Add to that a highly connected society, glued to their screens, and a bunch of young people wanting to date, and it is no surprise that Tinder and other online dating apps are hot favorites on the app store.

When you are using Tinder, theres a lot you need to be watchful of. People who are pretending to be someone they are not or catfishing is common. So is using misleading photos, or just way way out of date, and not what the person looks like anymore. And this is just the mild side of the spectrum. This is what makes online dating different than traditional dating.

Another cause for worry using online dating is the chance for exposure to unwanted attention, and creepy messages. Something that is a turn-off for anyone, not to mention the potential for crime, like extortion or even worse

And at the end of the day, if all that isnt enough, theres the problem of randomness. You never know who is seeing your profile, or even if someone is seeing your profile. You also dont know who swiped right on your profile, and is therefore interested in you, until after you swiped them.

Tinder Gold Review: Only Useful If You Already Generate Matches

With the normal basic version of Tinder you can only see 25+ Likes that are available in Tinder Gold. If you want to uncover all 25+ Like and see the exact number of girls who have liked you, you can unlock them with Tinder Gold. At Tinder Gold it is now possible for you to see all the Likes. Experience has shown that the investment is only worthwhile if you already generate Tinder matches in the free version.If you dont generate any Tinder matches yet,then Tinder Gold wont bring you anything.

The Tinder Gold cost is not worthwhile under any circumstances. The purchase of the upgrade only makes sense if you generate matches.

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Feature #: Unlimited Swipes

Probably the most worthless feature EVER

if youre a hot chick.

The Doutzen Kroes of the world can like any guy knowing its going to be a match.

But for dudes, swiping is a gamble.

So the more us guys can spin the Tinder roulette wheel, the greater the chances were going to get a match.

If youre not a paying customer, Tinder gives you a generous 100 right swipes for free.

Which can be enough depending on the quality of your profile and how many matches you want.

Do you regularly think to yourself, Shit, Im out of swipes!

Then Unlimited Swipes is exactly what you want.

I give this feature 2.5 TextGod Butts.

How Much Does Tinder Gold Cost Is It Worth It

IS TINDER GOLD WORTH IT \\ Tinder Gold Comprehensive Review

Tinder Gold is a new upgrade available to its users. At its most basic, paying the Gold price allows you to look through the profile pages of other users, who have already liked yours. These users are in your area, so theres much more scope for dating.

For users, the Gold upgrade is a good one. While it might have kicked off as a dating app via swiping, it is mainly used by those looking for hookups. There are some users on the lookout for relationships, but the majority are looking for something fun and commitment-free.

Tinder Gold adds another layer to that level of instant gratification. By being able to see who, from your area, has liked you, the odds on the date going in the right direction are much more in your favor.

However, Gold comes at more than the regular monthly fee. If youre unsure as to whether its for you, and how much is Gold, weve put together some information that should give you an answer to the question is Tinder Gold worth it?.

If you are interested on more features, read our Tinder Review to see why it is so dominant in the world of online dating.

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Is It Worth Paying For Tinder

In our opinion, yes. For anyone who wants an ad-free experience that offers them new features and the opportunity to have their account shown to more people, paying for Tinder is definitely worth it. On top of a list of benefits, you also get some of the best service, too. Many dating sites offer different prices for various subscriptions, including sites like and eHarmony, and they all see improved success for users as you consider upping your subscription. Why should Tinder be any different?

Tinder Plus Vs Gold See Who Likes You

The more useful feature of Tinder Gold is Likes You. It tells you which profiles liked you that you didnt swipe left or right yet.

When Tinder Gold was first introduced, it actually only had this feature and later they added 10 Top Picks, but as we have explained, it didnt really increase the value of Gold package. So to decide whether you should buy Tinder Gold or Plus really depends on 1 question : Can you get value out of the Likes You feature?

The answer is pretty easy to this question: If both of these below point are true for you, buy Tinder Gold for Tinder Likes me feature :

  • If you have an above-average look and your profile is spot on with high-quality pictures and you are getting a ton of matches per day.
  • You are bored with swiping and just want to get to the conversations and flirting then Likes You feature is really useful for you
  • If at least one of the points is not true in your case, then it doesnt really make sense to have Tinder Gold.

    The reality is that in the last couple of years the majority of the men in Tinder are getting fewer and fewer matches because of higher competition, changes in Tinder algorithm and new paid features like Tinder Super Boost that are all decreasing the visibility of the average Tinder profiles

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    Tinder Gold Vs Tinder Plus :

    When it comes to Tinder Plus, though you get most of the cool features to use, the issue arises in Pricing. The pricing of Tinder Plus is quite complicated for some people! If you are a minor, living in a developing nation, then the charge would be less. Whereas, if you are an aged person, living in a developed area then you would be charged a lot more than the previous scenario.

    The case in Tinder Gold is totally opposite! You can get this premium service for just $4.99 a month. This is a lot cheaper when compared to Tinder Plus and it also makes you stay out of the complicated pricing scheme. If you plan to opt for a longer period, say 6 months or 12 months, then there are chances of a discount also. We are not sure if this update is yet available as the service just got available worldwide some 2-3 months back.

    The Tinder Free Trial

    Is Bumble Spotlight, Tinder Gold, or Hinge Preferred Worth It?

    The Tinder Free Trial account is a fun sneak peek into the mobile dating app where singles are finding their love matches everyday. The Tinder dating app is different when compared to other dating communities because Tinder allows free trial members to send messages to any member.

    Try out the mobile app and its unique swipe way of viewing profiles scrolling is quick and fun when you view your matches one by one. The free trial lets you try out all of the swiping, liking, and searching features of the app.

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    Top Picks In Tinder Gold

    Each day, the Tinder app shows you ten profiles that are most likely the perfect match for you. Premium users can swipe left or right to pick the ones they like. The top 10 picks are only available for 24 hours. The next day, you will see ten new top picks. The users with no Gold subscription can only see 1 top pick profile in a day.

    Is Tinder Worth It 3 Things Every Guy Should Know

    Considering literally millions of singles are using Tinder, it’s normal to wonder, “Is Tinder worth it?” After all, there are hundreds of apps out there, from niche dating sites to more general ones. But what is it that keeps Tinder so relevant even after so many years of existence?

    On top of that, Tinder users don’t just use the app for free. Lots of singles also use their premium features to help them get more matches. So if you’re already thinking that Tinder is pretty good, now you might be wondering if Tinder is worth paying for or if Tinder Gold is worth it.

    That’s what we’ll be answering today. We’ll outline the many reasons singles love Tinder, why some of them invest in a premium membership and how the answers to these questions will improve your overall online dating experience.

    Of course, Tinder isn’t the only option out there. So if you’re also scouting for other options, check out our list of the best dating apps and sites. This will give you a rundown of worthwhile sites to use depending on what exactly you’re looking for.

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    Is Tinder Gold Worth Buying

    Get a quick rundown of Tinder Gold and its pros and cons.

    Including prices.

    Lets talk money first.

    Like with Plus, the price varies based on your age and location.

    Lets discuss the highest price, so you have the chance of being pleasantly surprised.

    Depending on the length of your subscription you can expect:

    • $29,99 for 1 month.
    • $18,83 per month if you subscribe for half a year.
    • $12,50 per month if you subscribe for a year.

    Now for the most important question:

    Is Tinder Gold worth it?

    Lets go over the pros and cons.

    • The Likes You feature saves you time swiping.
    • Tinder Gold does not help you get more matches.
    • Top Picks is a cash grab.
    • If you enjoy swiping, you dont need the Likes You feature.
    • You can see who liked you for FREE with a trick.

    Tinder Gold Review: Should You Buy It

    �Is Tinder Gold Worth It? A Detailed Tinder Gold Review

    Does Tinder Gold work? If you are finding the answer to this viral question, I am not sure about the Tinder Gold subscription, but this Tinder Gold review is worth reading. The two exclusive features that Tinder Gold offers are worth the money.

    The ability to see who liked your feature is beneficial in increasing your chances of finding suitable matches for your profile.

    With Tinder Gold, you can easily find out who liked your profile and when. So, you will never miss a profile that likes you and can connect with them before it is too late.

    Secondly, the feature top picks help you save a lot of time by showing high-quality profiles. You can swipe on the profiles which are your top potential matches instead of randomly looking for and swiping on the profiles.

    Further, it is recommended to upload high-quality pictures on your profile, write a good bio that can describe your personality better, and be active on Tinder. Thus, it will increase your chances of getting more matches quickly.

    So, in my opinion, tinder gold is worth the money if you donât want to spend a lot of time swiping on Tinder. For many users, Tinder Plus is the better value for money choice.

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    Theres No Vip Status On Tinder Gold

    The gold version of Tinder supposedly promises you VIP status. At least this is discussed in various dating forums or Facebook groups. This should emphasize your profile and place you further forward with Tinder. This way it is much easier for you to generate matches.Your profile will be displayed more clearly to the women,so youll be more in focus.However, this alleged VIP status could not convince the Tinder Gold test.Tinder Gold does not generate more Likes than Tinder Plus does. You dont stand any higher than Tinder Plus. The advertising with the so-called VIP status is therefore wrong. There are no significant advantages of the gold version compared to the plus version in terms of likes and matches.

    What About Tinder Platinum

    Tinder users may also be familiar with another premium subscription known as Tinder Platinum, which may even get you better odds at having successful hookups or even finding the one. As a Platinum subscriber you are able to put a note on every Super Like you send, which supposedly increases your match-making by up to 25%, or so Tinder claims. Its at least a way to stand out a bit more, and gives some people a better chance to flirt right away.

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    Is Tinder Worth It For Finding Hookups

    YES, ABSOLUTELY. It might not be at the top of our list of the best hookup apps for guys but it can work well for the right guys.

    Tinder was initially a hookup app. Back in the day, it was anyone’s go-to app for getting laid in a snap. It was so easy you could’ve texted “DTF?” to some random girl and you’d still get some without being judged or called an asshole by some angry feminist. These days, finding a hookup on Tinder is as common as finding a relationship.

    Why? Because the mechanics of the app is easy. People can swipe based on their preferences and then meet up for a date to see if they’re a good match for a quick fling or an actual relationship.

    So if you want to find hookups on Tinder, it’s not that hard as long as you…

    Instantly See Who Has Liked You

    Is Tinder Gold Worth Your Money?! 2022 Review

    Doesnt this Tinder feature make you go bananas? You get a notification that a girl likes you and according to the blurry profile picture, she seems to be pretty good looking too.

    But then you swipe like crazy through the partner suggestions without finding the lady in the stack of profiles. In the worst case, the match youre hoping you to get NEVER materializes!

    So, you accumulate a lot of likes from women, but you cant like them back.

    Really annoying, isnt it?

    Unfortunately, this happens quite often on the app, for various reasons: because the lady is already out of range or Tinder wants to fire you up a bit and use their app a bit more.

    To solve this problem, you need Tinder Gold:

    With the premium version, you can directly see who gave you a Like and IMMEDIATELY make the match with that person, without hours of swiping!

    Therefore, this feature is very helpful for uncovering Likes and just save you a lot of precious time swiping and looking for the needle in the haystack.

    Rating: Useful

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    Tinder Gold Wont Save You From A Bad Profile

    With all that being said, theres a big caveat to using Tinder Gold, Plus or Platinum:

    A paid subscription wont save you from a poorly setup profile.

    Lots of guys believe that they can make up for an incredibly bad profile by buying a Gold subscription, thinking this would somehow magically make girls swipe right on you more often.

    Unfortunately, thats not really the case.

    A Tinder premium subscription is only worth it if you already have a decent profile that gets you at least 1-2 matches per day, since a premium sub will let you increase those numbers quite a bit. If you arent getting any matches at all, you should focus on remaking since paying for a subscription wont help you at all.

    A premium Tinder subscription is a win more type of feature, where guys with solid profiles get multiple times more matches.

    If youre on a free Tinder account, and are getting 0 matches, then a premium Tinder account will also give you multiple times more matches. Unfortunately, any multiple X 0 = also 0.

    This is because with an unattractive profile, women will still hardly like you, no matter how often you use the boost, passport or other premium features. It simply wont make a difference.

    So if you dont have good profile pictures and description texts in the dating app, the money you pay for a subscription is really wasted.

    But once you upload attractive photos and write really cool sentences in the Tinder bio, a subscription will hugely magnify your success.

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