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How Many Seasons Of Gold Rush Are There

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Gold Rush: Winter’s Fortune

First 10 Minutes of Season 1 | Gold Rush: Winter’s Fortune

The spin-off premiered for the first time on July 30, 2021. Tony Beets, Rick Ness, Dave Turin, Fred Lewis, and Dustin Hurt start the off-season prospecting, scouting, and preparing for the 2021 season because of high gold prices due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Winter’s Fortune is the latest spin-off and mainly takes place in the Yukon and Alaska.

Learn How To Do The Job Fast

When Todd Hoffman and his crew first started in season one, they knew very little about gold mining. It was an adventure born out of desperation to carve out a new life after the men had all lost their jobs or businesses during the economic downturn.

However, they didn’t let their inexperience or ignorance stop them. When setting up their first pieces of equipment out in Porcupine Creek, Alaska, they made almost every mistake in the book, much to the amusement of their temporary mentor, Parker Schnabel. Much to his credit, Hoffman pushed through his mistakes and committed to learning the trade fast. In fact, much of season one chronicled his steep learning curve and it wasn’t long before he started mining his first little haul of gold.

There Are A Total Of Eight Spinoff Shows

In total, the “Gold Rush” franchise has already produced seven spinoff shows , with the eighth one currently on the way. The first official spinoff, “Gold Rush: The Jungle,” premiered between Seasons 2 and 3 of “Gold Rush” and was more of a special episode than a proper series. “Gold Rush: The Jungle” involves Todd Hoffman and his crew traveling in search of gold in Guyana. The second follow-up, “Gold Rush: South America,” which aired between Season 3 and 4 of “Gold Rush,” felt more like a series as it had seven episodes and centered on a return to Guyana while also expanding into Peru and Chile.

Some of the other spinoff series followed a formula of specifically centering on a member of the main cast, such as “Gold Rush: White Water,” “Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail,” “Gold Rush: Dave Turin’s Lost Mine,” and “Gold Rush: Freddy Dodge’s Mine Rescue.” The last spinoff that premiered in the summer of 2021, “Gold Rush: Winter’s Fortune,” focused back on the main cast but instead had them searching for gold during the Arctic off-season. The latest addition to the ever-expanding spinoff list is the upcoming “Hoffman Family Gold.” Per the Oregon Live, the series is slated to premiere in early 2022 and sees the return of fan-favorite Todd Hoffman after his exit from “Gold Rush” in 2018. If “Hoffman Family Gold” proves to be another gold strike for Discovery, then there’s no telling what new spinoffs we may see next.

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Follow Safety Rules Or Face The Consequences

In season nine, Hoffman’s safety officer, Trey, spends 2 1/2 of the worst hours of his life with the Mining Safety and Health Administration . While visiting their operation, officials from MSHA witness Todd Hoffman’s son, Hunter, horsing around with other workers in a specialized mining vehicle without their safety belts. This is a major safety violation and it happened right before MSHA’s eyes.

Trey reads the crew the riot act and explains that the crew now has an imminent danger citation, which destroys the crews’ great reputation. Todd Hoffman takes his son Hunter aside separately and demotes him from a leadership position on the plant to driving a truck. In other words, you play, you gotta pay.

What Happened To Gene Cheeseman

Gold Rush

The work Gene put on is a thing of admiration he is the man who sees the bigger picture than to achieve success for a short while. Gene appeared in few episodes of Gold Rush with Tony Beets and his crew in 2017. However, he was absent for the most of the seventh season. Again in 2018, Gene has not appeared in Gold Rush. There is no official explanation about Gene not being in the show one thing that we can tell he is content with his family and two kids. Those concerned about his well being, Gene is in good shape as a normal healthy person.

He had some impressive Gold mining memory with Parker Schnabel who regarded him an MVP employee. Gene worked with Parker as a foreman from 2013 to 2016. He was the heart of everything from moving dirt, fixing things, to even raising the productivity of people around him. After working for years, he fell out with Parker and left the crew. Gene Cheeseman left due to disregard of his young boss, Parker.

Like we said before, Gene is an impressive worker, and he would blindly make any gold mining team better. No wonder Tony Beats came calling. He joined Tony as skipper in Gold Rush seventh season in 2017. It would be a treat to see Gene back in the show, right?

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Gene Cheeseman Death What Happened To Gold Rush Cast

Gene Cheeseman is an expert contractor best know as the cast of reality TV show Gold Rush. He has worked under two different bosses in Gold Mining. Though this stars great-great-grandfather was a gold miner in Alaska in the late 1800s, Gene came into gold mining through the hard work. He established as an expert contractor in roads construction and building before venturing into mining.

He was introduced as Parker Schnabels foreman in Gold Rush Alaska in the fourth season. Later he joined Tony Beets mining crew in Eureka Creek Claim, Alaska. After significant time in Gold mining, his recent absence in Gold Rush has fans concerned. So where is Gene Cheeseman, What happened? Is it anything to do with death?

Discovery Has A Few Ways To Watch Gold Rush: Dave Turins Lost Mine

Sometimes when we find good spin-offs, were sad to learn that theyre virtually unavailable everywhere. Thankfully, thats not the case with Dave Turins Lost Mine. The spin-off is currently available to stream online. Of course, since it is a Discovery channel show, thats where you can find it. Discovery actually gives fans a couple of different ways to watch the show.

First off, you can watch the first season of Gold Rush: Dave Turins Lost Mine on the Discovery website for free. Since this option is free, there are regular ad breaks. In addition to that, the second and third seasons are locked. You can unlock the other two seasons by completing one of two things: connecting your TV provider or buying a Discovery+ subscription. As it just so happens, those are the other two ways you can watch the show, anyway.

A Discovery+ subscription will only set you back by $4.99 a month. Just like the free season available online, this tier has ads during the show. Theres also a premium tier available for $6.99 a month. In addition to Gold Rush: Dave Turins Lost Mine, youll have access to a lot of other shows, too. Plus, there are no ads, unlike the free first season. If youre unsure if you really want to commit to another streaming platform , Discovery offers a free 7-day trial. The streaming site offers access to a lot of reality shows and other TV channels as well. Animal Planet, the Food Network, and the Travel Channel are all available on the platform.

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Don’t Flinch At Giant Obstacles

Anything can happen out on a site, and it is wise to expect the unexpected. Obstacles can take many forms, like equipment failure or worker error, but often, it’s just the landscape itself that acts as the biggest challenge.

When Andy Spinks and Logan Pierce are trying to prepare a site, they run into the mother of all boulders, an estimated 100,000 pound eyesore. Using two backhoes, one holds the boulder in place while the other digs the dirt out from underneath it. They are warned by elder crew members not to have the bucket trapped under the boulder because if it starts rolling, it will take the backhoe with it. Luckily, they handle the boulder perfectly, and with a little work, pry it loose and watch it roll down the hill.

Don’t Be Afraid Of Bears

Gold Rush Season 11: The Richest Season Yet | Sneak Peek

The challenges of the environment on a mining site sometimes comes in the form of harsh climate or difficult terrain, but sometimes, it is the hairy beasts of the wild that can be the real danger to a mining operation.

Bears are notorious for finding and taking human foodstuffs, though, some that are experienced with the animals have some success in leading them away. One wrong move can lead to a fatal altercation, and unless you have a powerful weapon, you are not going to win a fight with a bear! It takes true grit to be a miner and those afraid of bears need not apply.

Are there any additional rules you think the cast of Gold Rush should be following? Let us know in the comments below!

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Will Tony Beets Finally Get Dredge#2 Running

Tony Beets has spent the last two seasons getting Dredge #2 moved. In Season 10, he will have to get it running and making some money, or he will have some explaining to do. Minnie cannot be happy that this process is taking so long. It sounds like his first rule of order is buckets. How long will that take? Hard to know. In addition, it sounds like Tony will finally allow cameras to be seen at a previously unknown stake. We may finally see some gold mining Viking-style!

Do you think that Discovery will cancel Gold Rush? Do you want to see a Gold Rush Season 10? Who is your favorite miner and who do you think will get the most gold if Gold Rush renews for Season 10? Share your favorites and predictions below in the comments field.Dont forget, Gold Rush: Parkers TrailSeason 3 will premiere on April 5, at 9:00 p.m., ET/PT, on Discovery.

List Of Gold Rush Episodes

Gold Rush is a realitytelevision series that airs on Discovery Channel, with reruns also airing on TLC. The show’s ninth season began airing on October 12, 2018. As of May 4, 2018, a total of 176 episodes of Gold Rush have been aired, including 16 specials and two mini-series.

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Gold Rush Season 13 Cast

There are a lot of faces on Discovery’s “Gold Rush.” Its massive crews and changing locales make for a lot of mugs. But despite the comings and goings of those there to help, the core cast has remained pretty much the same throughout the years. Parker Schnabel, Fred Dodge, and Chris Doumitt have been on “Gold Rush” since the get-go and have returned regularly as its seasons progressed. And the other central figures, Tony Beets and Rick Ness, joined the crew and have become staples on the show, as well. All five of these guys are likely to be around when new seasons roll out.

Two other cast members that fans are surely eager to see return are the gang’s canine companions, Blue and Dozer. Blue is fellow cast member Jack Hoffman’s Australian Shepherd, whom he adopted some years ago from Blue’s first owner, who was serving time in prison and abandoned him . Dozer is Schnabel’s little labrador puppy that he adopted in Alaska, who has quickly taken to mining for gold. The pair have become popular members of the crew and should make their way back to the new seasons.

Brennan Ruault Net Worth: Unknown

15 Things Even The Biggest Gold Rush Fans Don

Ruault has been featured in 68 episodes of the Gold Rush series. He joined the shows cast in 2015 and is still part of it in 2021.

Brennan worked as a machine operator in Drayton Valley before joining Gold Rush. One day he got a call from his friend who had gotten a job with Parker Schnabel.

As it turned out, Parker needed an experienced heavy machinery operator, and Brennan was just the man for that job.

He joined Parkers team in Yukon, Canada, in May of 2015, where he operated a bulldozer and an excavator. Brennan and the rest of the team were able to find $5 million worth of Gold that year. His salary on the show is estimated to be about $25,000 per episode.

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Gold Rush: White Water

This spin-off series follows the “Dakota Boys”âDustin and his father, “Dakota” Fredâas they mine McKinley and Cahoon Creeks in Haines Borough, Alaska, using an unconventional dredging method: diving into whitewater collection pools at the base of high country waterfalls. The series debuted in January 2018.

What’s The Location For Gold Rush Season 12

Arie’s Facebook post also gives us a good idea of where we can expect the various miners to journey to this time around. Her post includes a variety of hashtags with the two most important being “#goodbyewisconsin” and “#hellocanada.” It shouldn’t come as a surprise to viewers as most seasons have seen the crews go up to the Great White North in search of riches, with Season 11 seeing the teams go up to Yukon.

Canada’s a big country, and as of right now, it’s unclear where exactly the teams could dig. All should be revealed in the coming months as the miners actually head off to their next jobs. Canada has proven to be fruitful ground for the cast ever since they had to leave Alaska due to environmental concerns. If it’s not broke, then don’t fix it, and there’s likely plenty of gold still hidden throughout the country.

Don’t expect “Gold Rush” to go away any time soon. The show continues to be a major draw for Discovery, and in fact, the channel recently released a press release stating how “Gold Rush” was the most-watched unscripted series for men in 2020 out of any other show across broadcast networks. Other series may be fools’ gold, but it’s clear this one is still paying out dividends.

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Gold Rush: Parkers Trail

Gold Rush: Parkers Trail started in 2017, and it follows Parker on mining trips to other areas. It is produced for Discovery Channel by Raw Television.

In the first season, Parker and his team attempt the Klondike trail of 1897. In the second season, Schnabel went to the jungles of Guyana, South America.

The big thing is with the heat and the jungle environmentthere are all sorts of things that will maim and/or kill you, Parker told Fox News about his trip to Guyana.

Parker took his hunt for gold to Australia in the fourth season.

In 2018, he appeared in Gold Rush: The Rise of Rick Ness.

In 2020, Paker was featured in the documentary Gold Rush: The Legend of Porcupine Creek.

Its a very intense business, you have short amount of time, like we have four months to basically make all the money that we can in it in a season, so, its a very intense business, Parker told in an interview at the BUILD Brunch table. You never know what youre gonna get. Its like going to Vegas.

Gold Rush Season 13 Release Date

Parker’s $2,500,000 Gamble Finally Starts to Pay Off | Gold Rush

In the past, seasons of “Gold Rush” have premiered during the fall. And while many shows have had to slow down production throughout the ongoing pandemic, the outdoor nature of gold mining has kept the Discovery series going. Season 12 was filmed and released without delay as the cast and crew made their way to Canada new episodes premiered in late September 2021 a whole month earlier than Season 11, which aired its first episode in October 2020. Season 11 focused on the miners’ return to work and efforts to make up for lost time .

Discovery is still releasing new episodes at the time of this publication, so the lack of official renewal announcements isn’t all that troubling for fans. As the show begins to wind down production, the network will likely release more information on what comes next for the “Gold Rush” team.

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Todd Hoffman Net Worth: $5 Million

Hoffman left the show in 2019. He had been a cast member from season one to season eight. Todd had been featured in 160 episodes of Gold Rush until his exit.

He worked as a mine operator alongside his father. Todd left the show to pursue a career in music. Hoffman has a net worth of about $5 million. His salary per episode was reported to be about $25,000.

Get Resourceful About Your Equipment

Brand new gold mining equipment is sometimes prohibitively expensive for a team. In season seven, Tony Beets and his family take a large used gold dredge, invested a sizable amount of money into repairs and refurbished it themselves. This piece of equipment ultimately proved reliable as the Beets family mined 2100 ounces of gold with it that’s about $2.5 million worth.

In this case, the Beets family more than recouped their investment in one season, but had they tried to buy a brand new gold dredge, they would have still been in debt. If you have the know-how, it definitely pays to get resourceful about your equipment.

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Tony Beets Net Worth: $5 Million

He made his on-screen debut in season 2 and has been an integral part of the cast ever since. Tony Beets has been featured in 159 episodes, dating all the way back to 2010. So far, he has been with the cast for nearly a decade. Beets was originally a dairy farmer.

Caption: Gold Rush Cast Tony Beets

However, he had a greater destiny than that of milking cows. He is now a mine owner. Moreover, he owns not one but two mines, one of which he leases out.

One of the mines is in Klondike, Yukon, Canada. It is named Tamarack Mine. The other mine is in Scribner Creek. Tony reportedly earns between $150,000- $200,000 per episode. He has a net worth of $5 million.

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