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Black And Gold Ceiling Fan With Light

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Best Gold Ceiling Fans In 2022 Overview

56″ Black Banvil Enviro Breeze Gold Line Industrial Ceiling Fan in Jeffrey Robinson’s Garage
  • Air Flow: 4,036 CFM
  • Recommended Room Size: 150-250 Square Feet
  • Indoor or Outdoor: Indoor
  • Reversible Air Flow: Yes

A very inexpensive ceiling fan that is strikingly pretty, with a premium finish you would not expect to see at this price level, the Westinghouse Vintage polished indoor ceiling fan is a great value on all fronts.

The lifetime warranty on the motor is one indication of the quality that has gone into this low priced fan, and you can also clearly tell in the quiet operation and the stability and solidity of the casing and mounting hardware.

The style is quite nice, fancy without being overwhelming, and the polished brass and ribbed glass are first quality. You can also reverse the fan blades depending on your room and preference darker walnut on one side and oak on the other.

While not the most powerful 52 inch fan on the market, the Westinghouse Vintage still moves plenty of air, and is great in even larger rooms plus, the air flow is reversible, making it a great choice for all seasons.

A very basic fan with a beautiful style and premium finish, material and build quality, the Westinghouse Vintage is a real winner, and a bit of a steal at this price!


  • Indoor or Outdoor: Indoor
  • Reversible Air Flow: Yes


  • Air Flow: ~4,500 CFM
  • Recommended Room Size: 200-300 Square Feet
  • Indoor or Outdoor: Indoor
  • Reversible Air Flow: Yes


  • Air Flow: 4,392 CFM
  • Recommended Room Size: 200-300 Square Feet
  • Indoor or Outdoor: Indoor
  • Reversible Air Flow: Yes



The Right Ceiling Light For The Right Room

The second question is which room youre lighting, and what youre doing in the room.

In some rooms, its a good idea to prioritize bright, practical lighting. For example, you might want a bright ceiling light in the hallway to easily find everything you need before leaving the house. Your bathroom might also benefit from bright, clinical lighting for shaving or applying makeup in the morning.

Other rooms, such as a living room or childrens room, are multi-purpose. You might want to have bright general lighting when entertaining guests in the living room, or when playing in the childrens room. But once the guests leave and bedtime comes around, you might want to switch to softer mood lighting. In these rooms, a ceiling light with a dimmer can come in handy.

What To Look For In The Best Gold Ceiling Fans

What starts out as a fairly simple question which gold ceiling fan should I buy? gets pretty complicated and confusing pretty quickly when you look at the multitude of different styles and options:

  • Do you want a brushed gold ceiling fan, a rose gold ceiling fan, a gold and black ceiling fan, a gold and white ceiling fan?
  • Do you want a modern gold ceiling fan, with light, without light, or should you instead go for mid-century or Boho chic?
  • Should you get gold finish, or brushed brass, or even bronze?
  • Do you want a gold fandelier? Is fandelier even a real word?

Yeah, Im also getting a headache, thanks for asking!

So, lets focus on the only two really important questions:

Do you like the way the fan looks?

  • Does it suit your style, your room and your decor?

Is it a good ceiling fan?

  • Is it well made, quiet and powerful, reliable, stable and nicely finished, or will it shimmy and wobble until your floor is covered with gold dust?

Because at the end of the day or maybe even more in the middle of the day you want a gold ceiling fan that not only looks fabulous, but that works beautifully, and will continue to do so for many years to come.

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Ceiling Fans Without Lights

Ceiling fans without lights are the best option for you if you have plenty of lighting in your space but still need a cooling ceiling fan. Shop Hunter’s outdoor and indoor ceiling fans without lights in styles ranging from modern to rustic to give any space in your home a cool breeze. See all Ceiling Fans without Lights

Low Profile Ceiling Fans

52"  Astor BBQ Black and Satin Gold LED Ceiling Fan

Low profile ceiling fans are great for small rooms with low ceilings. Flush mount ceiling fans optimize space in the room while delivering superior performance. Hunter’s low profile ceiling fans dont compromise on style either Hunter’s designer style flush mount ceiling fans from modern to rustic – will tie your room’s décor together. See all low profile Ceiling Fans

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Stylish Ceiling Fans With Advanced Technology

Control your new fan with the latest in smart home technology. Enjoy more efficiency and convenience with remote controls that make programming and operating your fan a breeze. Our ceiling fan styles featuring SIMPLEconnect® technology let you control all the fans in your home straight from your smartphone or smart device. Use our convenient SIMPLEconnect app to operate your fan using your smart home devices, including Amazon Echo, Google Home, Apple HomeKit, and more! Along with Wi-Fi and remote controlled ceiling fans, you can find more traditional styles controlled by decorative wall switches or high-quality pull chains. Choose the best ceiling fan for each room in your home based on your particular needs and operation preferences.

Who Makes The Best Gold Ceiling Fans

Because all that glitters is not gold, we tend to stick with companies and products we know are really excellent.

Yes, you can go to your favorite online retailer and find lots of fancy looking and inexpensive gold ceiling fans, and often ones with pretty good reviews and ratings, but if you look closely you may well find that the products are not consistent they seem to change in quality from one production run to the nest or they get good initial reviews but generally fail the long-term usage test.

So here, as with all of our buyers guides, were going to focus on the best and most established ceiling fan companies Hunter, Todays Fans, Dider, Westinghouse, Minka Aire and Matthews, to make sure you can count on great performance and long-lasting quality, and a company that really stands behind their products.

And please note that while our title is Best Gold Ceiling Fans, we will almost always prefer and choose polished brass fans, which have a beautiful golden color that is much nicer and more premium looking than most gold-finished fans, and will last a lot longer as well.

So lets get right to it, with ten of our favorite gold ceiling fans on the market today!

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Black Gold Ceiling Fans

Shop and find the best online deals on everything for your home. We work every day to bring you discounts on new products across our entire store. Whether you’re looking for memorable gifts or everyday essentials, you can buy them here for less.

Ceiling Fans For Every Style

Black Gold Luxus Plus Energy Efficient Ceiling Fan with BLDC Motor and Remote

Modern, traditional, rustic, industrial, coastal we make fans in a variety of inspired styles so you can find an efficient, wobble-free design that seamlessly ties in with any room in your house. Each fan’s construction can feature a variety of materials, including natural wood, metal and paint, to let you pick the style that’s right for your room design. Select metal finishes that match the hardware and accessories in your room for a fully cohesive space. At Hunter, we also offer a broad selection of damp- and wet-rated outdoor ceiling fans in multiple sizes and styles so you can enhance the comfort and appearance of your porches, pergolas, and other outside spaces, as well.

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Remember To Mind Your Head

Our ceiling light collection has something for every kind of room. But before you decide, you should consider the height of your ceilings.

If you have particularly low ceilings, a pendant or modern chandelier could prove to be a bit of an obstacle. If so, look for flush ceiling lights, LED spotlights, or recessed lighting, so you dont risk bumping your head.

If you do have a high ceiling, however, our pendant lamps and shades are a great place to start. We have pendant lamps and shades available in various different designs, letting you express your individual style.

Ceiling Lights As A General Light Source

When choosing a ceiling light, the first question you need to answer is what its going to be used for.

As a general light source, a semi-flush, pendant light or chandelier located near the centre of the room can be a good choice. If you want to highlight a part of your décor, a ceiling track with spotlights might do the trick. If youre looking to light a workspace, such as a desk or a kitchen island consider a flush ceiling light located directly above the work area.

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Rhino Ceiling Fan Modern Look 48 Inch

  • Modern Designer Fan enhances the look of your Hall, Kitchen, Bedroom, Bathroom.
  • Wide Blades provide high air delivery across the room
  • 1200 mm / 48 inch
  • 2 Year warranty, no risk to get our Fans. If you have any questions or problem. We are always here to serve and have got you covered


There are no reviews yet.

How To Choose The Best Fan For Clean Modern Ceilings

52"  Emerson Astor BBQ Black and Satin Gold LED Ceiling Fan

A black and gold ceiling fan with adapter can be a fantastic choice for a sloped ceiling. In some cases, you might even benefit from the addition of several downrods to accommodate your installation needs. Similarly, opt for a white and gold ceiling fan if you have a painted ceiling that may clash with other colors. When black is simply too much and walnut makes the room too dark, white is an attractive alternative. For the interior décor expert who is not afraid to focus on lively tones, the rose gold ceiling fan is well worth a look.

Should you choose a light kit with your ceiling appliance? Gold ceiling fans with lights let you control the way the material is set off by the type of illumination you choose. For many, this means carefully selected LEDs with a hint of color. Because most modern gold ceiling fans let you use LEDs, you can adapt the displays to suit the interior décor in ways you were never able to achieve before.

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Ceiling Fans With Remotes

Shop Hunter’s ceiling fans with remotes and explore how convenient it is to control your ceiling fan from the couch. Use the control to adjust the ceiling fan speed for a cool breeze in your kitchen or use it to control the dimmable light bulbs as the sun goes down on your patio. See all Ceiling Fans with remotes

Simpleconnect Smart Home Fans

Shop Hunter’s SIMPLEconnect collection of smart home ceiling fans to ease into the world of home automation. Hunters Wi-Fi ceiling fans are easy to install and control. Use your smart phone or smart home applications like Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant to control your Hunter smart home ceiling fan. When youre away, simulate activity in the home by remotely controlling the light on your fan, deterring unwanted guests. Increase energy efficiency by syncing the fans with your thermostat, keeping your family cool and your energy bill low. See all SIMPLEconnect Smart Home Fans

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The Right Fit For Any Room Size

Ceilings fans are not a one-size-fits-all purchase. That’s why Hunter ceiling fans come in sizes fit for small spaces up to 100 square feet, large rooms up to 400 square feet, and oversized rooms over 400 square feet. No matter the size of your space, all of our ceiling fan designs undergo twice the amount of industry-standard testing to ensure great style and best-in-class performance in every room.

Ceiling Fans With Lights

DIY Modern Farmhouse Ceiling Fan Makeover || Ceiling Fan Hack under $30!

If the lighting in your space is limited, explore ceiling fans with lights to enhance the environment as well as design of your space. Our decorative light fixtures provide a unique, designer look to your space while our energy efficient light bulbs illuminate the room. Shop Hunter’s selection of ceiling fans with LED light bulbs for a long lasting performance and decrease your energy bill. See all Ceiling Fans with Lights

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