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18k Solid Gold Name Necklace

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My Name Necklace Personalized Jewelry Try On Haul

Prime and Pure Australia procures the highest quality of pure gold granules from our Australian suppliers. We undergo a rigorous process to alloy Gold to different Karats . Our jewellery is thicker than most therefor they are much harder to bend. Also, the thickness of our jewellery is uniform in size and shape so you do not find yourself with a design that has undesirable gaps, traces of scratches or areas thinner than others.

Most of our competitors use recycled gold melted down from unwanted jewellery to make their products. This results in a lot of contaminates getting into the pieces affecting their purity, color and overall quality. To maximize on profit, their designs are created thin and uneven. As a result, they often bend. The design can also be cut poorly which results in a lot of misshaped jewels with unnecessary gaps.

K Solid Gold 18k Solid Gold Name Necklace Personalized Jewelry Personalized Gifts Name Necklaces Gifts For Her Mothers Day Gift

  • Details 14k solid gold 18k solid gold Name Necklace , Personalized Jewelry , Personalized Gifts , Name necklaces , Personalized necklace , Gift, Material Options: High Quality 8k solid gold , 14K Solid Gold and 18K Solid Gold Color Options: Yellow Gold, Rose Gold, White Gold Production Techniques: Handmade and Laser Cutting Package: Jewelry BoxHow to Order? Customization: We can design for you name, date, coordinate, fingerprint, image and any other shapes in this personalized necklace Please select your preferred material, color, text font and chain length from the menu while adding to your shopping card.AssurancesStandart Deliver in 10-12 Business Days // Express Deliver in 1-3 business days Contact us about any problems related to the productsNecklace and Chain Size Guide 14″ NECKLACE: Fits most like a choker 16″ NECKLACE: Falls perfectly around the base of the neck like a collar. On a petite woman it will hit your collarbone while for plus size women it might feel more like a choker. 18″ NECKLACE: A common choice for women that will fall just below the throat at the collarbone. This length is popular for adding pendants which will hang over a crew neck. 20″ NECKLACE: Will fall a fewinches below the collarbone and allow a little more breathing room. Perfect for a low, plunging neckline or if you want to wear it over a turtleneck. 22″ NECKLACE: Falls at or above a low neckline.Visit our shop,
  • 2-5 business days

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    Gold name pendant

    Gold name pendants are a very popular item. Especially, white gold name pendants. They provide an expression ofindividuality during important moments in life. And they make great gifts.

    A gold name pendant allows you, or someone you love, to add a piece of spectacular personalized jewellery toyours wardrobe.

    Buying gold name pendants online

    If you are looking for the best place to purchase gold name jewelry online, you want to go with a company thatonly offers hallmarked and certified gold. Which is what we at KuberBox provide. We also offer a 30 dayno-questions-asked exchange, and efficient international shipping

    Our luxury jewelry is extremely popular because it is high quality while still being affordable. On our site you will find it is easy and straightforward to navigate around the site and find what you are looking for.

    Frequently asked questions about gold name pendants

    At KuberBox we receive a lot of questions about gold name pendants. While we are always happy to answer questionswe receive, we thought it would be best to publish some of the more common ones here.

    Everything from what exactly is a gold pendant? To which kinds of gold do we offer? As well as questions aboutchains, pendants as gifts, and more.

    If you have a question that is not found here, please feel free to contact our team via our website.

    What is a gold name pendant?

    What types of gold are available for pendants?

    There are 4 different types of gold available for gold pendants:

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    Solid Gold Name Necklace

    Why Custom Name Necklance Gold From Siliicecom

    Personalized Sparkling Diamond 18k Solid gold Name Necklace

    Real Material : SILLICE offers premium gold chains and gold jewelry, reasonable price with top quality are in SILLICE. We do not sell any gold-plated or gold-filled jewelry. Create YoursWe are an online jewelry store you can trust to provide you with only top-quality gold necklaces. Our products will be done with 14k/18K solid gold and a national reputation for delivering great customer service, SILLICE will satisfy your jewelry needs.

    Best Customer Service: From the inquiry to orders shipment, Siliice will keep you updated for every step, so you can know the status of your necklace. 24h service is aviable for any help you need. if you have any question

    Perfect Gift: Siliice Jelwery are real gold with great gift box package, it’s the best gift for your family members, friends, lovers and anyone.

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    Personalized Classic Name Necklace In 18k Gold Plating

    • Can it be engraved in a different language other than English? This necklace comes with English letters only – but accents on letters and hyphens are also possible. for necklaces in additional languages.Can I add numbers to the engraving? Yes, You can engrave both letters and numbers. Roman numbers are not recommended.Will the engraving arrive as shown in the photo? Yes, the jewelry arrives as shown and the first letter is capitalized. Check out our font preview.How do I know which chain length to choose? to view our Chain Length Guide. Please remember that the pendant is not included in the chain length and the size of the pendant varies in accordance with the name and style.How do you ensure the quality of my jewelry? Each jewelry piece is tailor made, which allows us to deliver uncompromising quality. From selecting the finest materials to quality control, we strive for 100% customer satisfaction. How long will it take for my jewelry to arrive? to check our Shipping information. You will find more details about our shipping options, rates and time frames.Please note, these questions are relevant only for this item.Read about our Kids Safety policy.For more information, feel free to with any special requests or questions.
    • 18k Gold Plated Sterling Silver 0.925
    • Chain Type

    Custom Solid Name Necklace For Gift

    Names necklaces provide social and cultural value while a mass produced piece cannot. Names jewelry can also be empowering. Put your name in gold or silver provides an avenue of self-expression unique only to you. Create NowIt is yours and no one else’ s no matter your nameplate is simple or ornate.

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    Rough Rusty And Thin Chains

    Our chains are of good quality and generally thicker. Advantage: they do not break that easily. Another advantage: you do not have to buy another chain to replace it or even contact another store to upgrade your chain just because it is too thin and fragile! A third advantage: Instead of spending your money on re-makes, you can save it to buy new designs that you will enjoy even more. Hopefully, you will select our finest designs. Prime & Pure means you do not put stress on your bank account, you live the fashionable life and you allow us to provide a nice luxurious experience with just one necklace.

    Our competitors have a different concept of a good chain. They are thinner and not so well designed. Another downfall is based on the thickness or in this case thinness of the chain. It is not adapted to the jewellery the customer buys. Sometimes it is too thin the customers are always scared to wear it outdoors fearing that it may break, and the pendant gets lost. The customers, most of the times, find themselves buying new chains repeatedly upset at the quality not realizing its not them its the store. That is one tense relationship.

    K Solid Gold Name Necklace

    Custom made 14K gold Arabic name necklace demonstration

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    Custom Solid Name Necklace For Girls Mother Kids

    Names Necklaces can be a perfect gift. You can make your friends and family feel special and valued by gifting them a piece like this. You can win the heart of your better half by proposing her with a personalized name ring with your own message proposing her engraved onto it. Custom NowAny name or word or even a message you need can be put on a nameplate necklace.

    Are Gold Name Necklaces In Style

    Gold name necklaces are timeless classics that will always be in style. Whether youre looking for a dainty piece or an eye-catching statement necklace, Baby Gold has you covered or should we say dripping in gold. We recommend you invest in two or three name necklaces so you can layer them up with the best of em.

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    Custom Name Necklace For With Your Name

    Your name stands for your identity once you were born. Custom name necklace with your name can show others that you are unique. If you reiceive one name necklace from your Families or Friends, it means that you are cherished by them. On the contrary, anyone who receive the custom name necklace from you, will feel that she/he is being cherished by you. Love only will be seen until you show it.

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