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What To Do In Gold Beach Oregon

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What Is Gold Beach Oregon Known For

Gold Beach Oregon – US 101 Pacific Ocean

Gold Beach is a perfect coastal destination if you are looking for long beaches that are not crowded. There are beautiful headlands and sea stacks along the ocean as well as lots of opportunities for tide-pooling, crabbing, and clamming. There is great hiking in the Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest.

Harris Beach State Park

Harris Beach State Park is one of the more popular state parks on the Oregon Coast. It has some great camping opportunities and a huge range of recreational activities. Its full of nature, therefore offers hiking, biking, climbing and so much more.

Tide pools that dot the coast are simply teeming with life, and hoards of seals and sea lions crowd on the rocks. Bird Island sits just off of the coast, a National Wildlife Sanctuary, whose main occupants are the flocks of tufted puffins.

From the day-use area, you can enjoy picnics with views of the sea stacks, and explore some of the rocky outcroppings. There are 65 full hookup sites, 25 electrical sites, 59 tent sites as well as 6 yurts so campers really do have the best of all options.

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Stop By Rogue River Museum

Nestled away in a spot you wouldn’t expect to find, the Rogue River Museum is only a short distance from the Curry Historical Museum.

You’ll learn all about the Rogue River’s history, from its origin to the present day, on its guided tours.

The museum features early explorers, some of the best images, and information on Jerry’s Rogue Jets, along with a few relics from the company’s early days.

The museum’s animal wall, which depicts various creatures that have made the Rogue River their home throughout the years, is a popular attraction.

If you’d like to make a gift to help keep the museum open for future visitors, you can do so at the museum’s entry.

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Things To Do In Gold Beach Oregonoregon Coast Vacation Rentals

We suggest that you take your camera everywhere you go! This is a spectacular area and beauty abounds

Gold Beach, Oregon: We are blessed with some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. The opportunities for exploring and sightseeing are almost endless. We would especially like to give you ideas about things to do.

The commercial tours are outstanding:

Fishing guides:There are more than 30 guides who have helped their clients catch salmon, steel head, ocean bottom fish, along with crabbing and just plain sightseeing from a boat for many years. The Rogue river has been especially noted for its fisheries since before the time of Zane Grey. We will be very happy to put you in contact with some of our favorite guides.

An adventure with Jerrys Rogue Jets and the Mail Boat Hydro-Jets is indeed an adventure. The two boat companies have merged, and the office is now at the Port of Gold Beach, right off Highway 101 just north of downtown Gold Beach.

Five Star Charters, provide ocean and river fishing. they have an office at the port.

Wilderness Canyon Adventures, If you want to experience a fun family paddling experience check out this company for coastal paddle excursions and their ever-popular paddle trips on the Chetco River.

South Coast Tours, provides adventure paddling in the estuaries and coastal ocean paddling.

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Hike The Cape Sebastian Trail

13 Awesome Things to Do in Gold Beach, Oregon

The Cape Sebastian State Scenic Corridor offers some of the most awe-inspiring views along the entire coast. The cape’s prominence 200 feet above the ocean adds to the incredible panoramic view. The signature trail of the area, the Cape Sebastian Trail, is accessible from Gold Beach with less than a 10-minute drive on the 101.

After pulling off the 101 onto a paved parking lot, the Cape Sebastian Trail begins its descent toward the ocean. The trail is approximately 1.3 miles, with 700 feet of elevation loss . The route meanders through a thick Sitka spruce landscape, revealing stunning views of the coastline along the way.

The hike is part of the state-spanning Oregon Coast Trail. For longer trips, visitors can access the beach at Hunter’s Cove, directly south of the cape, and continue hiking on the beach from there. Pistol River State Scenic Viewpoint is approximately nine miles south and makes a great end to a long day hike.

Some of the most stunning sea stacks on the southern coast fill in the section of the beach between Cape Sebastian and the Pistol River. Places to visit along the route, like Myers Creek Beach, Black Rock, and Ariya’s Beach offer absolute postcard ocean images.

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What Is Near Gold Beach

11 Top-Rated Things to Do in Gold Beach, OR Take a Ride on Jerrys Rogue Jets. Hike the Cape Sebastian Trail. See a Shipwreck. Take a Picture with a Dinosaur at Prehistoric Gardens. Stand on a Sandstone Bluff at Otter Point State Recreation Site. Browse the Selection at Gold Beach Books. Learn Something New at the Curry Historical Museum.

Take An Amazing Trip On Jerrys Scoundrel Jets In Gold Beach In Oregon

  • The scoundrel watercourse may be a process natural feature of Gold Beach and also the encompassing region. The watercourse meets the Pacific Ocean on the side of the city. Wherever the long-lasting patriarch Lee Patterson Bridge spans the waterway. This picturesque bridge is close to the launching purpose for one of the rivers best adventures.
  • Jerrys scoundrel Jets has been providing jet boat tours of the watercourse since 1958. These exhilarating tours span up to fifty-two miles upstream. The tour area unit mix of whitewater excitement, nature-based touristy, and family-fun amusement. In addition, every ride comes with a knowledgeable narration provided by the boat operator.
  • Jerrys scoundrel Jets provide3 distances for each day trip. The 64-mile trip provides spectacular scenery and a slower pace. The 80- and 104-mile spherical visits feature additional rapids and whitewater excitement. Also, most of the guests prefer each days trips, long visits also are offered. And also packages offered by Paradise Lodge close to Medford.

Official site:

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Walk Rogue River Trail

The Rogue River is one of the historic trails in Gold Beach, Oregon. It was initially constructed to assist mules in supplying miners in the Rogue River canyon.

The trail covers about 40 miles in distance and has some of the best views Oregon offers. It will take you through beautiful waterfalls and steep canyons.

If you want to hike the entire trail, it will take about five days, but you can also go out for a day hike by considering the trail as an in and out trail.

The starting point of the Rogue River Trail is at Grave Creek, which is about 30 miles northwest of Grants Pass. But if you want to commence your hike at the western trailhead, the starting point is at Big Bend, near Foster Bar.

Hiking Rogue River Trail is free as no permits are needed. Leashed dogs can also use the trail, so do well to bring your furry friend.

When To Travel To Gold Beach Oregon

A Day in Gold Beach, Oregon | Prehistoric Gardens & Otter Point

The summer months through mid-October are the best time to visit Gold Beach. Summer temperatures are in the mid-to-upper-60s. Temperatures in the winter months dip slightly into the 50s but you will see more wind and rain.

While the summer months are not overly busy, consider visiting in September or October to avoid the crowds that are there. We visited Gold Beach in mid-August and did not have any problem with overcrowding.

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Read History At Gold Beach Books

If you are a reader or someone who loves books, this is something you will not want to miss. Gold Beach Oregon Books is a fun store to browse through and makes our list of best things to do in Gold Beach, Oregon.

Gold Beach Books is the biggest bookstore on the Oregon Coast as it houses over 75,000 used and new books. There are book collections that stem from western, biographies, romance, and adventure books, including various first editions.

One fun area to explore is their leather-bound sets of famous books. It is a very interesting section of the bookstore.

There is also a small section of art and greeting cards as well.

The bookstore also has a coffee house that serves coffee, tea, breakfast burritos, pastries, and light lunch food. Imagine what it means to grab a bite to eat and then get lost in the bookshelves.

Address: 29707 Ellensburg Avenue, Gold Beach, Oregon

Take A Picture With A Dinosaur At Prehistoric Gardens

The Mesozoic Era is on full display at Prehistoric Gardens, 16 miles north of Gold Beach on the 101. Within these dense rainforest surroundings next to the ocean, 23 immense dinosaur statues stand in the foliage. This iconic roadside attraction has been a favorite family pitstop since 1955.

The family of E.V. “Ernie” Nelson, the original artist and creator of Prehistoric Gardens, operates the park. Today, much of the park remains the same, including the eye-catching dinosaur sculptures. Visitors tour the grounds on a graveled pathway and pause for pictures with these magnificent displays. Information about each dinosaur is available beneath each prehistoric statue.

It’s not only the dinos that add to the experience at Prehistoric Gardens. The surrounding moss and many shades of the rainforest make for a very atmospheric effect. Walking through this lush environment is reason enough to visit, and the enormous dinosaurs only sweeten the experience.

The gardens are open every day during the spring, summer, and fall. The gravel path is wheelchair accessible. Check the weather and pack a rain jacket if necessary.

Address: 36848 US-101, Port Orford, Oregon

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Day : Life Is A Beach

Sleep in, enjoy a leisurely coffee and pastry at Bandon Coffee Cafe, then head to Face Rock Creamery to pack a picnic lunch from their deli. Drive a bit north to Bullards Beach where you can walk the beach, fly a kite, or photograph the Colquille River Lighthouse. Pick one of the many areas to picnic in the park before retracing your drive back to town. Back in town, revisit your favorite shops from Day 1 and be sure to pick up a special treat at Coastal Mist to enjoy later with the remaining wine from yesterday. Partake of dinner at Wheelhouse Restuarant, or for an even more relaxed experience, head upstairs to the Crowsnest Lounge. Both offer terrific views of the Bandon port.

Enjoy The Tides At Harris Beach State Park

Gold Beach, OR Hotels &  Attractions

Though not in Gold Beach, Harris Beach State Park makes our list of things to do in Gold Beach, Oregon

This state park is about 30 minutes south of Gold Beach near Brookings. The park runs along Highway 101 and boasts stunning beaches.

You would also see many rocks along the shoreline, making it a great place for tide pooling. So if you want to see the sea life in the tidepools, visiting at low tide is the perfect opportunity.

Harris Beach State Park is truly a good day trip from Gold Beach, Oregon.

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Best West Coast Vacation Spots According To Expedia

Discovering why the West Coast is the best coast

This country is full of wondrous places that catch the eye and capture the heart, but theres something extra special about the West Coast. In fact, in the Exepedia survey of 1,000 travelers, they chose this region as the one theyd most like to visit . Is it the sprawling coastlines? The ample forests? The sky-high mountains? Were betting on all of the above, and more.Expedia asked which West Coast cities are the most beautiful, and these fair 10 rose to the top.Yes! Gold Beach Oregon was #9.

Take Selfies With Dinosaurs At Prehistoric Gardens

Prehistoric Gardens is about 20 minutes drive from Gold Beach.

More than 20 gigantic dinosaur statues stand amid the vegetation of this lush jungle near the beach.

Since 1955, this roadside landmark has been a beloved family destination.

E.V. “Ernie” Nelson’s family runs this park.

Wander around the grounds and take photographs of the stunning exhibits.

Each ancient statue has information on each dinosaur.

The moss and many colors of the rainforest add to the atmosphere.

The vibe and its beautiful surroundings alone make this park worth a visit, but the giant dinosaurs add to the fun.

Operating hours vary depending on the season.

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Take A Road Trip Through The Samuel H Boardman State Scenic Corridor

If you arent satisfied with the roadside scenery in Gold Beach, then you can head to the stunning Samuel H. Boardman State Scenic Corridor, which starts 20 minutes in the south of town.

It is a 12-mile linear park on the 101, which offers one of the best road trips and some of the most striking ocean views on the entire West Coast.

The Samuel H. Boardman State Scenic Corridor has several roadside pullouts and hiking trails. Lone Ranch Beach bookends the south, while the Arch Rock Picnic Area is the northernmost developed site.

There are a few dramatic attractions such as Secret Beach, Whaleshead Viewpoint, and Thunder Rock Cove.

The Oregon Coast Trail meanders throughout the entire area and links all the sites. One of the popular ways of exploring is parking at a trailhead and hiking from one scenic point to another. However, almost all hiking trails leading to the ocean have steep terrain and are not always fitting for first-time hikers.

Are you considering more exploration of Oregon, here is our list of things to do in Roseburg, things to do in Sunriver, and things to do in Pacific City, and for a fun vacation

Stand On A Sandstone Bluff At Otter Point State Recreation Site

Gold Beach: Travel the Oregon Coast with Chef Bob Neroni

This state recreation site isn’t as popular as other oceanside destinations. And the small crowds add to the appeal of this scenic stretch of coast. This secluded space is just a few miles north of Gold Beach, with a dirt parking area off the Old Coast Highway.

Sandstone bluffs, short hiking trails, and unique sea stacks comprise the 121 acres encompassed by this state park unit. The most common activity here is wandering about the oceanic environment and marveling at the dynamic landscape. The area is also popular with pet owners thanks to a designated leash-free area.

Explorers should take caution when venturing onto the sandstone bluffs above the ocean, and keep their distance from the crumbling edges. These high vantage points are excellent for whale watching in the winter and spring months. The recreation site also has several beach access points to get a better look at the sea stacks near the surf.

Address: Old Coast Road, Gold Beach, Oregon

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Stand On The Sandstone Bluff At Otter Point State Recreation Area

Otter Point Recreation Area is a lovely beach near Gold Beach, Oregon. It is home to beautiful walking and hiking trails, sandstone rock formations, and bluffs with beautiful ocean views.

A short trail leads visitors from the parking area down to Agate Beach. You will observe beautiful driftwood lining the beach, and they provide nice views of the coastline and sea stacks.

Another trail from the south end of the parking lot guides guests to the bluff and the Oregon Coast Trail. In the recreation area is another beach called Bailey Beach, and it is accessible via the Oregon Coast Trail.

The bluff is made of sandstone so do well to maintain a good distance from the edge as it can devolve away.

The Rogue River Trail

The Rogue River Trail is a long one, running for 40 miles alongside the impressive Rogue River. If youre planning on doing the whole hike, chances are youre not going to be able to complete it all in one day. Three lodges are operating on the trail, the Black Bar Lodge, Paradise Lodge, and Martial Lodge.

For the route, youll be traversing the north side of the river through the lush and remote Rogue Valley, with plenty of wildflowers and wildlife to spot along the way. With different seasons come different views, so you may well want to do this hike more than once.

Spring and fall are the best times to tackle this multi-day hike, as it can get boiling in the summer months, while in winter, prepare for washouts, downed trees, and plenty of mud.

The trail undulates with the river, so there is a fair amount of ups and downs. But youll forget about the steep sections as you gaze in wonder at the mountains that encase the valley in 1000 foot walls.

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A Southern Coast Exposure: Bandon To Gold Beach

Bandon is a quaint little town whose attractions are always open, and a great jumping off point for touring the Southern Oregon Coast. Plan a long weekend and avail yourself of some of what the Southern Oregon Coast has to offer.

Please call businesses and attractions directly, or visit their websites for open status and hours of operation. Reservations and hours may be limited, and status may change without notice.

Stroll Down The Otter Point State Recreation Site With Your Dogs

Gold Beach, Oregon

Compared to other oceanside sites, this state recreation park is less well-known.

This beautiful stretch of coastline is even more appealing because of the low number of visitors.

It has a gravel parking lot off of the Old Coast Highway.

Hundreds of acres of sandstone cliffs, small hiking paths, and unusual sea stacks make up this state park area.

Wandering about the maritime environment and admiring the changing nature is the most typical pastime here.

A leash-free zone makes the area popular among pet owners.

When exploring the sandstone bluffs, explorers should exercise caution and remain safe from the disintegrating edges.

From winter to spring months, you can spot whales from these high peaks.

Beach access points are available at the recreation site to get a closer look at the sea stacks at the water’s edge.

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