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Rolex Rose Gold Sky Dweller

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Introducing A Version Of The Oyster Perpetual Sky

Rolex Sky-Dweller 326235 Rolex Watch Review

Rolex presents an 18 ct yellow gold version of its Oyster Perpetual Sky-Dweller, fitted with an Oysterflex bracelet. The watch is the first in the Classic category to include this innovative bracelet made of high-performance elastomer. It also features a bright black, sunray-finish dial with hands and hour markers in 18 ct yellow gold. The light reflections on the case sides and lugs highlight the refined profile of the 42 mm Oyster case.

A Gmt Function And Annual Calendar

Its design is tied to no other model to have reigned before it, enabling this tool watch to sit in a genre of its own. It is one of the manufacturers most advanced models in its catalogue. In many ways, the Rolex Sky-Dweller is classified as the ultimate travellers companion. It combines a GMT function with an annual calendar complication and despite several models joining and leaving the collection during its short ten years, the Sky-Dweller has undergone several small updates and upgrades along the way.

Rolex Style No: 326935 Wrolex Everose Gold Sky

42mm 18K Everose gold case, screw-down back, screw-down crown, fluted bezel with bidirectional rotatable Rolex Ring Command, scratch-resistant sapphire crystal with cyclops lens over the date and double anti-reflective coating, white dial, index hour markers with Chromalight, Rolex calibre 9001 automatic movement , second time-zone displayed via off-center rotating disc, Saros annual calendar with date at 3 o’clock and month indicated in discrete apertures at each of the 12 hour marks, Oyster bracelet with flat three-piece links, folding Oysterclasp buckle. Waterproof to 100 meters.

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Using The Ring Command Bezel

One of the Rolex Sky-Dweller’s distinctive features is its rotating, fluted Ring Command bezel. Turning the bezel enables you to control the watchâs functions. You’ll find a similar mechanism on the Yacht-Master II, a regatta chronograph for professional sailors with a countdown function. Here’s how the Sky-Dweller’s bezel works: After unscrewing and pulling out the crown, you turn the bezel left until it locks into place at 11 o’clock. Then, you can set the date by turning the crown in either direction. The month is set in the same way.

If you rotate the bezel another click to 10 o’clock, you can adjust the central time display. Most people use this for the local time. If you turn the crown, the hour hand jumps forward or backward in one-hour increments. The date can be set this way as well.

By rotating the bezel even further to 9 o’clock, you can set the home time together with the hour and minute hands. This position also engages the caliber 9001’s stop-seconds mechanism, which prevents the second hand from moving and enables the wearer to set the time to the exact second. Make sure you’ve pulled out the crown before rotating the bezel to avoid damaging the caliber. You can wind the watch via the crown in any of the bezel’s three positions.

Prices For The Gold Sky

Rolex 18k Rose Gold Brown Dial Sky

Rolex also offers the Sky-Dweller for fans of solid gold watches. These timepieces are available in white, yellow, or Everose gold, each on your choice of an Oyster bracelet or alligator leather strap. Versions with a leather strap cost less to produce and are of lower material value, which means they are also more budget-friendly. For example, a never-worn white gold ref. 326139 sells for around 32,000 USD on a leather strap, while the same watch on a white gold Oyster bracelet can demand almost 12,000 USD more. Prices for this watch range from 35,500 to 43,500 USD, depending on its condition.

A yellow-gold Sky-Dweller is a true statement piece and is sure to attract attention to your wrist. This watch has the reference number 326938 on an Oyster bracelet and 326138 on a leather strap. The latter version increased in value by around 2,400 USD between 2018 and 2020 and now sells for about 32,500 USD on Chrono24. Pre-owned pieces cost slightly less at 30,500 USD. Both prices are well below the recommended retail value of 35,350 euros . If you prefer the model on a solid gold bracelet, be prepared to spend anywhere from 42,000 and 45,000 USD. This edition has an official list price of 42,500 euros .

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Does The Rolex Sky

The Rolex Sky-Dweller can sometimes get a lot of hate especially during the years immediately following its launch. The watch is busy less so than a Breitling Navitimer or an IWC Chronograph, but still significantly more information-dense than the typical Rolex watch. However, heres the thing the Rolex Sky-Dweller is by far the most technologically advanced watch in the brands arsenal, and here are three excellent reasons why you should show a little more love to the future classic that is the Rolex Sky-Dweller.

What Is The Sky Dweller Rolex Price

A typical Sky Dweller Rolex price runs between $10,000 and $20,000 or higher. Buying a used Rolex Sky Dweller is usually a great option, since you can save money, and the watch will remain perfectly functional for years to come. However, you can still invest in a new Rolex Sky-Dweller and know that your purchase is sound.

You should always take the time to make sure you choose an authentic Rolex Sky-Dweller for sale if you purchase from a second hand dealer. A fake Rolex often has a stuttering second hand, feels lighter, or lacks the finely crafted winder that comes with an authentic model.

It also helps to know what colors a Sky-Dweller might come in to help improve your purchasing decision when buying a pre-owned Rolex Sky-Dweller. For instance, you can buy a Rolex Sky-Dweller rose gold, a Rolex Skydweller two tone, a Rolex Sky-Dweller gold, a Sky-Dweller black, or a Sky Dweller diamond. All are excellent choices.

Other colors might indicate a special edition, but be sure to always look for a certificate of authenticity before buying. Whether youre looking for a Rolex Sky Dweller blue face for sale or youre in the market for a Sky Dweller chocolate, you can be confident with your choice as long as you do your due diligence.

Sky dweller for sale is always a good option if you want to stay within your budget.

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The Annual Calendar And Gmt Function

Rolex uses rectangular windows above the hour markers to display the months. The window corresponding to the current month is filled with a contrasting color. For example, if it’s July, the window at 7 o’clock will be colored in. Rolex refers to its annual calendar as “Saros,” a reference to the astronomical unit saros, which is used to predict solar and lunar eclipses.

Thanks to the Sky-Dweller’s 24-hour scale, it’s easy to distinguish night from day. The disc is fully visible and has a prominent position on the dial’s lower two-thirds. The minute and hour hands also contribute to the watch’s readability. Each hand is partially skeletonized so as not to obstruct the fixed red triangle displaying the second time zone, even when the two hands overlap. The hands also contain luminous material so that you can read the watch easily in the dark.

Innovative Ring Command Bezel

Rolex gmt rose gold root beer v Rolex Sky Dweller

This is arguably the coolest thing about the Sky-Dweller: the Ring Command Bezel. That fluted bezel does more than just look good rotating the bezel activates the watchs functions and it is an ingenious and straightforward addition to the model. Rolex has long been a brand associated with advancements in design, but its history of technological innovation is too often buried by its wealth of heritage and excellent storytelling. The Ring Command Bezel puts Rolex firmly back on the map and hints at even more adventurous innovations in the future.

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Unique Features Of Rolex Sky

Even if you buy a Sky-Dweller in NYC, you’ll see the time in another region immediately. This is because the watch has dual time zone support. A Rolex Sky-Dweller in New York likely has the time displayed in Eastern Standard Time, but by twisting the bezel when you set the time, you can also display the time in another time zone. Sky-dweller leather strap is made from premium quality leather which is also used in premium Rolex watches such as Rolex Sky dweller iced out or Diamond Rolex Sky Dweller.

This makes any Sky-Dweller for sale an ideal watch for travelers. No matter where you are, you can find the time back home with a single glance at your watch, and that time will remain accurate to the second. When you buy a new Rolex Sky Dweller in NYC, you are really opening up a whole new world of travel experience in style.

One of the most distinguishing and identifiable characteristics of Rolex is the Cyclops lens. Named after the Greek mythological one-eyed giant, the Cyclops lens amplifies the date displayed at the 3 o’clock mark by two and a half times. This makes the date more visible at a glance. Rolex Sky Dweller Watch is undoubtedly a revolutionary modern watch of its day, and its one that certainly deserves its legendary reputation among all the luxury watch models.

What To Look For When Choosing A Sky

The Sky-Dweller comes with a ground-breaking annual calendar called Saros, made by Rolex. An accurate yearly calendar at the 3 p.m. mark displays the date automatically throughout the year, without needing any significant maintenance. The date adjustments are only needed once per year on 1st March.

The Twinlock tensioning curve and the sealed case back maintain the water resistance of the case. Furthermore, Sky-Dweller uses a fully designed and manufactured Rolex auto-winding mechanical movement calibre 9001. The calibre 9001 was a whole new step, developed specifically for the Sky-Dweller by Rolex production company.

The 9001 calibre in the Sky-Dweller has been accredited as a designation for high precision watches, which have passed the Swiss Official Institute of Chronometer tests successfully. This is a resounding Rolex Sky-Dweller review of quality in itself.

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Reasons To Buy A Rolex Sky

  • Highly practical with an annual calendar and dual-time function
  • Automatic in-house caliber 9001 with a 72-hour power reserve
  • Innovative Ring Command bezel for optimal usability
  • High-quality materials, such as yellow, white, or Everose gold
  • Superlative chronometer: deviates a maximum of +/- 2 seconds per day

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Rolex Sky Dweller Full Rose Gold

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The Colors And Design Of Rolex Sky

Once you find a Rolex Sky Dweller price that looks agreeable to you, all you need to decide is what color of Rolex you wish to wear. All of the watches have the same level of quality regardless of design — it’s just a question of what you want the watch body and dial to look like.

Rolex Sky-Dweller white gold watches provide an understated sense of quality, while a Rolex Sky Dweller yellow gold draws the eye more readily. When it comes to dial, Rolex Sky Dweller black dial matches the classic Rolex look, while the Rolex Sky-Dweller blue dial provides something crisp and new. The final choice comes down to a matter of preference.

If youre looking for a classy Sky Dweller gold Rolex, then youll undoubtedly be a fan of the Sky-Dweller Oyster perpetual, which features this stunning Sky-Dweller two-tone appearance. Its the perfect watch for high-profile executives and CEOs.

While the Sky Dweller bust down appearance is an ideal option for someone who likes to exude class while dripping in diamonds, the Sky Dweller stainless steel is a more understated model by Rolex. With all of the remarkable and handsome features of the other Skydweller watches, it has a marginally more affordable price point.

How Much Does A Rolex Sky

Two-tone watches in gold and stainless steel â a combination Rolex refers to as “Rolesor” â make up the Sky-Dweller collection’s entry-level models. Take the ref. 326933 in yellow gold and stainless steel, for example. Both its bezel and the middle links of its three-piece link Oyster bracelet shine in 18-karat yellow gold. It also happens to be the least expensive Sky-Dweller, with a price of around 19,000 USD in mint condition and 18,000 USD pre-owned. This model has a list price of 17,150 USD and tends to retain its value well.

Rolesor watches in white gold and stainless steel bear the reference number 326934. Since its bracelet is solid stainless steel, this model has a lower list price of 14,400 USD. However, it is in higher demand and, therefore, costs about 6,600 USD more on Chrono24, making it more expensive than the yellow gold and stainless steel edition. More specifically, you can purchase this watch for about 21,000 USD new and 20,500 USD pre-owned.

The Rolesor Sky-Dweller with a blue dial also has the reference number 326934 and a list price of 14,400 USD. However, this version of the stainless steel and white gold watch is even more popular and, therefore, more expensive. You’re unlikely to find this watch for sale at offline retailers, and even if you do, chances are it will come with a years-long waitlist. This is why many enthusiasts are willing to pay a significant premium to get their watch more quickly.

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A Technical Masterpiece With 14 Patents

The Rolex Sky-Dweller is an impressive watch with annual calendar and functions. Along with the Yacht-Master II regatta chronograph, this timepiece is one of Rolex’s most complicated models. Protected by 14 patents, the Sky-Dweller is a perfect example of the Genevan watch manufacturer’s ingenuity.

Rolex released the original Sky-Dweller in 2012. This initial model measured 42 mm in diameter and was only available in 18-karat gold. As of 2017, the manufacturer also offers two-tone editions in stainless steel and gold. Those with more understated tastes should take a closer look at the ref. 326934 in stainless steel and white gold. This model also happens to be one of the most affordable Sky-Dwellers, and the version with a blue dial is especially popular. If you prefer gold watches, keep your eyes peeled for the refs. 326938 and 326935 . Both timepieces come on a solid gold Oyster bracelet and occupy the upper end of the Sky-Dweller’s price range. You’ll also find gold models on alligator leather straps.

How To Choose The Best Rolex Sky

Rolex Sky-Dweller 326932 Rose Gold Chocolate Dial

Rolex Sky Dweller has a raised-edged bezel which is a distinguishing feature of the Sky-Dweller model. The jagged bezel of Sky-Dweller Aero or Sky-Dweller Chocolate is a classic design that gives it classic James Bond vibes. Rolex Sky-dweller is a powerful watch with a blend of steel and gold for its strength and luster.

The Sky-Dweller watch uses the Oyster bracelet, combining 904L steel and gold. The huge case size and this fluted bezel, which deflects away the lights make the Sky-Dweller an enticing watch to purchase for an office goer or a fashion model. You can also get a Rolex Sky-Dweller leather strap if metal feels too heavy. Having a Sky-Dweller watch on wrist is always the ultimate goal, no matter what style you prefer.

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A Wealth Of Expertise

An elegant watch for frequent travellers, the Sky-Dweller displays the time in two time zones simultaneously and has an annual calendar. The reference time, in 24-hour format, is shown via an off-centre disc, and the local time is read using conventional centre hands. The annual calendar, named Saros, automatically differentiates between 30- and 31-day months. It is operated by a patented mechanism and stands out for its innovative display: the months of the year are indicated in 12 apertures around the circumference of the dial, with the current month marked in red. The instantaneous date change is linked to the local time.

A Brief History Of The Rolex Sky

The first Rolex Sky-Dweller watch launched in the year 2012 and was considered the brands first brand-new design since the 1992 release of the Yacht-Master watch. Its release sparked plenty of buzz, but surprisingly didnt receive the instant success it was expected to. The watch had an eye-watering entry price point and a busy-looking dial compared to the brands other sports watches such as the Submariner, Daytona, and GMT-Master and instead, provided a much dressier option, paired with a useful annual calendar function. Advantage-wise, however, it was technically sophisticated. On the part of the wearer, it required only one adjustment per year, whilst throughout the remainder of the year, the watch would automatically adjust to correct the date. The Sky-Dweller was Rolexs first annual calendar timepiece but also came equipped with an innovative GMT function as well.

Back in 2012, Rolex produced three versions of the Sky-Dweller. These were a yellow gold case with a matching yellow gold Oyster bracelet , a white gold case with a matching white gold Oyster bracelet , and an Everose gold case with a brown leather strap , which has since been discontinued.

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Celebrities That Wear Rolex Sky

Many high-profile individuals wear Rolex watches, and as the ultimate watch for the modern world traveler, it is a natural choice for many top A-list celebrities who spend significant amounts of time on the road. Larger, more luxurious, and more feature-rich than the vast majority of its siblings in the Rolex catalog, the Sky-Dweller is a perfect fit for those who want the classic Rolex aesthetic but all the functionality of a multi-time zone travelers watch.

The following list of celebrities have already been spotted wearing Rolex Sky-Dweller watches however, the list keeps growing as more individuals become aware of the day-to-day practicality of this complex Rolex watch.

  • LeBron James

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