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Black And Gold Hey Dudes

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Who Should Not Buy The Sneaker

Hey Dudes Unboxing & Review! (Black & Brown)

A great number of wearers faced the issue of this Hey Dude shoe fitting big or loose. While they say it runs true to size lengthwise, its Wide Fit can make it a problem if youve gotten used to your sneakers fitting snug. Unfortunately, no half sizes are offered that could solve the problem. So, if you want a more form-fitting shoe or have a narrow foot, try Keds Chillax, UGG Sammy, or other slip-on sneakers for women.

It is also important to mention that despite all of its comfort, the Hey Dude Wendy lacks in the arch support department. So, if you have flat feet, overpronation, or any other foot issues, its better to consider the following walking shoes:

  • Skechers Arch Fit – style is more athletic, has excellent arch support, and lots of cushioning
  • Vionic shoes – nearly every shoe from the brand is built on an ergonomic sole these shoes have a more casual style but are also priced higher.

Who Should Buy The Hey Dude Wendy

Wendy is an exclusive female style from the brand and is a counterpart of the male Wally silhouette. There are many good reasons why Wendy would make a great daily driver, but the primary ones would be the following:

  • It is a super comfortable sneaker at a low price

As one of the YouTubers mentioned, the price point threw me off and hard to beat for shoes like these. With the asking price of $60, Wendy is a real steal compared to the average $110 of all sneakers on the market.

  • It feels like an outdoor slipper

That would be the overall description of how the shoe feels thanks to its soft interiors, lightness, and flexibility. It is very easy to put on and take off and has plenty of room for your toes to feel at home.

Hey Dude Shoes For Women Men & Kids

When shoes are this comfortable, lightweight, stylish, and affordable, they must be Hey Dude Shoes. Hey Dude is setting a new standard for how you treat your feet, and you’ll find yourself wanting to live everyday in your Hey Dude Shoes. Made for women, men & kids, Hey Dudes feature a comfy memory foam insole And their flex and fold technology means they not only work with your gait and feel refreshingly freeing on the foot, but they can also be folded up and tucked into your weekend bag. Wondering if Hey Dude Shoes can be cleaned? Check out our blog on How to Wash Hey Dudes!

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Hey Dude Wendy Shoes For Women

Once you’ve tried the Women’s Hey Dude Wendy Shoes we’re sure you’ll agree with these reviewers that they’re “so comfortable and very light weight,” that they’re “quickly becoming my favorite shoes” and “I absolutely love them – wish they came in more colors!” In response to customer feedback, Hey Dude has released more colors and prints than ever before! Also, new women’s styles are popping up like the Wendy Rise, Misty, Peyton, and Britt. Select Hey Dude Womens Shoes are available in women’s size 5 to 11.

Amazing Comfort Of The Hey Dude Wendy

Custom Cowhide &  Tooled Leather Hey Dudes YOUTH

The vloggers are in one rating the comfort of this sneaker 10 out of 10. One of them added that its like walking in my UGG moccasins without all that fur inside. Thousands of other reviewers also attest to that, describing the shoe as so incredibly comfortable.

Some of the contributing factors to this include the fairly thick sole and the memory-foam insole which is soft, squishy, and cushy. It is also easily removable in case you want to insert your own orthotics. The sole itself is super bendy, allowing the foot to flex naturally as you stride.

The underfoot comfort created by Wendy made it recommendable for extended periods of walking. Many comments came from teachers and people who also spend long hours on their feet, and on concrete floors.

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Hey Dude Wally Shoes For Men

The Men’s Hey Dude Wally Shoes may be your first experience with this brand, but Hey Dude is dedicated to supporting you every step of the way on your life’s journey. The Thad, Paul, and Bradley are some other men’s styles making an appearance. You can transition from summer to fall with the chukka boot silhouettes and the lightweight sneaker styles in your Hey Dude collection. Select Hey Dude Mens Shoes are available in men’s size 7 to 14.

Wendy Is Amazingly Lightweight

Many people are in awe of how extremely light this pair of Hey Dudes feels on the foot. So much so that you forget you are wearing one.

It is 3.3 oz lighter than womens sneakers on average! Weighing 8 oz per shoe compared to the average of 10.7 oz .

This characteristic makes it a very favorable option as a travel shoe.

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Styling Hey Dude Wendy With Your Wardrobe

Initially, a lot of women got confused by its masculine-ish vibe of the Wendy. And this is no wonder given that the brand first started off as a male footwear company and only introduced a female line in 2018. As one of the reviewers puts it: I wouldnt typically drift towards these shoes.

However, once they have worn the shoe for a day or a week, their opinion pivoted in the opposite direction.

The shoe has received plenty of compliments as a cute sneaker, reminiscent of Sperry boat shoes. Its also seen as a neutral type of shoe that goes with a lot of stuff.

These low-profile mocs have been reported to look good with jeans, leggings, shorts, and even dresses. Some ladies also mentioned that it can be easily dressed down with jeans or dressed up for work.

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