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Where To Buy Gold Wire

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Gold And Silver Jewellery Wire

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    Ct Yellow Gold Wire From Cooksongold

    Quality precious metal wire is essential to jewellery making. Thats why, why here at Cooksongold, we ensure we have the best quality precious metal wire available in a range of alloys, including our 18ct yellow gold wire for jewellery making.

    We have a huge range of 18ct yellow gold wire to choose from. Cut to suit your exact specifications with the option of a multi-buy discount, our yellow gold wire for jewellery making is available in a range of sizes and in D-shaped, round and square styles. Fully annealed, our 18ct yellow gold wire ranges from 0.30mm to 6.00mm, making it ideal for a range of jewellery designs.

    Dead Soft Vs Half Hard Wire

    Find the Gold 18

    Sometimes you have the option of choosing “dead soft” wire or “half hard” wire. As the names suggest, dead soft wire is extremely easy to bend, even with your hands. Half hard wire offers some resistance when you try to bend it. The advantage of dead soft wire is that it’s easy to shape. The advantage of half hard wire is that once you’ve shaped it, it retains its shape better.The more you work with a piece of wire, the more it will naturally harden. This is called work hardening the wire. When you’ve achieved the shape you want, you may be able to hammer the wire to harden it. Using a ball-peen hammer will give the wire a dappled texture, using a chasing hammer can nicely flatten it, and carefully using a nylon or rawhide hammer can harden it without altering the shape. Whether to buy half hard or dead soft is often a matter of personal preference. Nevertheless, here are a few general guidelines to help you get started:

    • Dead soft works well to make flowing curves and spirals.
    • Half hard creates good sharp angles.
    • Dead soft is typically used for wire weaving and wire wrapping, including wrapped cabochons and “sculpted” wire jewelry.
    • Half hard is good for making components that need to hold their shape .
    • Gold-fill and silver-fill wire are generally harder than dead soft sterling silver or fine silver wire, and are often closer to half hard.

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    What Is Yellow Gold Wire

    At Cooksongold, we always use 100% recycled gold, so you can purchase with peace of mind that your yellow gold jewellery creations wont have any of the associated human or environmental issues of mining. Plus, your yellow gold jewellery creations will appeal to customers in an increasingly eco-aware marketplace.

    From thick gold wire for statement bangles and bracelets, to delicate thin yellow gold wire for beautiful and unique necklaces, we have everything you need for your yellow gold jewellery projects.

    Scale Of Hardness For Beadalon Brand Wire

    When in doubt, choose dead soft wire. Wire becomes more stiff and brittle the more you work with it. This is called work hardening. If you accidentally buy wire that is too malleable for your intended purpose, you can work harden it yourself with a nylon-head hammer, a Wire Whacker, a draw plate, or a tumbler. To re-soften wire that’s too stiff for your intended purpose, you need to anneal it – a more complicated process.

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