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What Is The Value Of An American Eagle Gold Coin

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How Much Do 1 Oz Gold American Eagle Coins Cost

1 Ounce American Gold Eagle Coins – Good for Gold Investing?

One-ounce American Eagles are imprinted with their gold content and legal tender face value. Prices for 1 oz. American Eagles vary based on a number of factors. As a bullion coin, a Gold Eagle’s market value is tied almost entirely to its weight in gold and the current market price of gold, which makes it an ideal choice for liquid, short-term holding. Prices can also vary depending on the supply and demand for gold, and local, national and global economic conditions.

Similarities And Differences Between Both Gold Coins

The similarities between the two coins are somewhat limited. Both coins are legal tender produced by government mints in their respective countries, both coins come in special proof in addition to normal production, and both coins are eligible for placement in gold Individual Retirement Accounts .

In addition to being issued in different currencies by different governments in different countries, the coins are also different karats and come in different sizes. The American Eagle is 22-karat gold bullion and therefore is made of 91.67% gold, 3% silver, and 5.33% copper. At 24 karats, the Maple Leaf is .99999 fine, or essentially pure gold. As for sizes, the American Gold Eagle comes in the following sizes:

  • 1 troy ounce
  • ½ troy ounce
  • ¼ troy ounce
  • 1/10 troy ounce

Maple Leaf Gold has similar sizes but one additional smaller size:

  • 1 troy ounce
  • ½ troy ounce
  • ¼ troy ounce
  • 1/10 troy ounce
  • 1/20 troy ounce

The Royal Mint briefly produced a 1/15 troy ounce Gold Maple Leaf Coin in 1994, but this version was not as popular as other sizes and was dropped after one year.

How Can You Tell A Fake American Gold Eagle

It may be hard to tell a real American Gold Eagle from a counterfeit, so its important to choose your dealers carefully. There are a few clues, however, that you might be dealing with a fake American Gold Eagle. Look for strange marks on the coin that shouldnt be there, such as the word copy. Look for flaws in design, such as extra lines or missing details. Look for any typography that seems off, such as tilted or slanted letters. Make sure the diameter and thickness correspond to the true specs of a Gold Eagle. Only buy from authorized dealers. Learn more here:How to Spot a Fake American Eagle Gold Coin

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Where Can I Buy 1 Oz Gold American Eagle Coins

You can buy 1 oz. Gold American Eagle Coins online or over the phone from U.S. Money Reserve, America’s Gold Authority®. You cannot buy American Eagle Bullion Coins directly from the U.S. Mint.

Whether you’re a market veteran or new to precious metals, you’ve already made a great choice by researching one of the most popular and trusted gold bullion coins. Make another great choice and buy the 1 oz. Gold American Eagle Coin today. You’ll find that few other 1 oz. gold coins can compare to the Gold American Eagle, especially when you trust U.S. Money Reserve with your purchase!

Gold Eagle 10 Pcgs Ms70

Value of 2002 $25 Gold Coin

1994 Gold Eagle 10 Pcgs Ms70 – American Gold Eagle Age

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Value Of 1987 Fifty Dollar Gold Coin

The 1987 $50 gold coin is basically just valued for its precious metal content. All that means is that the value of the coin will change depending on the current market value of gold. This is a one ounce coin. So it is worth what one ounce of gold is worth. Collectors refer to these as AGE or American Gold Eagles. The United States Mint markets these coins every year. The only difference is the year on the coin all the other design elements are the same year to year. Whether we are talking about a coin issued in 1987, 2013, or any other year you will always see the same features.

The 1987 one ounce coin has text that reads: MCMLXXXVII Liberty United States of America E Pluribus Unum In God We Trust 1 OZ. Fine Gold ~ 50 Dollars MB JW. The front or obverse of the coin pictures Lady Liberty holding a branch and torch. The back or reverse of the coin has a family of eagles.

1987-W $50 Gold American Eagle Proof: If you look above you can see where there were 147,498 $50 proof gold coins minted by the U.S. Mint in 1987. Regular issue coins dont have a mintmark. Proof coins have the letter W below the year on the front of the coin. The two types of coins are the same otherwise.

Right now we are paying at least the full melt value for 1987 $50 AGE coins. Contact us to get an exact offer on your coin or entire collection.

Value Of American Gold Eagle Age

The American Gold Eagle coin series was started in 1986 and it is still active today. The coins are sold new directly by The U.S. Mint and by its authorized resellers. There is also a very active secondary market for non-current year AGEs. Collectors can buy a complete set of a tenth, quarter, half, and full ounce gold bullion coins. The coins can also be bought individually. Each coin is 22 karat gold. Silver and copper makes up the remaining weight. American Gold Eagles can be graded or ungraded. They are also made as proofs and regular strikes. Graded coins are marketed in a number of different ways. Some of those include first strike designations, early release designations, and other special qualifiers. American Gold Eagles, no matter the denomination, are generally considering the most desirable modern bullion product sold by any country. So you can expect to pay an additional premium over the spot price of gold because of their preference.

It is important to remember that no AGE coin is really rare. Most years and denominations were minted well into the hundreds of thousands. All of these coins are released and intended to be kept as bullion investments. The original supply is always going to be the same even as the coins themselves get older. Their value is strictly just based on the current price of gold.

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Lincoln Wheat Cent Steel Penny 1c

1943 Lincoln Wheat Cent Steel Penny 1c – Certified Ngc Ms68 – 3200 Value

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Hong Kong 1000 Dollars 2013 Bank Of China Hk Ltd Gem Pick 345 C Value 1720

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1951 Proof Washington Quarter 25c Coin – Ngc Pr68 Cameo Pf68 – 3500 Value

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W American Gold Buffalo Proof 1 Oz 50

1/4 Ounce American Gold Eagle – Gold Coin Stacking

2009 W American Gold Buffalo Proof 1 Oz 50 – Ngc Pf70 Ucam

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Usa 1oz 50 Dollar Ngc Cert American Eagle Fine Gold Coin Liquidation

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2020 G50 1 Oz American Gold Eagle Coin – Brilliant Uncirculated – Sku-g1000

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Official American Gold Coins: Gold American Eagle Coins

The American Gold Eagle Coin is considered to be the official gold bullion coin of the United States. They are actively struck and released by the US Mint using 400 oz gold bar stock held within the US Mint’s West Point Mint branch. Below is a behind scenes footage of some of the gold held by the US Mint for striking American Gold Eagle Coins.

Why Are The Weights Important For Gold American Eagles

There have been many forms of currency issued by the United States Government over its 200+ years of history. Before 1933, the US Mint produced gold coins that held a denomination of $10. These coins were referred to as eagles, which is where the Gold American Eagle coin drew its initial inspiration when first released in 1986. For collectors or investors, however, simply referring to this new gold bullion coin as an eagle would be confusing because one could be talking about the new coins or the previously issued legal tender.This is why Gold American Eagle coins are generally referred to with their weight before their name. This is especially necessary when purchasing a 1/4 ounce Gold American Eagle today as it has been given a face value of $10 like its pre-1933 predecessor.Unlike other coins issued by the United States Mint, both the brilliant-uncirculated and proof versions of the American Gold Eagle may carry the mint’s mark beneath the date it was issued. From 1986-1991, the coins were actually dated with Roman numerals, which is another unique distinction from other coins produced by the US Mint.Each size of coin has an identical design with the exception of the weight and face value of the coin itself. The average production year sees about 1 million coins produced, giving these gold coins some scarcity in addition to the value of the gold they contain. This scarcity may add value to some of the gold coins in this category.

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American Eagle Gold Coin Description

The design of the American Eagle coin is heavy in symbolism and signifies what the country of the United States represents to the rest of the world. Other than the words depicting the nation of origin, the Statue of Liberty and the 50 stars that represent the country’s states are also present.

On the obverse side is Liberty, perhaps the most famous symbol of the United States after the flag and the dollar bill. The design was created by in 1907 and first appeared on the $20 coin or double eagle as it was also known. Other editions of the bullion coin have featured renditions of Adolph a Weinmans remarkable Walking Liberty design which was originally prepared in 1916 for the nations half-dollar coin. Also on the obverse side is the year of issue.

The reverse of the American Gold Eagle coin features Miley Busieks depiction of two eagles building a nest which signifies the strength and security of the nation to allow American families to build their own nests. The male eagle carries an olive branch in its beak representing peace whilst the female bird protects her offspring in the nest. Also featured is the Latin expression E Pluribus Unum which is a motto of Congress meaning one out of many. To the right of the nest are the familiar words IN GOD WE TRUST. The weight and denomination of the coins is also found on the reverse side.

Liberty 25c California Gold Quarter Bg

Value of 2007 $25 Gold Coin

1867 Liberty 25c California Gold Quarter Bg-742 – Pcgs Ms62 – 2250 Value – R7

Up For Sale Here Is An Excellent1867 Liberty California Gold 25 Cent Coin That Has Been Professionally Certified And Judged To Be In Ms62 Condition By The Pcgs Grading Service – Choice Uncirculated.Sold by eternitycoin in Beverly Hills

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See How The Us Mint Strikes And Produces Gold Eagle Coin Mint Cases

Available in various size designations , each 22k gold coin is guaranteed by the United States government enforced by the US Secret Service. Every official Gold American Eagle Coin carries a respective legal tender face value although they are actively traded based on their overall gold content. Shop online anytime or call our trade desk at 1-800-294-8732. American Gold Eagle Coins are also Gold IRA eligible and a great addition to any investment.

Production Of The American Gold Eagle

The US Mint prides itself on the high quality and precise production value of the American Gold Eagle. To make the perfect coin, the process is extremely meticulous. The process begins with a blank put through a spinning drum. When that blank comes out, on the other end, a specialist handles the coin with white gloves to ensure maximum care. The coin is then placed, by hand, into the coin press, where a high pressure strike is released. The individualized care, per coin, results in a clean, crisply minted product. Investors and collectors are aware of the caution that is used minting the American Gold Eagle, making it the official bullion coin in the United States.

The American Gold Eagle minting process varies slightly depending on the ideal finish of the coin. There are three finishes offered for the 1 oz American Gold Eagle Bullion coins.

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Buying American Eagle Coins

American Eagle gold coins are available for purchase from the CoinInvest website and are available in different weights, sizes and years. Feel free to browse through our handsome collection and select the coin of your choice by clicking in the images above. You can learn more about the individual coins and purchase them by clicking on the green band to add them to your basket. Please note that the value recorded on the coins is US dollars is not the actual value of the American Eagle coins they are worth a lot more in todays economic climate. The true value of the coins can be worked out by the current spot prices that are tuned on a daily basis by the stock market plus a small premium payable to CoinInvest. The weight denoted in “oz” represents “one troy ounce” and weighs exactly 31.1034768 grams.

Types Of American Silver Eagles

2020 American Gold Eagle Proof Coins – New Release from U.S. Mint

While the first decade of production saw a relatively staid lineup of ASEs, with conventional bullion quality and proofs struck each year, in 1995 the West Point Mint struck a limited number of proofs for inclusion in the 10th anniversary gold eagle set. The 1995-W silver eagle with the W mint mark was struck as a free bonus inclusion with the anniversary set, and only 30,125 were made. The 1995-W proof quickly became popular with collectors, serving to this day as the rare regular-issue key date to the entire series.

Since the first decade of the 21st century, ASEs have been struck in several other numismatic varieties, including reverse proof, burnished finish, and enhanced uncirculated. Striking duties for bullion-quality pieces originally went to the Philadelphia Mint and early proofs came from the San Francisco Mint. However, minting assignments have changed over the years, with Philadelphia striking proofs for a period in the 1990s and the West Point Mint assuming the vast majority of ASE production by 2000.

Heres a breakdown of the major types of American Silver Eagles:

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Buy The American Eagle 1 Oz Gold Coin

Money Metals Exchange is pleased to make available the highly popular American Eagle gold coin series in the 1 ozgold bullion size, produced by the U.S. Mint since 1986. Each Golden Eagle Value is based on its gold content, but it also carries a legal tender value of $50 US , $25 US , $10 US and $5 US . The Golden Eagle’s weight, content, and purity are guaranteed by the United States Government. While Gold American Eagle coins contain either a full 1 ounce of gold , by weight it is 91.67% gold , 3% silver, and 5.33% copper.

Here is more about the product, specifications, and purchase price:

1 Oz Gold Coin Specifications

Introduced in 1986 by the United States Mint, the American Eagle gold coin series, minted in four different sizes:

  • 1 oz.
  • 1/2 oz.
  • ¼ oz.
  • 1/10 oz. .

The front of the gold bullion coin looks similar to the 1907-1933 twenty-dollar gold coin and its depiction of a robed lady Liberty, designed by Augustus Saint-Gaudens.

The back of the coin is adorned by a family of eagles, and the words United States of America, In God We Trust, E Pluribus Unum, the face value, and the gold weight of the coin.

Two Iconic Designs: Maple Leaf & Lady Liberty

The Canadian Maple Leaf was designed by Walter Ott, and its obverse side displays a profile of Queen Elizabeth II as well as the inscription ELIZABETH II, the coins face value, and the year of minting. The maple leaf, Canadas official national symbol, adorns the reverse side in addition to inscriptions indicating the coins purity and denomination. The Royal Canadian Mints reputation for quality is based on the flawless planchets that the Mint insists on using for the production of the Maple Leaf Gold Coin.

The American Gold Eagle features designs by both Augustus Saint-Gaudens and Miley Busiek . Saint-Gaudens Lady Liberty, hair flowing, holding a torch in one hand and an olive branch in the other, adorns the obverse side, with LIBERTY inscribed across the top as well as the year of minting below. Tucker-Frosts male and female eagles are featured on the reverse side with the inscriptions UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, E PLURIBUS UNUM, and IN GOD WE TRUST, together with the coins weight and face value.

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