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Why Consider Adding Burnished Americaneagles To Your Portfolio

United States Gold Bureau Investor Minute

Rarity drives value, and Burnished American Eagles are the rarest American Eagles. Burnished Silver American Eagles have been made annually since 2006 . Despite their history and rarity, the market has just started taking notice in the last few years. As more people look for inflation protection, the demand for tangible assets is growing fast. More people are taking notice of Burnished American Eagles as a diversification strategy and affordable way to own American Eagles.

Disclaimer: Risk Factors And Investment Considerations

  • Authenticity Risks:Forgery and counterfeiting are risks associated with the purchase of rare coins. To minimize these risks, it is recommended that investors only buy coins certified by one of the leading independent coin grading services. With the exception of certain uncertified circulated coins, each coin sold by The United States Gold Bureau has been graded by either the Professional Coin Grading Service or by Numismatic Guaranty Corporation . Each of these coin grading services is recognized within the coin grading industry for its superior expertise, and each guarantees unequivocally that coins certified by it are authentic. USGB relies upon those guarantees in selling coins, and does not independently verify whether certified coins are authentic. Accordingly, the United States Gold Bureau disclaims any expressed or implied warranties associated with the coins, including that the coins are merchantable.
  • Volatility:The bullion metals and numismatic and Investment Grade coin markets are subject to substantial price fluctuations, including significant and rapid increases and decreases in value from time to time. Investors must be able to assume the risk of such price fluctuations. The U.S. Gold Bureau does NOT recommend owning precious metals, numismatic coins, or Investment Grade coins if you are unable to handle the volatility risk.
  • How Are Silver Prices Determined

    The cost of silver bullion like bars and rounds is determined using the current silver spot price. This spot price is the price of silver per troy ounce. The spot price is a good indicator of the current market value of silver. The U.S. Gold Bureau offers live spot prices for silver, gold, platinum, and palladium. On our live precious metals prices page you can see live and historical prices of gold, silver, and other precious metals for 1 month, quarterly, 6 month, and 1 year increments.

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    Our Commitment To You:

    We will always be honest and upfront with you, we will treat you with respect, and we will complete your order exactly as we have presented it to you â each time, every time.

    It’s important that you know that much of our business comes from referrals from satisfied clients and we rely greatly on these referrals to keep our company going. For this reason, superior customer service is not just a commitment, it’s a necessity. The ultimate compliment you can provide is a referral to a friend or family member, and we consider it a privilege to receive your endorsement.

    Buy Gold Coins And Gold Bars From Mints Around The Globe

    Us Gold Bureau Austin Tx

    Gold is the only investment that has been used to preserve wealth for centuries. Precious metals like gold help to diversify financial portfolios to help protect your hard-earned assets against the volatility and fluctuations of a global economy. A balanced portfolio incorporates precious metals like gold.

    Add stability to your financial future by purchasing gold bullion or investment grade coins. Take physical possession of your investment and easily store it in your home. The United States Gold Bureau offers gold bars and coins and is the home to the Ed Moy Signature Series Gold American Eagle PF 70 and Gold American Buffalo PF 70 investment grade coins. We also offer gold coins from mints around the world like the Canadian Maple Leaf, the Australian Gold Kangaroo, and the South African Gold Krugerrand.

    Specific investments in gold can be included in a self-directed IRA. There is specific paperwork to be completed when acquiring precious metals to be included as part of an official IRA or 401K retirement account. Please contact our Retirement Services Division at 800-775-3504 to learn more about this opportunity.

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    United States Gold Bureau Gender Distribution

    Research Summary. Using a database of 30 million profiles, Zippia estimates demographics and statistics for United States Gold Bureau. Our estimates are verified against BLS, Census, and current job openings data for accuracy. After extensive research and analysis, Zippia’s data science team found that:

    • United States Gold Bureau has 150 employees.

    • 32% of United States Gold Bureau employees are women, while 68% are men.

    • The most common ethnicity at United States Gold Bureau is White , followed by Hispanic or Latino and Black or African American .

    • 26% of United States Gold Bureau employees are Hispanic or Latino.

    • 14% of United States Gold Bureau employees are Black or African American.

    • The average employee at United States Gold Bureau makes $63,600 per year.

    • On average, employees at United States Gold Bureau stay with the company for 4.0 years.

    Metals Minute 1: Bond Market Blowout

    Economy Metals Minute

    We have all the metals moving higher this morning, with palladium up a fraction, gold up 1.5%, platinum up 2.5%, and silver up 3.5% so far. One issue people find concerning is a new plan being explored publicly by the US Treasury, in which they will buy back treasury products from dealer inventories and reissue other treasury securities to replace them. The plan is to target bonds with little market demand and target replacement products with terms more appealing to bond investors today.

    While a common phrase used to support the plan involves the statement, This is not QE, it is certainly an open admission for the need to intervene in global bond markets undergoing a liquidity crisis under the current conditions.

    We also have new plans being explored for the metals exchanges to allow gold and silver products from artisanal producers to be considered as suitable for settlement. Typically, gold had to be supplied only in certain formats to be considered suitable for acceptance. This illustrates the extreme tight conditions in the marketplace for physical metal, and some of the challenges involved with sanctions on other metals producers.

    International dollar strength means Americans can currently purchase physical gold and silver on sale.

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    Oz Gold Australian Kangaroo Design:

    Though each coin features a kangaroo, the specific design and year of the issue do vary, although the orders are often fulfilled by the most recent year of issue.

    The Perth Mint has over a hundred years of minting experience, opening in 1899 in response to the discovery of gold in Western Australia. In 1957, the mint achieved what was in all likelihood an industry first by producing a proof plate of almost six nines – 999.999 parts of gold per thousand – as measured by the Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths in London, arguably “the purest of all gold.” Originally a part of the British Royal Mint, The Perth Mint transferred to the Government of Western Australia in 1970 and from 1987 they were able to mint and market gold, silver, and platinum Australian legal tender coinage to investors and collectors worldwide, following a State Act of Parliament. In 2003, the Perth Mint opened a new state-of-the-art facility next door to their original Hay Street building.

    The Perth holds endorsements from four of the world’s leading commodity exchanges, including the London Bullion Market Association, the New York Commodity Exchange, the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre and the Tokyo Commodity Exchange. The Perth Mint is committed to an ethical approach to its business and strictly adheres to the guidelines and standards set by the London Bullion Market Association and the World Gold Council.

    Why Are The Burnished Eagles An Investment Opportunity

    United States Gold Bureau: How to Diversify Your Investment Portfolio with Precious Metals

    The U.S. Gold Bureau always seeks the best opportunities to protect our clients. We will not recommend products unless we are confident they will perform for our clients. Burnished coins have been minted since 2006. We have been following them very closely. However, the market was not as strong as the proof coins and did not meet our strict standards for a recommendation. It took some time for the market to prove itself. Still, a noteworthy increase in demand and economic factors prove that our clients are well suited to invest in the burnished American Eagles MS70. The Burnished American Eagles now check all the boxes of a solid opportunity we are proud to get behind.

    The U.S. Gold Bureau is the largest bulk purchaser from the U.S. Mint of proof coins. Our purchasing power and market position is creating a once in a decade opportunity. Our clients are uniquely positioned to take advantage of how large and how quickly this market could potentially grow.

    In addition, Ed Moy, the 38th Mint Director, will hand sign every Burnished American Eagle MS70 exclusively for the U.S. Gold Bureau.

    The Proof coin community has consistently valued the Ed Moy signature series as the industry standard. Now, it is available on Burnished American Eagle MS70 exclusively to U.S. Gold Bureau clients.

    We confidently and excitedly recommend Burnished American Eagles MS70s to compliment Proof 70 coins as a solid precious metals investment.

    The future is bright and has incredible upside potential.

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    About The Us Gold Bureau Website

    The US Gold Bureau website is informative yet concise, making it easy to get all the information you need. Various useful tabs can be found within the bar of the main menu. Topics such as tips and news for investing, the basics of precious metal buying, and diversification are covered thoroughly. Even those who are new to the game are still able to learn the basics of everything they need to know.

    Their main menu includes these tabs:


    There are many different products of this precious metal, including American Buffalo, American Eagle, and various International coins that are from countries all over the world.

    The international coins have been known to be particularly beneficial investments, such as the Gold Philharmonic, which became one of the highest selling coins in Europe after it was minted in 1989. One of the reasons this was one of the most popular options was because it features the Vienna Musikverein Gold Hall pipe organ.

    Here are some of the other coin options available in this category:

    • 1oz Canadian Maple Leaf

    Each of these includes an expansive visual display of the range of options for interested parties to browse through and to determine which ones fit their investment portfolio.

    Their range of silver coins and bars include:


    This tab consists of everything from platinum and palladium bar to coin products.

    Terms & Conditions Of Sale

    Because the value of precious metals and other alternative assets changes frequently, the following Terms & Conditions of Sale apply to your transaction and business with our Company.

  • Your order will be shipped to you via a secure, insured shipment method.Please inspect your order and call us immediately if you have any questions. Any and all claims related to non-receipt, missing goods, damaged goods, or incorrect orders must be made within 5 days of the reported delivery date. If you believe you are missing something from your package â DO NOT DISCARD ANYTHING! Call us immediately at 775-3504. You must retain all packaging materials, shipping box, etc. for insurance to be applicable to your order.
  • Bullion Metals:
  • All sales of bullion metals are final- there are no refunds.
  • We will buy bullion at the current bid price, which is generally very close to the COMEX âspot priceâ for precious metals.
  • Bid price is determined according to our ‘Sell To Us’ program, which is available on our website at:
  • Modern Certified Coins:
  • In order to return your Modern Certified Coins during the 30-Day Product Inspection Period, you must call for an RMA within 30 days of receiving your Modern Certified Coins.
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    Disclaimer: Use Of Electronic Communications

  • Electronic Order Entry Risk Disclosure and Disclaimer:The U.S. Gold Bureau specifically disclaims any liability or responsibility for orders placed via the companyâs website or online order entry system, for any loses or direct, indirect, consequential or incidental damages which you may recognize or incur as a result of the use of the online order entry system. Further, the U.S. Gold Bureau specifically disclaims any liability for the interruption, cancellation or other termination of the online order entry system.
  • Limitation of Liability:All orders placed through the order entry system are taken on a best efforts basis. The U.S. Gold Bureau shall not be responsible for technical errors, pricing errors, negligence or inability to execute orders. Nor shall the U.S. Gold Bureau be responsible for any delays in the transmission, delivery or execution of customer’s order due to breakdown or failure of transmission or communication facilities, or to any other cause or causes beyond the Companyâs reasonable control or anticipation.
  • Why You Should Invest In Silver & Gold Coins & Bars: Things To Consider

    Us Gold Bureau Austin Tx

    History of Gold

    Gold has been prized by every major culture and nation state. The appeal of gold has survived the fall of the Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Spanish, and English empires. Gold had been in use for 4,000 years before the birth of Jesus. Throughout civilized history, nations have fought wars to acquire gold, and have spent fortunes to protect it. Today, virtually every major nation state continues to have some form of gold coin in circulation, although the legal tender values are largely symbolic. Gold coins have become highly prized collectibles with values that are, in many cases, exponentially higher than the value of the base gold bullion content value.

    Gold is the Only Real Money

    Gold is indestructible. When gold is heated, it turns to liquid but remains gold. Once cooled, it returns to the familiar solid form everyone recognizes. If gold is dropped into the ocean for hundreds of years, when it returns to the surface it will still be gold. The ability to maintain its integrity without breaking down is why gold became money. People used gold to barter for other commodities like corn, livestock, and others.

    Why You Should Buy Gold Coins and Bars

    Why You Should Buy Silver Coins and Bars

    Lowest prices online for silver bars in 6 sizes, plus silver coins from the U.S. Mint, Royal Canadian Mint and more. Shop for modern and historic silver with secure payments and fast shipping. All items are guaranteed authentic.

    U.S. Gold Bureau

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    Investment Grade Gold Coins

    Investment Grade Coins are higher quality and rarer than bullion coins. These coins are also graded at a magnification of 5x what the naked eye can see and are enclosed in a protective slab to preserve the mint condition of the coin. Investment Grade Coins are for investors planning to hold onto their investment for at least 5 years.

    How To Buy Gold Bullion Coins

    Gold bullion coin price is based on the weight of the precious metal and the scarcity of the coin itself. The scarcity arises from the fact that once a mintage of a coin is done for a specific year there will never be another coin of that year produced. Minted coins also offer the guarantee that comes from a reputable mint like the U.S. Mint. Gold bullion coins are generally legal tender in the country that the coin was minted.

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    Us Gold Bureau Ira Services

    What is helpful about the US Gold Bureau website is that their Gold IRA tab provides a helpful video that works to help clients get started and signed up to receive an information guide on their precious metals IRA services.

    This site encourages investors to control their financial future themselves through the use of a precious metal IRA. A lot of information is provided with why you would want to go this particular route, but basically it all boils down to the fact that precious metals will always be worth money, as opposed to the governments financial support, which frankly is constantly waning.

    The Stock Market And Precious Metals

    About the United States Gold Bureau

    Precious Metals Stock Market

    Choosing wisely when investing in different types of asset classes is fundamental to risk management. According to the S& P 500, the market has traded reaching double-digit percentage gains only three times consecutively in the past 100 years. Moreover, unusual equity flows, record margin debt levels, and low earning yields of stocks indicate that the market is expected to undergo a pullback in the near future.

    Gold, on the other hand, has steadily built a base of support. A response from the Federal Reserve to contain the rapid increase in inflation coupled with political turmoil around the Russian/Ukrainian conflict could also bode well for gold investments. This post will provide valuable insights into how to leverage current economic imbalances by allocating capital to precious metal asset classes.

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    Burnished Gold And Silver American Eagle Ms70 Launch

    Investing Precious Metals

    Most people have never heard of the Burnished American Eagle MS70 and don’t know how incredibly rare and undervalued they are!

    Investors may know them by their other name, “Uncirculated,” but there is a lot of confusion about what that means. Many people see the MS70 grade and believe burnished coins are just bullion coins with a mint mark, but this is not correct.

    The U.S. Mint makes three versions of the American Eagles. The Mint makes a bullion version, a proof version, and the burnished version. The burnished version is the smallest mintage of the three versions.

    The Burnished American Eagles are nearly fifty times rarer than the bullion version and about twice as rare as the famous and investor-friendly proof version.

    Compare the Silver American Eagle Mintages of the last couple of years. Indeed, burnished coins are the rarest mintages. Like the Proof coins, only a fraction of the total mintage will become a perfect 70 condition.


    **U.S. Mint bullion sales by month

    With gold, the burnished numbers are even lower. The following chart shows the total one-ounce Gold American Eagle Bullion coins sold instead of minted. The burnished number represents the total mintage. Looking at the numbers this way is as generous as possible to the bullion mintage and as stringent to the burnished mintage. Despite the two different measures, the difference in population is still vast.

    **U.S. Mint bullion sales by month

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