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How To Find Out If Gold Is Real

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How To Spot Real Gold/Silver from Fake At The Thrift Stores | Garage & Estate Sales

Gold has always been special to the human race, because of its beautiful metallic yellow hue, its resistance to corrosion, its eternal luster and its strange malleability. In modern civilization, gold has many different applications in chemistry, electronics and industry.

Another reason gold is important is its rarity. Having an atomic number of 79, it’s one of the rarest elements that occur naturally in the universe. As such, it’s not surprising that, throughout the ages, many dishonest people have attempted, with varying success, to replicate gold’s qualities using more common elements, in order to trick prospective gold traders and gain an unfair economic advantage.

The jewelry trade is one in which these practices are most highly developed, since most people interested in buying jewelry are not well informed about gold’s physical and chemical qualities.

However, there are many easy ways to test if your expensive jewelry is made from actual gold, and this article will show you some practical tests that can be used by any layman.


Keep in mind that these tests cannot replace the opinion of a professional, and are not designed to measure the quality or content of gold in a certain piece of jewelry. It is also recommended that you test your gold item using several of the methods presented here, as fake gold items can sometimes replicate several aspects and qualities of real gold.

The Light Microscope Test

A light microscope test could be the first and easiest test to check your Gold authentication. This works out quickly and live. If you wish to perform this test, all you need is a light microscope and your Gold product.

What do you need to do?

Just put your Gold item under the light microscope and wisely inspect it. Look for the details and flaws. Search for the essential visual clues of purity Easy Tricks: How to Know If Gold is Real?

How To Tell If Gold Is Real 10 Tests

Gold. For thousands of years, this precious metal has been considered one of the most valuable and beautiful materials in the world. To this day, its a sign of wealth and luxury that everyone wants to get their hands on.

But with this prestige comes a lot of imitation gold pieces that can be tricky to spot. In this guide, well be sharing a little bit of background on gold as well as tips on how to tell if your gold jewelry is real.

Check out what’s in this post!

  • 10. Bring it to a Reputable Jeweler
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    Bleachy Keen: Chemical Testing

    One type of chemical test you can do is using bleach. If the jewelry is genuine silver, you will see tarnishing almost instantly.

    The bleach hastens the oxidation process and creates that dark patina that you see on antique or artisan jewelry.

    Please be aware that this does also work on silver-plated jewelry, so its not a good test to use if youre concerned about it being silver-plated.

    This test is non-damaging to your jewelry. So if you decide that you dont like the patinas look and want to go back to the lustrous shine of your silver, you can get that back quickly by buffing and polishing.

    A bonus of bleach testing is that you could use this method to add a patina to your jewelry without having to wait.

    If you find your piece authentic but lacks the aged look you want, go ahead and add some patina! Its an easy way to give silver jewelry that unique, beautiful look.

    Keep in mind that if you want to resell your jewelry in the future, forcing a patina may make your silver less valuable to some. Be sure to only let it sit for two hours at most, as any longer will start to corrode the metal.

    Kooljewelry 14k Yellow White Or Rose Gold 08mm Rope Chain Necklace

    Real Or Fake: Gold Bars

    We recently discussed different chain types, and one of our favorites these days is the rope chain. This type of chain is slightly more intricate than a basic cable chain but can remain perfectly delicate if you get a smaller rope chain.

    This is one such necklace, and we think it is the perfect gold chain that every woman should have in her jewelry collection.

    This chain is perfect to wear either by itself for a more minimalist look, or to pair with your favorite pendant for a statement look. We love how versatile basic gold chains are, and this is one that you will be able to wear with a wide variety of outfits.

    This chain is made of 14k gold, and you can get it in different lengths. Whether you want a choker length, a longer matinee length, or something in between, you can get that with this gorgeous rope chain!

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    Test : The Magnet Test

    This is another relatively easy test to carry out. However, it will be more difficult to do say at a jewelry shop or place where you are considering buying a new piece of jewelry. Gold is not magnetic!

    True solid, 24k gold will not be attracted to a magnet at all. If you hold a magnet up to a piece of gold and it is strongly attracted to it, more than likely the gold is fake.

    However, keep in mind that nearly all jewelry will not be solid 24k gold. Because it is alloyed with other metals, you need to be careful with this test.

    We recommend getting a very strong magnet to use for your test. Also, keep in mind when dealing with necklaces or bracelets that the clasp on the gold may not be real gold, and that is okay. If that is the only part attracted to the magnet, you know that the rest of the gold is real.

    If the jewelry you test is attracted to the magnet, there are clearly other metals present. In these cases, there is probably a small amount of real gold and more of other metals.

    If the gold is supposed to be a higher karat solid gold, you are probably dealing with a fake.

    The Ceramic Plate Test

    This is also an effective way of finding out the purity of your gold jewellery. All you need to conduct this test is an unglazed ceramic plate. Simply take your jewellery and drag it along the surface of the plate. As you drag the piece of your jewellery, if you notice a black streak on the place, it indicates that what you own is not real gold. But if there are no marks on the plate, then your ornament is made of pure gold. While doing this test, make sure you drag the piece of jewellery gently, as excess pressure may damage your jewellery.

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    The Size And Weight Test

    This test works well on coins and bars. You can

    • Compare a piece of gold you want to test with one that is already known to be real
    • Use a set of calipers and a jewelers scale or use a Fisch Tester

    Gold is denser than most other metals. If you have a piece that looks too large for its weight or feels too light for its size, then you probably have fake gold.

    Bullion coins are actual coins made from precious metals, including gold, silver, palladium, or platinum. They serve as collectibles, investments, or as a hedge against inflation.

    If Its And Item Youve Found Look For Stamps Marks Or Other Gold Indications

    Finding Gold ! (How to Find Gold) – Real Treasure

    Almost all gold products are stamped or marked with what is called a hallmark. This indicates the purity of the gold that was used. Youll find it on the inside of a ring, on the clasp of a necklace chain, or noted on a coin, bar, or other produced item. Look for a number that is followed by the abbreviation for karat for gold items produced in the US: K.

    Gold created internationally has a percentage expressed as a stamp or mark instead to indicate its purity. A 24K item from Europe, for example, would likely be stamped .999.

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    The Skin Test: Rub The Gold

    This is a simple test to see if your gold items have been adulterated. Gold will not react with the skin and can withstand soaps, detergents, and many other substances that would make any other metal change color or even corrode into oblivion.

    Rub the gold gently with some skin to see if any reaction occurs! If there is no change at all, either on your skin or the gold piece, chances are high that your jewelry will stay beautiful for years to come. Fake ones will transform your skin’s contact point into green, black, or blue.

    Don’t forget to wash your hands thoroughly because the chemical elements in makeup or liquid foundation can temper the results.

    However, this test is foolproof only for pure 24k or 23k gold pieces. For example, if you have a 15k gold piece , it can still react with the skin because of other metal elements.

    Plated gold’s exterior coating will wear away over time since gold is soft and that layer is pretty thin. If you have been using any gold items for a while, inspect the edges and the parts that touch your skin or clothes. Seeing another color underneath means it’s fake or plated.

    It’s also possible to check if your gold has been plated with silver by vigorously rubbing your fingers over it and seeing if you can feel a rough texture. If so, then there’s no gold underneath just paint.

    % Guaranteed Testfree Appraisal From A Reliable Provider

    Yes, the most reliable and easiest way to determine if you have real or fake gold is by taking your piece to a certified precious metal consultant, like Bullion Exchanges.

    Ideally, this is the best method to authenticate your gold item because you will get your piece examined and analyzed by qualified appraisers. We use top-notch digital gold testers like the ones described above.

    At Bullion Exchanges, you will receive a free appraisal. You can either ship your goods to us or visit our store. We use both the Sigma Metalytics Precious Metal Verifier and the XRF Thermo Scientific Gold Analyzer. You will find our contact information here if you would like to ship or come visit us in person in the heart of NYCs Diamond District.

    We appraise precious coins, rounds, and bars made of gold, silver, platinum, palladium, and rhodium. The store authentication is fully transparent when you come in person. We perform the tests right in front of you, so you can be sure you get the most accurate results. On top of that, our certified experts have vast experience and knowledge in identifying fake bullion items.

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    Beware Today Counterfeit Gold Is Everywhere

    Gold might have a stamp with a particular purity mark, but it isn’t always an accurate certification of its actual gold content. Some gold products of low quality have a false higher fineness marking. On top of this, there are gold-plated fakes filled with different metals underneath the plating. Other times, you might have an unmarked piece of gold. To understand its actual value, you need to authenticate it.

    These factors are why its crucial for you to know how to tell if your gold is real. It will help you protect your investments, accurately appraise your belongings, and make sure you get the exact gold you are paying for.

    This guide was created to provide you with all the necessary information about carrying out different tests before or after purchasing your gold bullion. You might be asking how do I test gold at home or with a professional? Or, you may be asking how to tell if gold is real. There are many tests for gold, some of which you can do yourself at home!

    Through this guide by Bullion Exchanges, you will learn how to avoid buying counterfeit gold products by following some simple steps. But before proceeding to specific gold testing stages, lets review its history and key properties.

    Fineness Of Gold: 10k 12k 14k 18k And How To Tell If Gold Is Real

    Walking Arizona: Gold

    This post is the first in my in-depth 5-part series on gold, which will teach you vital information to never be cheated by unscrupulous gold sellers and get the exact piece you want at a fair price. In this guide, you will learn what is pure gold and solid gold, the different gold grades, and how to tell if something is real gold.


    Gold purity is measured by karat, which is an unit of purity. The maximum karat for gold is 24 karat. Therefore, pure gold is 24 karats, or 24k gold. However, you will hardly find 24k pure gold in jewelry. As pure gold is too soft, jewellers usually mix gold with a metal like copper or silver to make a gold alloy of lower karat such as 18k or 14k gold.


    The most common gold grades are 18k, 14k, 12k and 10k gold. Their number indicates the percentage of gold in the grade the higher the number, the more gold it has. An 18k gold piece is 18 parts gold and 6 parts other metals, a 14k gold is 14 parts gold and 10 parts other metals, so on and so forth.

    The value should goes up with the number, so a 10K gold item is much less valuable than an 18K gold item of the same design.

    Different gold grade 10k, 12k, 14k, 18k explained

    • 18k is 75% pure gold
    • 14k is 58.3% pure gold*

    > 18k & 14k gold is ideal for fine jewelry.

    • 12k is 50% pure gold
    • 10k is 41.7% pure gold^

    > 12k & 10k gold is not acceptable for fine jewelry.



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    How To Tell If Gold Is Real Spot Fake Gold With Our Simple Tests

    The last few years gold has made a comeback as a preferred metal type for jewelry . Timeless and elegant, it makes perfect sense to us why everyone remembers how awesome gold jewelry is.

    It is the perfect addition to every outfit and looks great in both minimalist pieces as well as more bold ones.

    There is nothing worse than deciding to invest in some real gold jewelry only to find out that what you purchased is fake.

    Its one thing if you know something is fake and you are okay with it to save money, but its an entirely different situation if what you think you are getting isnt actually what you are getting!

    Gold is expensive, and while it is a worthy investment, you want to make sure what you are buying is, in fact real. We think that gold jewelry is a trend that is here to stay, so if there is anything to invest money in, gold would be it!

    If you are in the process of updating your jewelry collection and want to be sure what you are buying is legit, thankfully there are some simple tests you can do to find out if what you have is real or fake!

    Keep reading for our tests, some helpful definitions and distinctions as well as some gorgeous real gold options you can shop right now.

    Kinds Of Gold Materials

    In identifying fake gold, an important starting point is to gain knowledge about the different types of gold jewelries. To the untrained eye, all gold products are the same and differ only in the color due to finishing applied. There are however more subtle differences in various gold products which we shall discuss shortly.

    The first classification is based on time in which we can divide gold into new, old and fake gold.

  • New Gold: This can be compared to freshly baked bread just brought out of the oven. New gold refers to gold products that are produced or manufactured immediately after refining and purifying the raw gold. New gold is what youre likely to find on display in the show glasses of the worlds top exquisite jewelry stores.
  • Old Gold: Products made from old gold are sort of like a refined version. Old gold products are made either exclusively from recycling old jewelry or combining the recycled old jewelry with freshly melted raw gold. Old gold is often slightly cheaper than new gold in the sense that less raw gold is required in producing it.The old materials can actually be recycled to standard plate-like ingots material. The raw molten gold is then used in the gold jewelry vacuum casting machine for the finishing of jewelry products. A few unscrupulous dealers make a slightly higher profit by selling jewelry made from old gold at the price of new gold. This is because the difference is not easy to spot.
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    Shop Gold: Our Top Picks

    Have we inspired you to go shopping? Great! Here are some awesome gold jewelry finds that we are absolutely loving right now. Happy shopping!

    Rest assured, the jewelry here is definitely real gold, not fake. However, now that you know the differences between solid gold, gold-filled, and gold plated, be sure to pay attention so that you can make the right decision based on what you are looking for!

    Are you unsure of how to decide? Ask yourself this set of questions to make the right decision:

    What is your budget?

    If you have a very limited budget and want jewelry that you can wear once or twice, go with gold plated. If you want something that is durable, but that wont break the bank, go with gold filled. Looking for a true investment piece? Go for solid gold.

    Do you have sensitive skin?

    If the answer is yes, gold plated jewelry should pretty much be out right away unless you know you will only wear the jewelry for one occasion.

    Are you okay with maintenance?

    If you know you dont typically clean your jewelry, we recommend investing in either solid gold or gold filled jewelry that has 14k gold or higher.

    The lower karat you go, the higher the likelihood you will have to clean your gold as it may tarnish. If you are fine with always replacing your jewelry instead of maintaining it, you could go with gold plated.

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