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Where To Buy Us Mint Gold Coins

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GOLD and SILVER Coin Sales From The US Mint

Please take a minute to browse our entire inventory of beautiful gold coins for sale many of which are available at deeply discounted prices and choose the ones that best fit your collection. We make it easy to buy gold coins. Simply add the items to your shopping cart and complete the fast, secure checkout process.

Gram Gold Bars For Short

Investors tend to buy gold for the long haul. However, 100 gram bars are among the best suited of bullion products for an someone making a relatively short-term trade. The bid/ask spread – the difference between what it costs to buy versus what is received when selling – is lower than for many other products. Investors can couple that low spread with low-cost storage at Money Metals Depository to avoid the delays and expense associated with shipping. There is no better way to trade physical metal – especially short term.

Buy Gold Bullion Online

There is no precious metal in the world coveted more than gold. The famous yellow metal has been a standard by which wealth is measured for centuries, and as civilizations took the first steps out of the Dark Ages and into international trade in the Middle Ages and beyond, gold was there as the standard unit of commerce used by nations and people who spoke different languages. Despite language and cultural barriers, everyone understands the value of gold. Today, gold bullion remains a primary vehicle for private investment and the protection of wealth. The JM Bullion catalog contains a wide array of gold bullion products, some of which you can learn more about below.

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Is Investing In Gold A Good Idea

While they’re popular, stocks and crypto are some of the most volatile investments you can make.

That’s where gold comes in. Here are a few reasons why you might want to consider investing in gold.

  • It’s limited in quantity.Because of its finite quantities, it’s a hedge against the inflation of paper money. After all, central banks can always print more money, but there’s a limited amount of gold on Earth.
  • It’s a more stable alternative to stock market investing.Precious metals like gold historically hold their value better during a recession in the market.
  • You’ll only owe taxes on your gains once you sell it. And even that can be avoided or mitigated by investing in gold through a self-directed IRA.
  • Gold can be spentAnd it has been for thousands of years, by countries around the world, longer than any paper currency. It has many uses, as well. Try making a microchip or a necklace using chopped-up bits of dollar bills.
  • How much unmined gold is left?

    Do Banks Buy And Sell Gold Coins

    U.S. Gold Coin Melt Values

    The answer to the above question will depend on where you live. A lot of banks in the US sell gold coins but they would not usually publish information about it on their websites or advertise it openly for security reasons.

    Banks like HSBC and Leader Bank sell gold coins but to get a comprehensive list of banks that sell gold coins in your location, visit the website of the US mint, and use their authorized dealer locator to find banks that sell gold coins around you.

    You can also call your bank and ask them if they sell gold coins. Many banks would not openly advertise the fact that they sell gold coins but if you call them, they would readily offer you helpful information on how to buy gold coins from them.

    Just like it was stated above, in some countries it is quite common to buy gold coins from banks however in the US it is not the case. Federal Reserve does not deal with individual customers and only sells directly to banks.

    In very rare cases, some banks might offer commemorative series gold or silver coins but this might take place only for very limited time periods. So, if you want to buy gold coins from a bank in the US, this will not be possible because most US banks will not sell gold bullion coins or bars to the public.

    While most banks hold a portion of their securities in gold bullion bars, these are not for sale to the public. It may be possible to buy gold coins from a bank in Switzerland and some other countries but not in the United States.

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    Why Buy United States Mint Bullion

    Founded in the year 1792, the United States Mint today is one of the worlds most popular bullion mints. Today the US Mint is the largest producer and distributor of government guaranteed, investment grade silver bullion coins and gold bullion coins.

    The US Mint issues the worlds most purchased and well recognized bullion coins in the world.

    Long-term bullion owners often choose bullion coins and bars with high demand gold hallmarks or silver hallmarks guaranteed by governments.

    American Eagle Bullion Coins carry United States legal tender face values and a guarantee of authenticity enforced by the US government, specifically the US Secret Service.

    Where To Buy Gold Coins

    There are a number of places where you can buy your gold coins from:

    1. Local Coin Shops

    There are a lot of local coin shops spread across the US where you can buy and your sell your coins. They are usually .

    2. Online Coin Dealers

    You can also buy and sell gold coins online although this is not always the best option because apart from the fact that you would also need to pay shipping fees, you may also end up being scammed into buying fake coins. You can find a lot of them on eBay but before you buy from them, make sure you look out for reviews, and gather a lot of information about them online before you do business with them.

    3. US Mint

    The united states Mint which is responsible for manufacturing gold coins backed and guaranteed by the US government also sells gold coins. You can check the website of the US Mint for a list of its authorized dealers closest to you.

    4. Your Bank

    Buying from your bank is the best way to buy gold coins. Banks get their coins directly from the US mint, or from authorized dealers. They also employ strict verification procedures to ensure that the coins they trade are original. Your bank would also issue a certificate of originality to guarantee that the coins are genuine.

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    Insider Tips For Selling Your Gold Coins Profitably

    Your goal is to make profits from the coins you have purchased so after buying the coins, you have to continue to keep an eye on the value of the coins so that you can know when the values have risen, and then you can sell your coins for profit.

    You can continue to keep an eye on the prices on the website of the US mint or check places like for the latest prices. It helps to wait a few years after purchasing the coins before selling them because by then the value would have risen considerably and you can earn a sizable profit from selling them.

    • Know the value of gold

    In buying or selling, it is essential to keep track of golds prices. Several newspapers and websites give updated news on the prices of gold. It is advised that you keep up with those medium. Do not rush to sell your gold unless what you have is doing extremely well in the market. Sell your gold coins when the prices are most favourable or when you really need the income.

    • A good site to keep watch of gold value is
    • Sometimes it is best to wait for years before selling particular coins, no matter how well they are doing in the market.
    • Know the value of your countrys currency

    Information on this can be gotten online and in newspapers too. Selling your gold coins when your countrys currency drops is advisable because gold and currency of a country tends to have an inverse relationship.

    • Sell your coins when the demand is high

    • Avoid selling to unsteady buyers

    Are Us Mint Coins Valuable

    Premiums on US Mint gold coin prices have dropped. Invest smart. Buy gold coins over silver coins.

    The Coinage Act passed in 1792 established the federal mint. The first coins minted in the US came about a year later when the first mint in Philadelphia struck half dimes. However, they were not circulated. Its rumored that they came from George Washingtons silverware. It wasnt until March of 1793 that real currency was produced. They struck and circulated copper cents.

    Throughout the centuries that followed, the US Mint produced a variety of other coins. They range from common US silver coins to rare gold mint coins. They all have a unique history, so some have become more valuable than others. Today, many investors and collectors seek out some of the rarest coins to add to their portfolios and collections.

    If you are interested in collecting United States Mint coins, you must understand:

    • What are Mint Coins
    • Which United States Coins are Valuable
    • How to Buy American Mint Coins

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    Investing In American Gold

    U.S. Mint gold coins are known for their investment value. Bullion coins are tied to the market price of gold, making them one of the best choices for investors. We sell Gold Eagle and Gold Buffalo coins, two of the most popular U.S. Mint bullion products and both are an excellent way to get into the investors market.

    We offer a variety of items based on your investment goals. Whether youre looking for long-term growth or a short turnaround on a higher-risk product, we can help you find what you need. Our team will consult with you and recommend an appropriate package of U.S. Mint gold coins or other items.

    Who Mints Gold Bullion Coins

    Since Gold Bullion Coins are backed by central governments, there are numerous sovereign mints that are globally respected for their products. Some examples of these mints are:

    -United States Mint: Opened their doors in 1792, as per our Founding Fathers’ requests, and produced the very first American gold coin in 1795.

    -Royal Canadian Mint: Founded in 1908, and released the first Canadian gold coin in 1912.

    -Central Mint of China: Established in 1920, although the first gold coin in China was made around the 5th or 6th century BC.

    -Perth Mint: Opened in 1899 but the first Australian gold coin was minted in 1800.

    -South African Mint: The first South African gold coin was minted in 1817 and the mint opened in 1941.

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    Purchasing Gold Bullion From Golden Eagle Coins

    Purchasing gold for investment purposes has traditionally been a hedge against inflation and weakness in the US dollar. For thousands of years, gold has been a store of wealth and value which continues today. Owning physical precious metals is a strategy of the very wealthy for centuries and although precious metals don’t necessarily need to be your only investment, it may be wise to make them a part of your strategy moving forward.

    Offering our customers competitive prices and a wide range of inventory, while also providing a positive purchasing experience, is our top priority. We appreciate honest reviews and are available through our call center or email address, if you have any questions or concerns.

    Dont Buy Using Leverage

    US Mint Gold $10 Commemorative Coins BU/Proof

    Borrowing money to make a bigger investment in gold is a risky game. Say, for example, you invest $4,000 and then leverage your investment five-to-one, so that you control $20,000 worth of gold coins or bars in an account set up by a dealer or brokerage firm. To start, the price of gold is volatile, and if the price dips far enough , youll have to kick in more money to keep your account, or youll have to sell some or all of your investment. Also, the salesmans commission is based on the total amount of the purchase. So hell get, say, 5% of the $20,000, or $1,000. Although 5% is a fair commission, its 25% of your $4,000 equity stake. On top of that, youre paying interest on the money borrowed.

    And even worse, says the FTCs Brown, in some instances the telemarketers do not disclose that your precious-metals investment will be leveraged. They bury the details of the leveraging and the interest charges in dense contracts, she says.

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    Choose The Size And Type Of Gold Bar

    Gold bars are produced in various sizes and are available at many price points. Choose from bars ranging from 1 ounce to 1 kilo, depending on your budget, personal preferences, storage capabilities, and holding strategy.

    Size and price

    The market value of a gold bar is almost entirely based on its weight in gold. A bars price closely follows the spot price of gold, i.e. the price at which you could buy one ounce of gold right now as opposed to some date in the future.

    In general, the larger the bar is, the greater the price. What amount of your wealth would you like to safeguard with gold? With this number in mind, you can narrow your options down to only bars that fall into your price range. Note that a bars final purchase price will vary slightly from the spot price of gold depending on the current market supply and demand, as well as local, national, and global economic conditions.

    Minted vs. cast

    Apart from the bars size, you also have different types of bars to choose from, typically minted and cast. Minted gold bars are hand cut or punched from a large flat piece of gold and are often produced with glossy finishes and artistic designs . Minted bars, depending on their size and refiner, can be packaged in sealed assay cards that provide details about the bars authenticity and protect its condition.

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    /10 Ounce Perth Mint Gold Australian Coin 9999 Pure


    These beautiful pure gold coins from the Perth Mint bullion, “War In The Pacific” coin series will make a great, and interesting, addition to your collection. Australia’s national mint, known for making extraordinarily well made gold and silver bullion coins, produced these mint gold coins as a limited release. Getting yours when they are available at premiums well below those of other 1/10 oz bullion coins for sale– such as the American Eagle – is a very smart way to buy gold. Don’t delay. These will be gone soon.

    If you would prefer bigger sizes, we offer other gold bullion coins in various sizes. With the 1 oz gold coins for sale typically being our most popular among customers.

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    Popular Gold Bullion Bars

    -Random Manufacturer: Gold Bullion Bars, produced at the most admirable private refineries, offered for the lowest premium.

    -Pamp Suisse Fortuna Bars: Known worldwide for its assortment of bar sizes .

    -Perth Mint Bars: The bars contain no design and come in airtight assay card.

    -Valcambi Gold Bars: 50 gram CombiBar is a creative way to obtain 50 grams of gold through 1 gram detachable bars.

    -Credit Suisse Bars: Produced at one of the world’s oldest refineries and comes secured in airtight assay card.

    -Sunshine Mint: Investors enjoy their 1 oz bars the most.

    Why Does The Us Mint Sell Circulation Coins For More Than Face Value

    MUST BUY 2022 US Mint Coins – 2022 Morgan and Peace Dollars?

    When you first look at circulation strike coins on the US Mint website, you would probably be surprised by how much they cost. For example, a roll of 25 Native American $1 coins costs $34.50 + $4.95 shipping.

    I can hear you thinking to yourself, “What the heck?” Each of those $1 Native American coins will only buy a dollar’s worth of stuff, not $1.38 of stuff. Like the Susan B. Anthony dollars, these golden dollars are clad coins that aren’t valuable aside from their face value.

    The US Mint used to sell circulating coinage for face value plus shipping, but some people took advantage of it to make a lot of money. People were gaming their credit card cash back rewards by buying millions of dollars worth of dollar coins and circulating coins, then dumping them at the bank. This forced the Mint to strike more coins than needed, only to have them sit unused in Treasury Department vaults and banks within the Federal Reserve system.

    DID YOU KNOW?The Treasury Department has more than 1.1 BILLION $1 coins in storage, partly because of the schemes people were playing with their credit card rewards programs. This, despite the fact that no $1 coins have been minted for circulation since 2011.

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    Know The Difference Between Bars And Coins

    While all forms of pure gold have significant monetary value, not all investment-quality gold is equal. From an investment perspective, investors wanting to add the physical product that tracks the price of gold may wish to avoid gold coins. These coins often feature attractive designs, have historic value, and contain a lower quantity of gold, but still, cost more due to their numismatic value.

    In addition to costing more, gold coins sometimes skew the value of an investors portfolio. For example, the highly regarded American Eagle coin produced by the U.S. Mint contains 91.67% gold but costs more than plain gold bars because of its value as a collectors piece. Some investors may want collector’s items, while others may want plain gold bars, which typically are the easiest to hold long term and convert to cash.

    Gold International Coins Commemorative Coins & First Spouse Coins

    The U.S. Gold Bureau doesn’t just sell American gold bullion and coins, we also offer a variety of other international gold coins. In fact, there are mints everywhere around the world. For instance, the Royal Canadian Mint produces Canadian Gold Maple Leaf coins, the Perth Mint puts out the Gold Australian Kangaroo, Swissmint, the official mint of Switzerland, mints the Swiss Franc gold coin, The Austrian Mint produces the Gold Philharmonic, and the Krugerrand is minted by the South African Mint. All of these are available on our site.

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