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Where Can I Buy Gold Panning Equipment

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Garrett Deluxe Gold Pan Kit

How YOU Can Find Gold Using ZERO Mining Equipment!

This second entry on our list from Garrett adds even more content for the serious gold panner.

The addition of a larger, Super Sluice pan and snuffer bottle ensures that you have everything you will need when you hit the great outdoors in search of precious gold.

There is also an included book by legendary gold hunter Roy Lagal and a very informative video.

Items included:


  • The same durability we have come to expect from Garrett products.
  • The Super Sluice 15-inch pan is perfect for sorting a very large amount of material at one time.


  • A classifier could come with smaller ¼-inch holes to make separating easier for beginners.
  • The same lower-quality tweezer/magnifier combo.

Best Dry Washer For Gold Prospecting

While it is impossible to definitively say which drywasher is the best, there are a couple different options from Keene Engineering that are at the top of the list. Continue reading for a more in-depth look at each of these Keene Gold Dry Washers.

The Keene Hand Crank Mini Dry Washer is one of the lightest, most compact, and effective drywashers that you can purchase today. The oversized hopper allows you to control the flow of material to your desired setting, and the crank turns easily. It picks up the smallest gold nuggets and is built to serve you well for a lifetime.

The Keene Vibrostatic Drywasher is designed with a powerful engine that does all the work for you. It can pick up the tiniest gold nuggets and the large hopper allows you to work through a lot of material at once. This drywasher is built to last forever, and is easily assembled and disassembled, allowing you to spend more time prospecting and less time taking down and setting up.

Discrimination In Gold Prospecting Machines

There is no truly accurate nonferrous discrimination on gold detectors and discrimination for gold is dangerous. Iron discrimination is really the only type of discrimination on a gold machine and at best, this discrimination works kinda. Trusting these signals is dangerous and can lead to missed gold, so do your best to operate your machine to the best of its ability without assuming anything. Even with the best iron discrimination, you should dig these targets until you know for sure they are ferrous junk, understanding that if there is any wavering in the signal of another target that sounds almost the same, it has to be dug.

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Faqs About Best Gold Planning Kits

What are the best places to hunt for gold in Canada?

You can discover most gold in Canada across the Canadian Shield. This covers about half of the land area in the entire country. To be more specific, the high-grade gold can be located in Quebec, Ontario, Nunavut and British Columbia. There is even some to be found in Newfoundland, but at a lesser extent compared to the other regions.

What equipment do I need when hunting for gold?

If you want to find high-quality golden nuggets, then having the right equipment is vital. Not only do you need the right tools to be able to locate them, but also to properly extract the gold nuggets. That way, you can actually sell the gold you find at a good price.

You will need whats typically contained in a gold panning kit. This includes gold pans that feature riffles for sorting through different-sized particles. A sifter pan helps too as the size of the mesh will determine the amount of debris it can clear out.

Having a suction bottle aids in pulling out tinier flakes of gold found at the bottom of the pans. You can also make use of fine tweezers to pluck up any flakes you find.

Consider also getting small storage vials so you can safely pack away the gold you recover. Some kits may include a hand trowel, but you may want to purchase a shovel as well to get into those hard to reach locations if you are planning a proper gold hunting adventure.

What is gold panning?

Does Gold Metal Detectors Find Gold Nuggets

Minelab Pro

All gold detectors find gold but some find bigger gold nuggets while others find small gold flakes. There are many different types of metal detectors on the market. The more expensive detectors do better at finding the hard to reach smaller flakes and nuggets while the less inexpensive ones only find some mid-size gold pieces. Metal detectors are a key factor in locating gold sources. Treasures in America carries the best of the best gold metal detectors for seeking your fortune and glory.

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Where Is The Best Place To Buy Gold Panning Equipment

Ace 250, Garrett Pro Pointer
Primary Interest:
Rock Nose and sniffer belly
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Chris819 said:Hi i am new to gold panning so i do not have any equipment yet. I am in Maryland so what would i need to find mostly fine dust of gold plus other gold? Where is the best site or place to buy equipment i will need. Also could you list what equipment i will need the most and about how much it will be for each? I also been watching some videos on youtube. Also if you have a youtube channel about gold panning please let me know so i can watch it. Thanks for the help Chris

Prospecting Equipment And Supplies

Prospecting in 1848, known as the California Gold Rush, was something that everyone did in hopes to strike it rich. In the present day, nothing has changed. The price of gold has been holding strong and new people are hoping to find their riches every day. At Treasures in America, we have chased our share of gold and lost mines and we know how important it is to have the right gear. From gold metal detectors to gold pans, you will find what you need in our prospecting category.

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How Gold Paydirt Works

There is nothing elaborate or difficult when it comes to learning about gold paydirt. Our various bags of paydirt have a predetermined amount of pure gold in each bag. Choose from as little as ¼ of a gram up to 15 grams depending on your budget. After deciding on the volume, you simply need to get your gold panning equipment and get to work on uncovering it.

We should stress that this is real gold. Whenever you see paydirt for sale on our website, then what you have is genuine gold mixed in with the dirt. However, if you would still like to have something slightly different, then why not try the paydirt that includes Snake River gold. This gold is so fine that the usual forms of gold mining are not going to work even though the river is full of gold. You now get the chance to uncover some of this elusive gold, and all without even having to go there.

With several options available, Kellyco has you covered when it comes to having paydirt for sale. Enjoy the experience of panning for gold even in the comfort of your own backyard. By the end of it all, you will feel better placed than ever before to venture out on your own gold prospecting adventure and uncover some of your very own paydirt out in the wild.

Why Buy Gold Paydirt

Buying GOLD mining equipment with GOLD at Harrington Baldwin Mining Supply shop Grass Valley

Panning for gold is both a skill as well as an art. The techniques used to correctly separate even the smallest pieces of gold from soil can be difficult. Ultimately, this may lead to some gold being lost, but at least you wouldnt be aware of it at first.

Perfecting your technique takes time but you dont need to feel the pressure of wondering if some gold has been missed while you are out on your treasure hunting expedition. Instead, being able to work on gold panning and sorting through the soil while in the comfort of your own home makes sense.

The best way to achieve this is to check out the paydirt for sale on our website. With several packages available, you know in advance how much gold paydirt is sitting there waiting to be discovered.

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Used Gold Prospecting Equipment Metal Detectors Gold Dredges Drywashers And More

A variety of demo and used gold prospecting equipment is often available Drywashers, suction dredges and a large assortment of metal detectors are often available. PLEASE CONTACT US toll free: 1-888-985-6463

Wanted: Used Gold Prospecting Equipment – Sell or Trade

List your used gold mining and gold prospecting tools, books and equipment online here or bring to our Southern California store for sale or consignment

NOTE: older listings may have sold or may be otherwise unavailable.

CONSIGNMENT SALESAnother possibility for selling your used equipment and supplies is to place them with GOLDFEVERPROSPECTING.COM on consignment. There is no fee for placing items on consignment but a negotiable 10-20% commission will be charged for that service when the item sells. To place items for sale on consignment the items must be sent to GOLD FEVER PROSPECTING. The cost of shipping the item to us is the responsibility of the seller. Insurance is recommended. If the seller withdraws the item from consignment the seller is responsible for the shipping and handling cost of returning the item to the seller.Placing items for sale on consignment has several advantages: it relieves you of the hassles of dealing with buyers and it allows buyers to use credit cards to purchase your equipment.

East Vs West: Where Can You Dig For Gold In The United States

Many people assume that the West is a better place to go gold prospecting due to its history of gold mining, but this isnt completely true. No matter where you go, make sure searching for recreational gold is legal. This is especially true in places like national forests.

The key differences between the two locations are the gold mineralization area, with the West containing a lot more open ground and hotter ground. That being said, there is a gold belt that runs from the northeastern United States and through Alabama. Not to mention there is a lot more glacial gold in the eastern US. Although geography is going to be different, gold is gold, and the best place to look for gold is where it has been found before even if that doesnt mean states with a history of gold fever.

The biggest issue with both the West and East is going to be finding accessibility and being able to find that line and stay on that line. However, western states like Arizona and even Alaska were developed to be able to go gold prospecting, gold mining, and staking claims during the gold rush, which is why these states are known to have easier access.

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What Type Of Gold Pan Should I Use

When it comes to shape, size, and color I think its more of a preference. Ive spoken with many prospectors that have been gold panning their whole life and they all have different options about the gold pans that they use. Some say that the green pans are easier to see the gold while others say that the black pans are easier. Some like the traditional gold pans and some are leaning more towards the newer non-traditional shaped gold pans.

How Does Frequency Work In A Vlf Metal Detector

Pin by Sarah Malerich on Local places of interest

The higher the frequency, the closer to the surface the machine works to find smaller targets. The lower the frequency, the deeper in the ground the machine will go to find larger and more conductive targets. Its not the case that one machine or frequency works better than another, it depends on the conditions and the ground that youre detecting, coil size, and your tuning. Frankly, for me when I head out detecting, I have a VLF and PI with me and I do recommend that you carry both types of machines, if you can, to be prepared for all of the varied conditions and the ground to change and to get the best results.

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Different Types Of Mineralization

There are two types of mineralization considered the most associated with nugget hunting. First, there is high mineralization within the ground, where the ground itself is hot and can contain hot rocks or cold stones. The second type of mineralization is moderate or benign, where there is less mineralization in the ground. Many people confuse hot mineralization for hot rocks, but these are two different things. Moderate or benign mineralization can also contain hot rocks, and its actually this combination that can cause the mitigation of this to be very challenging.

Another misconception is assuming orange soil is always hot. Its very possible that if you see orange soil, its most likely hot. However, it could just be a red iron pigment. Its important not to immediately jump to that conclusion.

What To Look For

Gold panning can be tricky to master at first, but with a little practice, youll be panning gold in no time!

So how do you get started?

You could just buy a single pan, but we recommend you get yourself a complete gold panning kit.

A kit will give you everything you need to get started and is perfect for beginners.

Here are some factors to consider when shopping around for your first gold panning kit.

Whats in the kit?

Its true that you can purchase individual pans, sifters, vials, etc. and create your own kit that is personalized to how you go about panning.

However, unless you have experience in gold panning, you more than likely have no idea what you will need and probably have a hard time telling the difference between a pan and a classifier.

Thats why purchasing a kit instead of individual components is important for those just beginning in this hobby.

You will want to find a kit that has everything you need to get started.

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What Should You Look For In Gold Pans And Classifiers

While gold pans and gold classifiers are pretty standard and simple technology, there are some different features that may help you determine which one is right for you.

When it comes to gold pans, there are two main considerations that are helpful to keep in mind: design and size. Design is going to depend largely on what brand of gold pan you buy. The design of each manufacturer features their different riffle designs and material they use. The size of the gold pan is also a consideration. If you are someone who usually backpacks into areas where you prospect, the smaller 10 pans are an excellent choice. If you are someone who can afford to pack in a big pan, consider the 14 or 16.

Classifiers can be chosen by determining the size of mesh you want. Classifiers are made with both large and small sizes of mesh, for varying degrees of sifting. Regardless of what style and size of gold pan and classifier you decide on, you can be sure that they will last you a long time and will be great at allowing you to find gold.

Best Gold Panning Kit

CHEAP Gold Panning!

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links and I may earn a small commission if you purchase through these links.

Gold fever has gripped man ever since that first shiny nugget was discovered. From the gold rush days of yesteryear, right through to the modern-day, aspiring prospectors, hunting through unexplored rivers and lakes while dreaming of unearthing valuable gold nuggets has inspired generations of people. In order to successfully discover gold one will need to focus on the approach, especially in different types of terrains and weather conditions. We have selected gold panning kits that ensure your search is thorough and that you have the proper tools to strike it lucky.

Whether it be a 27lb giant bar like those in Fort Knox or tiny flecks in a stream, the excitement of finding gold drives us to get out into the field to prospect.

We ensure that every product comes with the right features to help in your prospecting ambitions, so in our reviews we focus on:

  • Gold pans
  • Vacuum suction bottles
  • Magnet separators

In the US and Canada, you may need a permit to explore particular areas and locations, so we advise that you become aware of the laws concerning your local rivers, lakes and creeks to avoid trespassing or incurring any penalty fees.

  • US:

1. Gold Panning Kit | Mini Sluice Box


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What Is A Hot Rock

Hot Rocks in the Desert

One of the most common questions received in the metal detecting industry is, what is a Hot Rock? Hot rocks are magnetic or have metallic properties that are higher than the surrounding ground. No matter what, it is seen as a target to your machine which can be disrupting if you dont know how to properly mitigate them. Keep in mind, hot rocks will never be 100% avoided, but there are ways to reduce the number of hot rocks you come in contact with.

Gold Prospecting: The Complete Guide

Home » Detecting Guides and Tips » Gold Prospecting: The Complete Guide

There are many misconceptions and uncertainties when it comes to gold prospecting. Gold expert and Executive Director of Development for GPAA, Kevin Hoagland, sat down with us briefly to give us a deep dive into the world of gold prospecting. The following tips are based on his knowledge and experience, and of course his success with finding gold.

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