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Day Date Rose Gold Green Dial

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Olive And Rose Gold Is The Dream Combination We Still Cannot Get Over Especially In This Rolex Day

Rolex Day Date 40 GREEN DIAL / ROSE GOLD 228235 Luxury Watch Review

Editors note: With Rolex still yet to release a new watch in 2020, and with no release date in sight, weve gone back through the archives to uncover some previous models that still give us that jolt of excitement. That visceral punch of impact. Perhaps its the refined twist on Aussie green and gold that makes Day-Date 40 variant from 2016 such a standout? Perhaps its the way that the olive and Everose colour scheme dresses the watch ever so slightly down, while clearly being a more grown up version of yellow gold and forest green? It could also be that it still remains a relatively rare spot in the wild. Whatever the case, this is a moment of sheer Rolex genius and I love it not one iota less than when we first laid eyes on it.

Its no real surprise that Rolex the worlds most reputable brand is a class act. For me this was proven when I saw the beautiful new green-dialled Day-Date 40 on the first day of this years Baselworld fair. That class factor was cemented when I discovered the watch was available in stores on the very same day of its release. Not many brands could pull off a move that smooth.

Its a far cry from the bright daylight green of the Hulk Submariner, and much closer to a rich moss. This is a twilight green: dark, mysterious and, thanks to the sunburst finish, infinitely captivating.

How To Set Your Day

Synonymous with excellence and reliability, Rolex watches are designed for everyday wear, and depending on the model, perfectly suited for a wide range of sports and other activities. Built to last, these timepieces are characterized by their distinctive and timeless aesthetics. The Oyster Perpetual Day-Date 40 is the ultimate watch of prestige. Learn more about this model and how to set the time, date and day by watching the video.

An Investment In The Day And Date

Rolex unveiled the original Oyster Perpetual Day-Date in 1956. It was the first wristwatch to ever feature both the date and the unabbreviated day of the week on its dial, thus underscoring the Genevan company’s role as an innovator in the industry. Furthermore, Rolex released this model alongside the then-new “President” bracelet. This bracelet combines the Oyster bracelet’s three-piece link look with the hemispherical-shaped links made famous by the Datejust and its Jubilee bracelet.

The Datejust debuted seven years before the Day-Date, and the two models are strikingly similar. Both have an Oyster case, a narrow fluted bezel, a simple dial, and a Cyclops lens above the date display at 3 o’clock. However, thanks to its day display at 12 o’clock and President bracelet, there’s no mistaking the Day-Date for its closely-related cousin. Another difference is the range of materials, as the Day-Date is only available in precious metals like platinum and yellow, white, or rose gold.

The Rolex Day-Date has appeared in all sorts of configurations over the years. From different dial colors and designs and varying case sizes to models with or without diamonds, there’s something for everyone. Watches with a 36-mm case leave an especially classic impression, while the 40-mm editions exude a somewhat sportier feel.

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Ticking Away Since 201: Rolex Day

Rolex has used their in-house caliber 3255 in the Day-Date since 2015. This movement is protected by 14 patents. The manufacturer’s engineers reworked and optimized more than 90% of the caliber’s components. For example, they shrunk the barrel’s thickness by 50%, thus making room for a higher-capacity spring.

Thanks to Rolex’s highly efficient Chronergy escapement, the movement has an impressive power reserve of 70 hours. This means you can set the watch aside over the weekend and it will still be ticking come Monday morning. The Chronergy escapement is made of a nickel-phosphorus alloy and improves upon the conventional Swiss anchor escapement. Thanks to this material, the movement is not affected by magnetic fields. The manufacturer also claims that this escapement makes the watch 15% more efficient.

At the core of the movement is the classic Rolex blue Parachrom hairspring, which ticks at 28,800 vibrations per hour. It is made from a niobium-zirconium alloy and, like the escapement, is resistant to the effects of magnetic fields. According to the manufacturer, it is also up to ten times more precise than other movements when subjected to jolts. Furthermore, the balance spring’s final coil is raised and oval-shaped. This detail is known as the “Breguet overcoil” and helps improve the movement’s accuracy.

Popular reference numbers

How Much Does A Rolex Day

[QC]Rolex Day date rose gold green dial : RepTime

Vintage Day-Dates from the 1970s change hands for as little as 8,100 USD. If you’re looking for an Oysterquartz Day-Date or a Day-Date Bark from the late 70s and early 80s, be prepared to spend some 3,000 to 4,000 USD more.

Models from the current collection require a significantly larger investment. The 40-mm white gold ref. 228239 is one such watch, with the blue dial version costing over 50,000 USD. If you’re looking for a slightly smaller watch, the yellow gold Day-Date ref. 128238 measures 36 mm in diameter, has a champagne dial, and requires an investment of around 48,000 USD.

Fans of platinum should take a look at the ref. 21820. This 41-mm timepiece features a polished bezel and changes hands for over 80,000 USD in mint condition. Those who want to push the envelope for a highly exclusive Rolex model will love the ref. 228396TBR. This model is especially striking thanks to its icy blue dial and diamond-studded bezel, and has a hefty price tag of around 178,000 USD.

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About The Yellow Gold Day

Rolex Day-Date 40 models under the reference number 228238 are made of yellow gold and offer different dial designs. New timepieces with a black dial and gold baton indices cost around 56,000 USD, after appreciating in value by around 83% between June 2020 and June 2022. The white dial version with gold Roman numerals demands slightly less at around 51,000 USD. This model saw a value increase of close to 66% over the same period.

At Baselworld 2022, Rolex introduced the reference number 228238, which features a green dial and gold Roman numerals. Waiting lists for this model at offline retailers are long, and prices on the secondary market are on the rise as a result. While Rolex lists this Day-Date 40 for 37,450 USD, prices on Chrono24 in June 2022 had exceeded 100,000 USD.

A more affordable alternative is the version from 2015 with a gold sunburst dial and baton indices. In June 2022, pieces in mint condition changed hands for around 52,000 USD. Compared with prices in June 2020, this model has seen a value increase of almost 72%.

Rolex 228235 Day Date 40 18k Rose Gold With Olive Green Dial


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Rolex Biography And Important Works

While the rise in popularity of vintage Rolex watches is of no surprise to aficionados, collectors and industry experts, when it comes to contemporary luxury wristwatches, Rolex is also often the first brand that springs to mind. Not only is the company revered for its precision timekeeping and impeccable craftsmanship, but its name was designed to be memorable.

Rolex’s enviable worldwide recognition can be credited in part to the genius of company founder Hans Wilsdorf. When the German-born watch dealer and his brother-in-law, Alfred Davis, set up their London enterprise, in 1905, they called it Wilsdorf & Davis, according to the traditional formula.

But Wilsdorf was determined to come up with another name that was short, would look good on a watch dial and was easy to say and remember in several languages. In 1908, he trademarked the name Rolex, and by 1920, he had moved the company to Geneva and redubbed it as Montres Rolex S.A.

But the main reasons for the brands success are its aforementioned commitment to precision and unflagging pursuit of innovation. In 1926, the company introduced the aptly named Oyster model. With a screw-down crown and case back, both fitted with rubber gaskets, this was the first truly waterproof watch.

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