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American Eagle Gold Coins For Sale

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History Of The Gold Eagle

Money Metals Exchange LLC 1 oz Gold coin – American Gold Eagle

The gold eagle coins were first introduced by the United States Mint in 1986 in response to the creation of theSouthAfrican Krugerrand and came in 4 sizes in the series: 1 oz, 1/2oz, 1/4oz, and 1/10oz. Before the Gold Eaglescamearound, the South African Krugerrand was the most popular bullion coin bought and sold. This changed when in1985,the purchase of Krugerrands became illegal.

This created an opportunity for the American Mint to produce a new coin and grab the market. During the Eagle’sinitial year the Mint only used 1 troy oz proofs for Gold eagles. The design on the gold eagle coins hasn’tchangedmuch since except for the Roman numerals being switched into Arabic numerals in 1922. The American Gold Eaglecoinsare also scheduled to be re-designed in 2021 to include anti-counterfeiting measures.

As a result of the Gold Bullion Coin Act of 1985, The United States Mint is legally required to only use Americangold, meaning gold that is produced in the United States of America. The United States mint is also required toproduce Gold eagle coins to meet demand among all investors.

How Much Gold Is In An American Gold Eagle Coin

Gold Eagles are 22 karat gold coin, with a fineness of 0.9167 or 22/ 24 pure gold. The is alloyed with copper and silver to produce a wear-resistant coin.

The fineness of each coin is 91.67% and the actual weight of each coin is slightly larger to account for the non-gold metal it contains. With exactly 1 troy ounce of fine gold or 31.103 grams, the gross weight of the coin is slightly over a troy ounce at 1.0909 ozs or 33.93 grams.

Buy The 1 Oz American Gold Eagle Coin At Sd Bullion

The 1 oz Gold Eagles price here on SD Bullion is the lowest online when evaluating the premium price over the gold price, and the coin has seen plenty of variation over the years to make it perfect for collecting. While Roman numerals were used through 1991, all coins from 1992 to the present rely on Arabic numerals, for example. In addition to the 2017 1 ounce American Gold Eagle, we also sell 1 oz American gold eagles in a variety of dates , which could help the budding collector begin building their investment portfolio while they amass a variety of beautiful, historic 1 oz Gold American Eagle coins.

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Buying Gold Eagles From Cmi Gold & Silver Inc

CMI Gold & Silver Inc. has no minimum order for American Gold Eagles.

Usually, payment by bank wire transfer is required for large orders and sometimes a deposit may be required before prices are locked in.

For still more details about buying and selling precious metals with us, See Doing Business With CMIGS. We also buy and sell platinum and palladium.

To speak with a broker, call 800-528-1380. We take calls 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. MST, Mondays through Thursdays, Fridays 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Coins with lower premiums than on Gold Eagles can be found on our Gold Specials Page. Fractional-ounce Gold Eagles are often posted on our Gold Specials Page. At times, even 1-oz. Gold Eagles are offered there.

Design Of The Gold American Eagle


The design of the Gold American Eagle is different on both reverse and obverse sides of the coin and feature different images than the Silver American Eagle. This beautiful coin showcases the remarkable design of the first Gold American coin minted in 1907, making the Gold American Eagle an easily identifiable precious gold coin for numismatists. The obverse side of the coin features a full-length Lady Liberty in the foreground. She has flowing hair and is confidently striding forward, while holding a torch in her right hand and an olive branch in the left hand, representing enlightenment, peace, and victory. She is encircled by stars that represent the fifty states and with sun rays in the background, along with the inscription Liberty. The image was designed by Augustus Saint-Gaudens and is considered to be the most beautiful coin design in American coinage history. In the background to the left, the U.S. Capitol building is displayed.

On the reverse of the coin, an American Bald Eagle is depicted flying over to his family while holding an olive branch in his talons. This representation of the United States national symbol of patriotism and freedom emphasizes the importance and strength of the American family. The reverse design was created by the famous sculptor Miley Tucker-Frost, known as Busiek. The reverse side also contains the United States of America, In God We Trust, E Pluribus Unum, weight, and face value inscriptions.

American Eagle Gold Coins

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Gold American Eagle Design And Specifications

Historically, investors acquire gold for the stability, liquidity and diversity it may provide to a portfolio. Monex proudly offers the American Eagle Gold Coin, the first modern-day gold bullion coin to be authorized by Congress and backed by the U.S. Mints weight, content and purity guarantee.The obverse of the American Eagle gold coin features Lady Liberty holding an olive branch and a torch with a rising sun and the U.S. Capitol dome in the background and is inscribed with the word Liberty, the issue date and mint mark. The coins reverse depicts a male bald eagle grasping an olive branch flying towards his mate embracing her hatchlings in a nest.

All American Eagle gold bullion coins are 22 karat gold, containing an alloy of silver and copper to increase the stability and scratch-resistance of the coins. Each coin is guaranteed to contain an exact quantity of gold, mined exclusively in the United States, and to meet the rigid quality standards of the U.S. Mint.One ounce gold American Eagles are sold in units of 10 coins. Coinage purchased outright may be delivered to you or stored in an independent third party vault. Additionally, these coins are suitable for an IRA investment. Each of the fractional gold American Eagle coins are sold in units of 20 coins each for personal delivery only.

Oz American Eagle Gold Coin


Tavex is pleased to offer the gold American Eagle coin, the most popular gold piece issued by the United States, and one of the foremost investment gold bullion coins in the world. The popularity of this impressive gold coin stems from its beautiful design, high quality, and its prestigious legal tender status. First released by the United States Mint in 1986, American Eagle gold coins have become the preferred tangible asset of many investors who to this date have bought more than 30 million pieces.

With their purity guaranteed by the US Government, American Eagle gold bullion coins are recognised worldwide and are supported by a deep liquid market. They are thus appropriate for most investors and especially for those who would like to diversify and hedge their portfolios against unfavourable market events.

Why Buy

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What Are American Gold Eagles Made Of

22 karat gold is mostly used during the creation of the American eagle coins. The term “twenty-two karat” meansthat91.67% of the coin is pure gold, and the rest consists of silver and copper in very minute amounts. What reallydifferentiates American Eagles is that they are the only bullion coins whose weight, content and purity areguaranteed by the United States Government. Investors can buy them with 100% certainty, that the coinscontaintheir stated amount of gold.

Trading gold is also much more reliable than trading stocks as the price can move independently outside the stockmarket. It is said to hold value much more reliably since all of the gold mined ever can fit into a 22 by 22 yards cube.

As well as regular mint coins, they also come as proof coins which can hold additional value.

American Eagle Gold Coins

Get Your Hands On America’s Favorite Silver Coin – The American Silver Eagle

American Gold Eagle coins are the U.S. official legal tender gold coin series, approved by the Gold Bullion Coin Act of 1985 to compete with other gold bullion coins from around the world. First released in 1986, American Gold Eagles are minted annually in four weight denominations: $50 face value , $25 face value , $10 face value , and $5 face value .

Collectors and Investors can buy American Eagle gold coins in several finishes Standard Bullion finish, Burnished Uncirculated finish, Proof finish, and a Reverse Proof finish. Each coin contains pure 22 karat gold and is guaranteed to contain exact quantities of gold, exclusively mined in the U.S. to meet rigid quality standards.

The obverse modeled after The Most Beautiful Coin in the World, the famous 1907 Augustus Saint-Gaudens $20 Double Eagle, depicts Lady Liberty striding towards freedom as a reminder of Americas majesty, longevity, and power. A bald eagle family in a nest is depicted on the reverse, with the male flying above with an olive branch in its claws.

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Why Buy American Gold Eagle Coins

Since around the year 2000, there has been an increase in gold prices and in the number of individuals buying gold coins.

Since the financial crisis of 2008, the trend of online gold dealers selling gold coins and bullion bars to the investing public has dramatically increased as well.

It has become quite common for investors to buy gold coins in order to better diversify risks to their investment portfolios.

The Production Of The American Eagle Gold Coin

The United States Mint produces proof and uncirculated versions of American Eagle coins. The minting process begins by manually feeding blank coins into presses fitted with special dies which are struck multiple times so the softly frosted, yet detailed images seem to float above a mirror-like field. The blanks are punched from coiled strips of metal about 13 inches by 1,500 feet which is then heated in a furnace to soften them. They are then washed and dried before going to the upsetting mill to create a rim around the edges. Finally, the coins are stamped with the design in a coining press.

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Why Are Gold Eagles Valuable

Gold Eagles are made in one ounce and fractional weights, and each coin is guaranteed by the US government and stamped with a face value. However, the gold in these coins is worth far more than their denomination. Gold Eagles are made of .9167 fine gold, mixed with small amounts of silver and copper to give them more strength and durability.

For centuries, gold has been regarded as a store of value. Many people invest in the yellow metal as a safe haven option, especially during times of weak economic performance. The value of American Gold Eagles will first and foremost depend on the current spot price of gold. However, value may also be determined by a coin’s condition and rarity. For instance, a coin from a year with a lower mintage might carry a higher value than a more abundant coin.

Serious investors might store their gold by way of a precious metals IRA account. This allows you the safety of storing your metals in a depository vault. Gold Eaglesalong with all other bullion coins produced by the US Mintare eligible for most of these types of accounts.

Official American Gold Coins: Gold American Eagle Coins

1995 1 oz Gold American Eagle BU

The American Gold Eagle Coin is considered to be the official gold bullion coin of the United States. They are actively struck and released by the US Mint using 400 oz gold bar stock held within the US Mint’s West Point Mint branch. Below is a behind scenes footage of some of the gold held by the US Mint for striking American Gold Eagle Coins.

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American Eagle Bullion Coinage Program

The U.S. Congress has also authorized the production of other precious metal coins made from silver, platinum, and palladium. In addition to the Gold Eagle series, investment demand remains strong for its silver counterpart, the American Silver Eagle.

Now, the other precious metals are represented by the American Platinum Eagle and Palladium Eagle, as well. They are produced in far lower numbers due to the scarcity of these metals.

With much higher mintage levels since the Great Recession, the Silver Eagle is a popular investing option. This is especially true for inclusion in a self-directed IRA . These coins trade all over the world and are often sold in rolls of 20 coins.

To take advantage of this portfolio opportunity with your IRA, however, the coins must be stored at an authorized depository . This eliminates the risks associated with home storage.

These same IRA restrictions apply to silver bars, platinum bars, and palladium bars in addition to world mint coins.

/2 Oz Gold Coin Is Perfect For Investors

The ½ oz Gold Eagle weight is half an ounce of actual gold, and the ½ oz Gold Eagle dimension is 27mm around. At SD Bullion, the 1/2 oz Gold American Eagle price is the lowest online, and represents a significant price difference from the standard full 1 ounce Gold American Eagle. This makes it much easier for a young investor, or an investor on a budget, to own one of these iconic gold coins.

However, the ½ ounce Gold Eagles shouldnt be thought of as something only designed for entry-level investors. These are still a great way to boost a portfolio, especially if an investor wants to include some highly liquid assets in their retirement plan. For example, it may be easier to sell a half ounce Gold Eagle coin than a one ounce Gold Eagle because of the price difference. Make sure to always evaluate the price of gold when selling, especially the historical price of gold and possible trends.

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/10 Oz Gold American Eagle Coins For Sale

Tenth ounce American Gold Eagle coins are the official 1/10th oz bullion coin of the United States Mint.

As the smallest of all the American Gold Eagle coins, the 1/10 oz Gold Eagles are the easiest and best way for many types of people to enjoy all the benefits of investing in gold. Are you an aspiring investor with a small budget who wants to start accumulating wealth? A coin collector who is interested in investing but still drawn to beautiful pieces? A serious investor who wants to present their child or young family member with a valuable start to their own portfolio? The 1/10 oz Gold Eagles, for sale right here on SD Bullion, are the perfect fit for all these needs.

Like all US Mint Gold Eagle coins, these show a stunningly detailed portrait of an eagle flying to his nest on the reverse, and the famous Saint-Gaudens version of Lady Liberty on the obverse. Tenth ounce American Gold Eagles have a $5 face value, which is labeled on the reverse, along with the United States motto as well as the declaration that each coin contains 1/10 oz fine gold. The 1/10 ounce Gold Eagles for sale are 16.5mm in diameter, and each 1/10 oz gold eagles weight is nearly .11 troy ounces total.

The American Gold Eagle

1/10 Ounce American Gold Eagle – My First Ever Gold Coin Purchase and Unboxing!

The US Mint started to produce the American Gold Eagle in 1986 after it was authorized underthe Gold Bullion Coin Act of 1985. It immediately became the most popular gold coin in thecountry, overtaking the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf. The obverse design of the Gold eagle is taken from AugustusSaintGaudens’ original $20 gold piece used from 1907 – 1933 with Lady Liberty holding a torch and walking toward theviewer.

The reverse shows a male eagle with a female eagle and her hatchlings below in their nest, designed by MileyFrancesBusiek. The gold eagle is stamped with its face value and fine weight. It is made in 1/10, ¼, ½, and 1 ozweights,corresponding to a face value of $5, $10, $25, and $50, which is well below the value of the gold American eaglecoin in terms of the value. The value of the coin is not tied to its face value but is tied to the underlyingcontent of gold and value of gold, which fluctuates constantly during market hours. It is one of only twopopularmodern gold coins that is made of a 22 karat gold alloy, comprising of 91.67% gold, 3.00% silver, and 5.33%copper.

This alloy makes these coins more durable and scratch-resistant. As such, these coins actually weigh more thanonetroy ounce given the added copper and silver to the gold coin. The American golden Eagle coin remains the mostpopular bullion coin in the United States.

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Gold Eagle Coins For Sale

A 1 oz American gold eagle coin is a gold bullion coin produced by the U.S. Mint.

The Gold American Eagle is the official, legal tender gold bullion coin of the United States. American Eagle gold coins and monster boxes of American Gold Eagles are some of the most popular gold bullion coins in the U.S. and in the world.

GoldCore have been offering gold bullion coins including Gold Eagles for sale to American investors since our inception in 2003.

Higher Selling Gold Coin Prices

The American Gold Eagle coin typically demands the highest gold coin price amongst other modern highly minted, competing brilliant uncirculated government gold coins like the Canadian Maple Leaf coin or the South African Gold Krugerrand coin.

In summation, Gold American Eagle Coin prices per ounce will usually be both higher when buying and selling them compared to other competing high mintage government gold bullion coins.

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Composition Of The Gold Eagle Coins

As mentioned, Eagle coins have to be made of gold mined only in the United States. Made of 22-karat gold, the coins must contain a mix of 91.67% gold, 3% silver, and 5.33% copper. The alloy provides for a harder and more durable coin which stands up to scuffing and scratching better than other pure gold coins for sale.

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