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Where Can You Find Gold In The Us

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How Much Gold Does The Us Government Hold

Whats The Biggest , Deepest Hole We Can Possibly Drill To Find Gold

One of the great testimonials to golds enduring value is the fact that the United States government continues to hold the worlds largest gold reserves, even though the U.S. has been off the gold standard since 1971 when President Richard Nixon determined the Dollar would no longer be directly convertible into gold.

The U.S. Treasury holds nearly 261.5 million troy ounces of gold, the vast majority of which is in bullion, with the remainder primarily in gold coins and blanks. The U.S. Mint, a bureau of the Department of Treasury, holds most of the gold in deep storage sealed vaults at three of its locations: Fort Knox, Kentucky West Point, New York and Denver, Colorado. Each vault is examined annually by the Treasury Departments Office of the Inspector General. Fort Knox holds 56 percent of the nations gold about 21 percent is held at West Point and almost 17 percent is in the vaults of the Denver mint. Most of the remainder is stored just a few blocks from Wall Street in the secure underground vaults of the New York Federal Reserve Bank. The Federal Reserve, however, does not own any gold.

A relatively small portion of the U.S. government gold reserve, about 2.7 million troy ounces, is the Mints working stock, from which it produces congressionally authorized coins.



Places To Find Gold In Texas

With an area of 268,820 square miles , Texas is the United States second-largest state. It is a diverse state, with 10 climactic regions, 11 ecological regions, and 14 soil regions. It also has more than 3,700 named streams and 15 major rivers, including the magnificent Rio Grande. There are several locations in Texas where prospectors often find gold. The best include:

Cherokee Ruby & Sapphire Mine Franklin North Carolina

Search for rubies inside the Cherokee Ruby & Sapphire Mine. You can sluice through rocks and dirt with a screen and look for precious treasures, including sapphires, garnets, and rutile.

Rutile find. © Cherokee Ruby & Sapphire Mine. Used with permission.

The price of admission is low, and the fun level is high, so make it a family outing. The mine is open for gem hunting to the public from April through October. The backdrop of the Blue Ridge Mountains will make it a beautiful summer vacation.

Please note: Cherokee Ruby & Sapphire Mine was closed in 2021 due to COVID restrictions. However, the owners hope to reopen for the 2022 season. Please confirm its status through their website before visiting.

Ruby find. © Cherokee Ruby & Sapphire Mine. Used with permission.

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A Brief History Of Gold

Rivers where you can still find gold

In order to fully understand the purpose of gold, one must look back to the start of the gold market. Gold’s history in society began well before even the ancient Egyptians, who started forming jewelry and religious artifacts. Yet, it wasn’t until around 560 B.C. that gold started to act as a currency. At that time, merchants wanted to create a standardized and easily transferable form of money that would simplify trade. The creation of a gold coin stamped with a seal seemed to be the answer, as gold jewelry was already widely accepted and recognized throughout various corners of the earth.

Following the advent of gold as money, its importance continued to grow throughout Europe and the U.K., with relics from the Greek and Roman empires prominently displayed in museums around the world, and Great Britain developing its own metals-based currency in 775. The British pound , shillings, and pence were all based on the amount of gold that it represented. Eventually, gold symbolized wealth throughout Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas.

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Dawson City Yukon Territory

Like many of the other Gold Rushes around the world, more than 100,000 hopefuls set out to Dawson City where the Klondike Gold Rush was started. However, the location was much more remote than other examples, and the journey perilous all in all, only 30,000 potential gold miners made it to the area. Gold in the Yukon territory was difficult to mine, often buried more than ten feet underground. However, by the 1950s commercial old mining made it to Dawson City, and used heavy equipment to mine the gold deposits there. In total, an estimated 12.5 million ounces of gold were mined in this part of Canada.

Around 161,000 tons of gold have been mined by humans.

How To Store Precious Metals

If youre buying precious metals to hold as an insurance policy, or store of wealth, you will want a secure method of storing them.

Some you will want close by, for an emergency, just in case you have to actually use the precious metals as money.

And having them close by also means there is no counterparty risk.

So some of your precious metals should be stored

In a home safe

Its important to remember, it takes a lot more space to store $5,000 of silver than it does $5,000 of gold.

If you plan to store some gold and silver at home and again, holding at least some precious metals at home is a wise move then you obviously need to protect your metals from fire and thieves.

There are all sorts of home safes on the market. From big-box stores or local companies.

From cheaper options to top-of-the-line models. Offered in all sizes. Theres something for every budget and your needs.

How to determine if a safe is robust enough is something we also cover in our free Ultimate Gold and Silver Guide.

Of course there are risks to keeping precious metals at home as well.

Throughout 2020 weve seen riots and looting in cities across the United States. And it seems likely that things get much worse before they get better

We see Bolshevik politicians rising. They have sticky fingers, like Franklin D. Roosevelt, who actually banned the private ownership of gold in the 1930s.

In these cases, it makes sense for some of your precious metals to be stored

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Gold Bug Park & Mine Ca

The Gold Bug Mine is a real mine left from the days of the historic Gold Rush.

This park offers visitors a chance to tour the Gold Bug Mine and Priest Mine, either on a self-guided tour or guided tour.

Theres also a gold mine museum here that would be perfect to learn more about the history of gold in the United States.

Theres a gem and gold panning trough located within the mines that gives visitors a chance to find some gold for themselves.

Crow Creek Gold Mine Ak

Where Can I Find Gold In Nevada? (USGS Gold Map survey)

Youve probably heard of the Gold Rush in Alaska.

This amazing part of history still lives on today in the state, especially in places like the Crow Creek Gold Mine.

Much of the areas around this resort are rich with gold prospecting opportunities.

You can pan for gold on your own by renting a package with all the equipment you need to get started and find some gold.

There are even gold mining tours available here which will show you some of the areas history with gold and get you and your family finding your own with the help of experts.

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The History Of Gold Mining

Gold mining has been a part of the United States since almost the beginning of the country. The California gold rush brought gold mining in the United States to a new level of interest. The gold production of the country increased in the country and continued to spread through the discovery of many low-grade deposits around the country.

Michigan was one of many states to find deposits of gold. The mining of gold did not fully start until the 1880s, with the opening of several underground tunnels. While most states have some measure of gold in their soil, Michigans discovery of gold resulted in the opening of several companies.

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Where Is Gold Found On Earth

Gold has long been treasured all over the world, given equal value by ancient civilizations on opposite sides of the planet. Despite the metal being ingrained in our culture, particularly our view of wealth, most people have no idea where it comes from. Approximately2500 tons of gold is mined globally every year, some of which from gold mines large enough to be seen from space. However, we know our supply is steadily running out, leading some to ask is there a lack of physical gold? To understand the answer to this question, you need to understand how the gold supply chain works, and how much is still left underground.

In this article, well examine exactly how gold came to be on our planet, and where you can find naturally occurring precious metals. Next, youll learn about the countries and locations which produce the most gold each year, and where the largest goldfields ever discovered are found. From remote volcanic islands to locations high in the mountains, this precious metal has been prospected in almost every corner of the world. Read on to discover all you need to know about where gold has historically come from, and where we might mine it from in the future.

Morefield Mine Amelia Virginia

gold is where you find it 10

Please note: the Morefield Mine is closed to the public until further notice. Please contact the owners through their for more information.

Just under an hour from Richmond, VA, the Morefield Mine is known for its vast amount of . Prospecting here may also reward you with garnet, amethyst, beryl, topaz, and many other minerals.

Topaz in situ. Harvest and by . In the collection of Sam Dunaway. Morefield Pegmatite Mine, Amelia Co., Virginia, USA. Public Domain.

There are mining opportunities here for all skill levels. Prospectors can use the sluicing technique or collect from the mine dumps. The Morefield Mine has its own exhibit of stones onsite as well as one at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, DC.

Treasures from the Morefield Mine. by Ryan Somma. Licensed under CC By-SA 2.0.

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What Is The Lbma

Based in London, the London Bullion Market Association is an international trade association, which represents the precious metals markets including gold, silver, platinum and palladium. It is not an exchange. Its current members include 140 companies made up of refiners, fabricator, traders, etc. The LBMA is responsible for setting the benchmark prices for gold and silver as well as for the PGMs. For the refining industry, the LBMA is also responsible for publishing the Good Delivery List, which is widely recognized as the benchmark standard for the quality of gold and silver bars around the world.

Active Gold Mines In The United States

The United States is the third-largest gold-producing country, after South Africa and Australia. Mines in Nevada account for more than 80 percent of U.S. production. According to a 2005 article in The New York Times, Nevada had approximately 20 open pit gold mines, about half of the active mines in the United States. Other prominent U.S. gold mines are located in Alaska and Colorado.

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Knowledge Of Laws And Property Ownership

Rivers where you can still find gold

Today’s prospector must determine where prospecting is permitted and be aware of the regulations under which he is allowed to search for gold and other metals. Permission to enter upon privately owned land must be obtained from the land owner. Determination of land ownership and location and contact with the owner can be a time-consuming chore but one which has to be done before prospecting can begin.

Determination of the location and extent of public lands open to mineral entry for prospecting and mining purposes also is a time consuming but necessary requirement. National parks, for example, are closed to prospecting. Certain lands under the jurisdiction of the Forest Service and the Bureau of Land Management may be entered for prospecting, but sets of rules and regulations govern entry. The following statement from a pamphlet issued in 1978 by the U.S. Department of the Interior and entitled “Staking a mining claim on Federal Lands” responds to the question “Where May I Prospect?”

Core drilling for gold: Core drilling the Bend massive sulfide deposit, located in the Medford District of the Chequamegon National Forest, Michigan. It is a small, metal-rich sulfide body hosted by Early Proterozoic Penokean volcanics. The mineralized horizon subcrops beneath 100-120 feet of glacial cover, and consists of massive pyrite with varying amounts of chalcopyrite, tetrahedrite-tenantite, bornite, arsenopyrite, chalcocite, and rare gold-silver tellurides. USGS image.

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Top Spots For Gem Hunting In The Us

Crater of Diamonds State Park. by Matt Howry. Licensed under CC By 2.0.

Grab your gear and head to one of these prominent US destinations. You could find gemstones worth thousands of dollars where you never imagined treasure lies. A gem hunting trip is a great way for beginners to learn about gemology, especially kids.

Where To Find Gold In The United States


Take home a bit of the California Mother Lode and try your luck. Order some of our gold loaded paydirt panning bags

See below for Gold Locations by individual State

Naturally occurring gold can be found in almost all fifty states. This gold may be still embedded in rock, known as “lode gold”, or it may have been deposited in a placer after weathering from the host rock — or it may be found in plant tissues, or seawater, or even present in minute quantities in beach sand. If your interest in gold is more than academic, the trick is to find locations with enough gold to make it worthwhile to try to recover some of it.

The states in which major amounts of gold have been found are: Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Georgia, Idaho, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, North Carolina, Oregon, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin, and Wyoming. Although the historic records are generally not very good, small amounts of gold have also been found in Indiana, Maine, Maryland, Missouri, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Vermont — which taken together with the big producers means that in three out of every five states, you have a decent chance to find a little gold for yourself.

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How Much Gold Does The Us Have

As of November 30, 2018, the US Treasury claims that there is 261,498,926 oz of gold bullion in official US Gold reserves.

Among all nations in the world, the official US Gold Reserves are the most significant amount of official gold claimed by one country by far .

The Department of the US Treasury records official US gold reserve at the values stated in 31 USC § 5116-5117 which gets held to this day at $42.2222 USD per Fine Troy Ounce of gold.

The ongoing market value of the physical gold reserves held based on the fluctuating gold spot price as of February 13, 2019, was $344.4 billion USD.

Below we will break down where in the United States this gold is supposedly stored and in what quantities.

As well, we will show you a bit of shade on the supposed Fort Knox gold holdings, as its historical audit trail since the 1933 gold confiscation is dubious at best.

Nevada Arizona New Mexico

How to find lot of GOLD!

In addition to these localities, placer gold occurs along many of the intermittent and ephemeral streams of arid regions in Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, and southern California. In many of these places a large reserve of low-grade placer gold may exist, but the lack of a permanent water supply for conventional placer mining operations requires the use of expensive dry or semidry concentrating methods to recover the gold.

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