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What Is Rose Gold Made Of

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Rose Gold Vs Yellow Gold Popularity

What Is Rose Gold

Yellow gold is undoubtedly the most popular metal color historically and was used over 2000 years ago in wedding rings. Even today, we still think of a traditional wedding ring as a simple yellow gold band.

Rose gold is increasingly used in modern designs and chic jewelry, as in this circular pendant.

Rose gold, on the other hand, is a relatively recent addition to the choice of metal colors. It was popular in the 1800s, when it was first created in Russia. It was also popular in the Mid-Victorian Era but reached its peak during the 1920s. Towards the later half of the 20th century, especially the 90s, both rose gold and yellow was considered old fashioned and fell out of favor, as white metals took prominence.

Yellow gold has a vintage feel to it, bringing a sense of old world charm to any piece of jewelry. See these earrings here.

However, today yellow gold is back in fashion as a classic metal and evokes a vintage vibe, which is highly in vogue at the moment. Rose gold is also extremely popular today, as it brings femininity and color to the fore. It is the perfect balance between a traditional and modern look. Both rose gold and yellow gold are timeless and classic colors, so any jewelry of these metals will always be relevant.

What Is 24k Gold Electroplated Over Brass

This is a brass item, such as a watch, a clock, or a piece of jewelry, which has had a layer of 24k gold mechanically plated over its surface. The user receives a product that looks as if it is gold, but at a much lower cost, because the majority of the metal is brass. The finish on the product may not last as long as a solid gold item, but the decrease in cost makes this process attractive to many people.

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K Vs 18k Rose Gold: Which Is Better

You are probably familiar with the different types of gold, which are yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold, but are you familiar with the unique compositions of each color gold and their differences? You may have already decided rose gold is the gold for you, but what about 14K rose gold vs. 18K rose gold? Do you know which type is better for rose gold engagement rings?

Between the unique metals, stone shapes and types, setting styles, and price differences, it is difficult enough to decide what you want your simulated diamond engagement ring to look like. So, we do our best to bring you all the information you need to make an educated choice.

Below, well take an in-depth look at rose gold. Well discuss the common questions that arise when considering 14K vs 18K rose gold and which one is better for an engagement ring.

What Is Rose Gold: Wrapping Up

Yellow Gold, Rose Gold, White Gold

So, what is rose gold? What have we learned? It’s a combination of metals that create a soft pink hue that goes well with almost everything. Not only that, but it’s also durable, doesn’t tarnish, and can be made into a wide variety of jewelry options.

Adding a piece of rose gold jewelry to your collection will provide you with a timeless classic that will be with you for years to come. Rose gold will go well with your collection of silver and platinum jewelry, so you know you’ll have a high-quality and long-lasting collection of beautiful pieces.

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Does All Rose Gold Look The Same

No. While most jewelers use a commonly accepted mixture of alloy, some like to experiment with their own alloy content, thereby changing the color of the final product . If you have any questions, we encourage you to ask your jeweler.

At Ken & Dana Design, our rose gold comprises of the following mixture:

14k rose gold: 58.3% gold, 38.3% copper, 2.1% silver, 1.3% zinc.

18k rose gold: 75% gold, 23% copper, 1.3% silver, 0.7% zinc.

A Refresher Course On Color Theory

As a young child, you were probably introduced to the basics of color theory and the color wheel. These allowed you to gauge the relationship of one color to another. They may have also allowed you to determine the primary, secondary, and tertiary colors.

Primary colors refer to blue, red, and yellow. When two primary colors are mixed, they result in secondary hues, including violet, green, and orange.

Meanwhile, tertiary colors arise from the combination of a primary and secondary color, namely blue-green, blue-violet, red-orange, red-violet, yellow-green, and yellow-orange.

The reason behind this is that rose gold is considered a type of metallic color. Studies show that its rosy, pinkish hue comes from the combination of two metals, namely gold and copper alloy. The more the mixture contains copper alloy, the redder and darker it appears.

At this point, you might have an idea as to what colors are used to create rose gold. Ready to know what colors make rose gold? Read on

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Why Is It So Popular Now

In terms of fashion, rose gold is a subtle yet rich looking metal. Its recent use in watches, and even iPhones, has brought it back into jewellery.

Up until recently, the market was dominated by white gold and platinum. For those of us who love to experiment with colour in jewellery, the trends return is a welcome change.

Gold with pink tones compliments most skin tones, so its very easy to wear. Many people also consider it the most romantic precious metal because of its pink colour. Above all, this beautiful variation of gold has a distinct vintage feel.

It reminds us of Old World luxury. This makes it exclusive and desirable to modern-day jewellery lovers.

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Gold Production In The Universe

What Is Rose Gold & How Is It Different From 14K, 18K or 24K Gold?

Gold is thought to have been produced in supernova nucleosynthesis, and from the collision of neutron stars, and to have been present in the dust from which the Solar System formed.

Traditionally, gold in the universe is thought to have formed by the r-process in supernova nucleosynthesis, but more recently it has been suggested that gold and other elements heavier than iron may also be produced in quantity by the r-process in the collision of neutron stars. In both cases, satellite spectrometers at first only indirectly detected the resulting gold. However, in August 2017, the spectroscopic signatures of heavy elements, including gold, were observed by electromagnetic observatories in the GW170817 neutron star merger event, after gravitational wave detectors confirmed the event as a neutron star merger. Current astrophysical models suggest that this single neutron star merger event generated between 3 and 13 Earth masses of gold. This amount, along with estimations of the rate of occurrence of these neutron star merger events, suggests that such mergers may produce enough gold to account for most of the abundance of this element in the universe.

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Popularity And Nostalgia Of Rose Gold

In addition to its unique color and durability, rose-colored gold is popular for its nostalgic, vintage appearance. This type of gold first rose to popularity in the 1800s in Russia. It was the height of jewelry fashion during the Victorian Era, and again in the 1920s. Platinum became the metal of choice in the ’30s, but the advent of the war meant platinum became scarce and was restricted to military use. This lead to a resurgence of the more trendy rose gold in the 1940s and it has remained a popular look ever since.

In the modern era this color palate has been in the spotlight again. It’s being used in clothing, interior design, and everything from watches to iPhones. Its popularity over the decades gives it a very glamorous, old-world luxury feel. This, combined with the benefits of using this metal in jewelry and it’s inherent warm, beautifully delicate rosy color, is perhaps why this gold is so popular today.

From Fever Dreams An Enduring Place For Rose Gold

Pink golds appearance in America, came thanks to the thirsty, near starving, dreams of a French goldsmith, Henri LeBeau, in South Dakota in the 1870s. Gold had been discovered in the Black Hills. LeBeaus fever dream, included imagery of leaves, grape clusters and vines. To create this popular and unique at the time, jewelry, he used his skill at alloying metals, to create red, green and white gold, from the gold found in the Black Hills, of South Dakota. His vision led to the creation of the distinctive designs using a yellow gold base, decorated in rose, white and green gold, in rings, necklaces and earrings.

Jewelry with these designs, continues to be sold to this day. By law, Black Hills Jewelry, with these designs, must use gold mined in the Black Hills.

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Can Rose Gold Be Fake

Rose gold is by definition an alloy metal, so there is no such thing as pure rose gold. Therefore, if your jewellery is marked as 24K, it is likely fake. The most common fineness for rose gold is 14K in the US and 18K in Europe. Likewise, if your jewellery is attracted to the magnet, then it is fake rose gold.

Is Rose Gold Valuable

24K Gold Foil Plated Rose Flower  The Boutique Essentials

Rose gold is indeed valuable since its one of the most recognisable kinds of gold around though it may be known elsewhere as pink gold. While each jewellery piece will have the amount its priced at varied, this depends upon the karat value of the gold content within it.

The colour of the rose gold will also depend on the ratio of pure yellow gold that is used when compared to copper. This will result in a more red-tinged rose colour and the jewellery item may get priced lower than one that has a higher gold content. For example, 14K rose gold will have more of a rose tinge to it when compared to an 18K rose gold piece. The 18K rose gold piece will be priced higher than the 14K gold one due to the different ratios of gold within them.

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What Are The Different Types Of Rose Gold

Not all items labeled as rose gold will actually contain real gold. The confusion comes from the fact that rose gold is also a term used for any metallic pinkish-gold finish. Just like theres gold-colored costume jewelry, theres also rose gold-colored jewelry. These items are usually made from a cheap metal like nickel thats coated with a metallic pink finish. Much like regular gold, actual rose gold can usually be identified by a karat stamp or other mark of authenticity. If youre in doubt, you can take it to a jeweler, who can test the metals purity.

Rose Gold Vs Other Precious Metals

This is how rose gold stacks up against other popular metals.

Rose Gold:As mentioned above, rose gold will not tarnish. In fact, over time rose gold develops something called patina, an outer layer that forms naturally due to the copper within the rose gold alloy. Patina is highly sought after in the jewelry world and will not damage your rose gold pieces and accessories as it can be easily removed with a quick polish or cleaning session. To care for rose gold jewelry, be mindful to prevent exposing it to hard knocks and blows and occasionally clean it using water and soap or a soft cotton cloth.

Yellow Gold:Yellow gold is made from pure gold mixed with alloy metals like zinc and copper. Yellow gold is a surprisingly soft metal that requires special care to ensure that it remains in tip-top shape. Be careful to remove any jewelry containing yellow gold before doing household chores and before washing or showering as soap residue can build up quickly making the piece appear dull. After wearing, wipe down yellow gold with a soft cloth to keep it sparkling and nicely polished. Yellow gold items should be stored in a cloth-lined box when they arent being worn to prevent any knicks or damage.

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Some Basic Facts Of Rose Gold

As one of the often misunderstood versions of gold, a look at some of the important facts about rose gold will ensure that you make a more informed choice.

Characteristics and Properties of Rose Gold

  • Nickel-Free

One of the distinct features of rose gold has to be the fact that this gold alloy is often made without any nickel, which means that its an ideal metal of choice for anyone with sensitive skin or nickel allergies.

If you are allergic to white gold, the copper-gold alloy may be a preferable option for you. Its also important to note that in as much as some of the versions of white gold are safe on the skin if you are allergic to nickel, this type of white gold would be significantly more expensive to purchase and maintain. For example, the best hypoallergenic 14k white gold may cost significantly more than a 14k rose gold piece, even though they both have 58% of pure gold, and the latter would be most likely free of nickel.

  • Durability and value for money

Out of all the versions of gold, rose gold or pink gold is the most durable gold alloy. It lasts longer than yellow and white gold, and the best part is that the rose gold jewelry requires minimal maintenance, unlike white gold that would have to be replated and the yellow gold that tarnishes and has to be polished often. Note that even with the rhodium plating, white gold tends to be more prone to scratches and other forms of damage over time, unlike the copper-gold mixture.

What Is The Origin And History Of Rose Gold

What is ROSE GOLD?

Rose gold is said to have first been used in Russia in the early 1800s by royalty and really became popular at the turn of the 19th century. It was made famous worldwide by the jeweller, Carl Faberge, who used the colour in his one-of-a-kind Faberge Eggs. The popularity of the eggs led to the colour being dubbed as Russian Gold. Over the years, the colour became highly prized around the world and found further fame in fine jewellery in the 1920s, especially in America where it was used predominantly to make engagement rings.

The jewellery company Cartier became synonymous in the later part of the decade for incorporating the luxurious, romantic metal into many of their pieces, especially when using it as the setting for diamonds and other gemstones. Their Trinity Ring became famous, for its tri-gold intertwining beauty and famous French filmmaker Jean Cocteau was one of the first celebrities of the time to wear it .

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Why Is Rose Gold Pink Gold

While rose gold gets its pink tint from a mixture of pure gold and copper. Alternatively, yellow gold is often created by adding sterling silver, copper, and zinc to gold. White gold by contrast was developed to imitate platinum and is usually about 75% gold, and 25% nickel and zinc. If it is stamped 18 karat gold, it is 75% gold.

It is important to pay attention to what karat gold your engagement ring or fine jewelry is if you expect that it will hold value. If you invest in 18k rose gold jewelry you will have a family heirloom to pass down through generations, and it will hold its value as it is 75% gold. A 14 karat rose gold engagement ring will still hold a great deal of value and will be studied due to the higher copper content.

The History Of Rose Gold Jewellery

First used in early 19th century Russia, gold rose to popularity after jeweller Carl Faberge used the metal in his famed Faberge Eggs. Thus, the alloy became known as “Russian Gold” in the 1920s and skyrocketed in jewellery trends worldwide.

One of the biggest names leading the charge was French watchmaker and jeweller Cartier who created a line of dazzling rose gold jewellery paired with diamonds and gemstones. The most famous of Cartier’s pieces during this time was the “Trinity Ring”, a simple band that consisted of three rings one yellow Gold, one white gold, and one rose gold tone.

Today, rose gold jewellery is beloved for the way that it perfectly compliments every skin tone and is widely available in both engagement rings and fine jewellery selections.

Rose gold is a blend or an alloy of pure 24 karats yellow gold, copper and silver. Pure 24 karats yellow gold is the base for all gold colours and qualities but is too soft to be used in a pure state for jewellery. It needs to be blended or alloyed with other metals to strengthen it enough to wear. Different alloy recipes are used to colour and determine all types of metal made into jewellery, including platinum, White Gold, Yellow Gold and rose gold.

One piece in particular aided in the rebirth of rose gold in jewellery, a simple band of three gold colours of gold intertwined now known as the “Trinity Ring”.

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