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What Is Gold Jewelry Selling For

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Get The Highest Offers For Your Gold

How To Sell Gold Jewelry

We know getting the most Cash for Gold is your top priority when looking to sell your unused gold. At we pride ourselves in providing the highest payouts for your gold, silver, platinum and diamonds.

How can we get you the most cash for your gold? We do not have a store front location so unlike jewelry stores or pawn shops we don’t have to worry about retail overhead costs, paying store employees or other cost that go into running a store front business.

We guarantee the highest offers so much so that if you’re able to find a higher offer from any competitor, we will match it. Start getting cash for your gold today!

Before Selling Your Gold Talk To An Appraiser

The first step, Smith said, is to talk to an appraiser. Smith pointed to the ASA, as well as the National Association of Jewelry Appraisers and the Appraisers Association of America as the major organizations in this area. In addition, he said theres an organization for retailers called the American Gem Society.

Appraisers who belong to one of these organizations must abide by strict codes of conduct and ethics, Smith said. All three of these outfits maintain databases on their websites where you can find an appraiser near you. For a small fee — perhaps as low as $20 — one of these independent appraisers can give you a quick assessment of what you have and what it should fetch, along with whether a piece of jewelry has intrinsic value beyond the gold weight and if the gems are real.

That should be enough, Smith said, to give consumers what they need to know to sell their items for a fair price. A seller shouldn’t need an expensive, written appraisal, such as might be required for insurance coverage.

Most appraisers are pretty lenient that way, Smith said. Were here to help and from ASAs standpoint, were here to educate the general public. Appraisers, he said, want people to get value for their money.

Give Me A For Instance

So lets say a particular 14k gold chain weighs 20 grams. Remember, only 58% of the weight is pure gold. The other 42% is a conglomeration of other metals. . So: 58% of 20g = 11.6g. In other words, out of that 20 gram chain, only 11.6 grams of it are pure gold. And with gold at $1300/oz.or $41.80/gramthe gold in the chain would be worth $484.88 .

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Selling Gold And Diamonds To Jewelry Stores

Not all jewelers buy old jewelry for cash. Some jewelry stores may buy your items as complete pieces, but whether they will give you a substantially better price than the cost of gold and diamonds as materials is not certain and depends on the item.

Many jewelers will only buy your pieces with the intent of breaking them down and using the metal and stones, and these buyers wont give you a much higher price than what dealers would offer you.

Selling Gold Bullion Coins Or Bars Online

Why You Should Never Sell Your Jewelry Online  Sell gold ...

If you have gold bullion a type of gold coins or bars sold primarily for investment selling to a buyer that specializes in gold jewelry isnt a good idea, as youll generally receive less than you would get by selling to a dealer that specializes in gold bullion.

If you contact Abe Mor directly, they are willing to give a better rate for larger purchases of gold like bullion or coins. These days, online gold bullion buyers will usually provide a quote based on the weight of gold that you want to sell, then provide an address for you to send the gold via an insured, track and trace delivery service. Some also work with local partners at which you can drop off the gold.

Note that these companies generally wont buy old gold jewelry instead, they only deal in gold bullion.

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What Is Gold Vermeil

In a nutshell, vermeil refers to a variety of gold-coated metal. For metal to be considered vermeil, it needs to meet three main trade criteria:

  • The base of the metal must be of sterling or fine silver. This is why vermeil is also known by its other names: Silver Gilt or Gilded Silver
  • The purity of the gold must be of at least 10 karats
  • The thickness of the gold coat should consist of a minimum of 2.5 microns

If these three criteria are not met, then the metal becomes gold-filled or gold-plated . You can also find gold vermeil in other colors such as rose gold, Hamilton gold and so on. The color you choose depends on your preferences.

While gold vermeil is popularly used in jewelry, it is a versatile metal and has its other uses as well. A good example is the Vermeil Room of The White House. This famous room contains a wine cooler and tableware all made of vermeil. You will find vermeil being used in fixtures and furniture among other things. Also, many sports trophies and all Olympic gold medals are all made of gold vermeil.

Gold vermeil was a popular Victorian Era feature and was used heavily in jewelry, tableware and other items.

Evaluate The Quality Of Your Gold

Not all that glitters is gold…literally!

Just because your jewelry looks like it is made of gold doesnt mean it actually is. There are very few exquisite pieces of gold jewelry that are made of 24-karat solid gold . But there are what we call gold filled and gold plated jewelry and you need to know the difference if you want to buy gold.

Gold filled jewelry is, as the term implies, filled with gold.

As we have already mentioned above, the metallic mixture we call an alloy is made up of gold and other metals combined to create a tougher metal.

Shoppers generally prefer gold alloys over gold-plated jewelry for various reasons:

  • This is the second most valuable type of golden jewelry next to pure 24-karat gold.
  • They do not tarnish, fade, chip or change color overtime apart from the occasional need for cleaning – they are even considered lifetime products because they do not wear out.
  • In some countries, the government regulates the trading of gold-filled jewelry which means that your investment is well-protected.

Gold plated on the other hand are made of non-gold base metals that are then dipped into molten gold to create a golden coat on the surface. This is a budget friendly alternative to gold-filled jewelry because:

  • The plating is usually very thin and will wear off easily.
  • The sale of gold-plated jewelry is loosely if not at all regulated.
  • They are readily available on the market.

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Compatibility: Ask Is This Golden Alloy Good For Me

Apart from the purpose of the jewelry, other special cases should also be considered.

Gold jewelry may contain metals other than gold. One of the most common metals mixed in a golden alloy is nickel. It makes the jewelry stronger but it is an issue for people with nickel allergies.

If you are allergic to nickel, then it is better to choose jewelry with a higher percentage of gold content. 18 karat purity is recommended for you.

Types Of Rings That You Can Sell For Cash

How to Sell Gold Jewelry

Rings are beautiful, arent they? Often crafted with great skill, valuable metals and precious stones they can mark many occasions. They can also hold great value both emotional and material. Sometimes we buy them to mark special occasions or because the rings themselves are special. Sometimes we receive them because it is other people who think that we are

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Should I Buy 18k Gold Jewelry

When shopping online for gold jewelry, its important to consider your lifestyle. If you have an active lifestyle, youll want to buy gold thats durable and doesnt easily tarnish or bend. In this case, 14K gold is an excellent choice. However, if youre intent on buying 18K gold, you can preserve it by wearing it for special occasions or taking it off during exercise or laborious activities.

Due to the softness of 18K gold, its commonly worn as a special event piece. Conversely, 14K gold is popularly used for engagement rings and wedding bands as its more durable. Does this mean you cant wear an 18K gold engagement ring? Certainly not. However, youll have to take greater care to avoid scratching or bending 18K gold rings.

Sell Gold Jewellery In Perth

Few items hold and increase their value and market price like gold, silver and diamonds. If you need instant cash, selling or pawning your unwanted gold jewellery or unwanted precious metal collection is a great way to pad your bank account. But it’s not a good idea to sell old gold to any buyer you find online. To get the best price, you want to sell your gold jewellery to a reputable, professional gold buyer.

At Gold Buyers Perth, we’re a family-run business whose been buying and selling gold and other precious metals and stones for many years. Stop in today to our secure location and see how we offer the best prices possible for your gold and diamond jewellery.

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How To Sell Your Gold And Diamond Jewelry

So, you have a gold piece of jewelry with diamonds, and you want to sell it? If you are wondering what options you have and how you can get the best price for your gold and diamonds, read on.

When selling your gold jewelry, you have two main options: Selling your gold and gemstones separately and selling the jewelry as a complete piece.

Gold ring with diamonds

Price Of Gold Calculator

Sell Gold

First, you want to know how much you will get when you sell your gold. Check the price of your gold scrap, gold jewelry, or other gold items with CashforGoldUSA’s online gold calculator, based on the most accurate gram and ounce price of gold today > >

CashforGoldUSA’s online price for gold calculator is very accurate because it automatically uses the spot gold price as of today, and calculates the resale value of your gold item based on the karat of gold, and the weight in grams or ounces to provide a gold melt price.

Check the price of gold here:

Similarly, CashforGoldUSA’s online gold calculator helps you understand the price for your scrap gold based on today’s gold price, the gram or ounce weight and karat of your scrap.

The way gold buyers determine how much gold is worth is rooted in the London Bullion Market Association, which today runs an electronic auction system called the LBMA Gold Price recognized globally as the accepted market price for gold.

The LBMA is an industry trade association that promotes transparency, quality and ethical sourcing in gold trade.

As of September 13, 2021, the gold melt price in the USA was at a near-record price of $1790.90 per ounce, or $57.59 per gram.

To give you an estimate of the price you might receive when selling gold: a simple gold wedding band may bring $100 to $200, while a gold chain necklace , typically brings $70 to $250.

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Where To Sell Gold Jewelry Online

Our No. 1 top recommendation for selling gold is to CashforGoldUSA. Online gold buyers tend to pay out more because of steeper competition on the Internet, and lower overhead, since they don’t have to pay a premium for retail rent. Get a free FedEx mailer sent to your home in 24 hours, and get a 10% bonus if you send in your jewelry within 7 days with CashforGoldUSA > >

Know Your Alloys And Colors

Pure 24-karat gold appears yellow but it isnt always practical to purchase pure gold because it is soft, malleable and expensive.

This is why, as weve discussed, jewelers have come up with a method to mix gold with other stronger metals. Since these items are usually not more than 18-karat gold, the other metals influence the yellow color and yield an alloy with a different color.

When buying gold, you are not only limited to the golden yellow color. Here are some of the colors of gold you need to know:

  • Yellow gold This is the color that comes to mind when we say gold. In fact, the word gold is in our vernacular as a color, likened to honey or sunshine. However, not all gold yellow jewelry is actually gold. As you know, plating is common to golden jewelry and sometimes it is intentionally done to keep the yellow gold appearance
  • White gold – This looks like a brighter version of silver. It is as popular as yellow-gold for engagement rings. White gold is sometimes paired with yellow-gold in items more commonly known as two-toned. White gold is made of white metals that are stronger than gold.
  • Rose gold – A gold alloy with a pinkish hue, rose gold has become an engagement ring sensation! To achieve the pink blush, copper is added to gold, often 14 karats or 58.5% purity. The highest karat version of this alloy is known as Crown Gold, made with 75% gold and 25% copper.

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How Gold Prices Work

Gold is priced according to its weight, with prices normally provided for one gram, one ounce and one kilogram of pure gold.

For example, the current price of gold is $61.87 per gram, $1,924.27 per ounce and $61,837.62 per kilogram. As with other commodities, the price of gold changes often, making it important to check the latest rates if youd like to buy or sell gold.

Unless otherwise noted, the price of gold refers to 24k gold, or pure gold, which consists of 99.99% pure gold. If you know what karat gold you have, you can use the gold price calculator below this paragraph. To use it, type in an items weight, then select its karatage. The calculator will provide an estimate for the items value should you decide to send it in for appraisal.

Pure 24k gold has an intense orange color and is quite soft and malleable. Its the type of gold thats used for investment grade coins and gold bars . Because its soft and bright in color, 24k gold isnt used for jewelry.

Instead, less pure forms of gold, such as 10k, 14k and 18k gold, are commonly used for rings, earrings, bracelets, watches and other gold jewelry. Weve explained how 24k gold differs from the gold commonly used in jewelry in our detailed guide to gold types.

Luckily, this doesnt mean that you cant sell 10k, 14k, 18k or 22k gold. If you want to sell these types of gold , the price youll get in exchange will be based on the pure gold content that can be extracted from the item after its melted and refined.

Cash For Diamonds Usa

How To Sell Your Gold & Get The Most Money – Diamond & Jewelry Brokers, St. Louis, MO

Cash for Diamonds USA is the sister site to Cash for Gold USA. CJ Environmental Inc., a self-described leader in precious metals refining, is the same parent company for both platforms.

You can get free shipping and an appraisal within 24 hours. The appraisers use the industry-leading GIA appraisal standards. How much you make depends on the carat, clarity, cut, and color of the diamond.

Cash for Diamonds USA returns your jewelry for free if you reject their offer for these diamond pieces:

  • Wedding bands
  • Loose diamonds
  • Gold jewelry

Your diamonds can be any size and broken jewelry doesnt lower the appraisal value. This merchant can be a good alternative to visiting a local gold and diamond exchange store.


  • May earn more with other platforms
  • Only get paid for material value and not the jewelry market value
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    Purpose: What Is It Used For

    Pure gold is very soft and is easily damaged. If you intend to wear it every day, then go for LOW-KARAT pieces. These range around 10, 12, and 14 karats. Low-karat pieces are made of gold and other metals that make the alloy stronger.

    For rings and bracelets which are exposed to friction against hard surfaces, it is best to buy 10 and 12-karat pieces.

    For necklaces and earrings which are safe from knocks and bumps, 14 – 18 karats are suited.

    HIGH-KARAT pieces that range from 18-24 karats are best for special occasions, parties and ceremonial events for two reasons:

    One, your gold is rarely used and when you use them, they are handled carefully – avoiding unnecessary damage. Two, you get to low-key humble-brag about your elegance and wealth. Ok, that last isnt actually a reason.

    Use These Seven Nuggets Of Advice To Ensure You Get The Best Deal When Selling Gold Jewellery

    Selling unwanted gold can be a quick way to earn some extra cash, but getting the best deal isnt always easy.

    There are plenty of specialist cash-for-gold companies to choose from, but these may not offer you the best price.

    Selling gold to a high street jeweller or through an online trading website such as eBay may take more time, but its likely youll be offered more money.

    Take a look at these tips to ensure you get the best deal when selling gold jewellery.

    Find out more: 50 ways to make money our comprehensive money-making guide

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    Current Market Price For Pure Gold

    Knowing what youve got is the first step. Next, youll need to know the value of your item against the current market price for pure gold.

    Remember: market value for pure gold is measured in ounces. Ready for another formula? Great! Once youve got your trusted price of pure gold in ounces, convert it to grams and plug in the values below:

    Total grams of 24k gold X current price of gold per gram = value of your gold jewelry

    And thats it! Follow these steps and youll have a solid grasp of what your gold jewelry is worth. Ready to sell your gold jewelry? Keep in mind that gold values shift daily, so its a good idea to appraise your gold jewelry from home a few times to get an average.

    Bottom line, you can expect to get anywhere from 70-90% of the value you calculated for your gold jewelry.

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