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Mitchell Gold And Bob William

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Here Are Some Real Positive Reviews From Mgbw Customers

JoJo & Jordan’s First Home, Furnished by Mitchell Gold Bob Williams

I had a trouble-free purchase with MGBW. You gotta love their clean lines and the fact that most of their items are American made. One of these days when I become a lady who lunches, I will be coming back sans gift certificate to blow a huge wad of cash.

The furniture here is stylish/chic, yet warm/comfortable. They also have some very nice accent pieces. We recently did a complete renovation and the staff here helped us with colors, style, etc. They tapped into exactly what I was after and made it happen. We had a minor issue with a piece upon delivery and this was quickly remedied as a result, MGBW has gained a very loyal customer.

Working From Home Mitchell Gold+bob Williams Has Solutions

Collaborations with SCAD and Kravet result in several new collections

From the Alba Collection comes this modern desk crafted from oak with details like slender taped legs that curve gracefully into the desktop to brushed stainless-steel hardware with vegan-leather fasteners.

TAYLORSVILLE, N.C. Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams is offering a new work-from-home collection designed in collaboration with the Savannah College of Art and Design and is expanding its partnership with Kravet to launch a new textile collection.

The exclusive SCAD for Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams Collection comprises two ranges Alba and Ella which feature new styles of contemporary desks, chairs and storage solutions.

Two pillars of our company attest to how our purpose is to be artisans of comfort for all, said Allison OConnor, Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams president and CEO. In speaking to our customers through products that must align with a world in which the very nature of work has changed, and how homes will continue to adapt to our new environment, we collaborated with the famed and prestigious furniture design program at Savannah College of Art and Design in Georgia on a project to define furniture for the new meaning of work at home.

This modern desk combines curves, beautiful finishes and abundant storage in a sophisticated blend of oak in Brushed White finish, which highlights the natural wood grain, and metal elements in shimmering Champagne Brass.

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Here Are Some Real Negative Reviews From Mgbw Customers

Before visiting the store, Id found a sofa online that Id been wanting for a few mos. I initially called & was told it was sold out. The woman I spoke with told me to hold while she checked other stores & never came back so I hung up. I called back & she said shed look out for it over the next few mos & call me if it was back in the store. Then she said but in honesty, Ill probably forget so you should just call back anyway.

We had two Mitchell Gold Alexa sofas which were slipcovered, detached pillow sofas. They were our shortest-lived sofas. The pillows slouched very quickly and I was forever trying to fluff them back into shape. The quality was no better than our Pottery Barn sofas, and I was convinced that they were the same manufacturer, but more expensive.

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Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams

For two decades, Mitchell Gold & Bob Williams home furnishings have been synonymous with relaxed style. For them, comfort and beauty work in concert they are never opposing ideals.


Mitchell: We have had some really great successes. One thing for sure was the introduction of the leather club chairs that we had first seen in Parisian flea markets. When we proportioned and updated them more for Americans, we sold over one billion dollars worth in retail over the past 17 or 18 years. Another big success was our slipcovered furniture. We didnt invent it, but we reinvented it in the early 90s. When we introduced it, it was something my grandmother had, which some other folks started doing as well about the same time. We sold hundreds of millions dollars worth of slipcovered furniture and are still selling it. Weve had some really big ones.


Bob: Believe it or not, Im the biggest homebody in the world, so I enjoy doing things at home. Whether its working out in the yard or just piddling around in the house. Just getting things cleaned, organized or whatever. Im very happy doing that. Its fun that what I do professionally is related to what I enjoy doing during my free time. Even when Im on vacation or away, Im always going to flea markets or second hand stores just to pick up stuff. Lots of things Ive picked up have ended up becoming a product three years down the road.

Why Comfort Works

Q& A: Mitchell Gold and Bob Williams

Were known for making IKEA sofa covers better than IKEA does. Were so obsessed with sofas that we know our way around practically every sofa model you can imagine. Weve helped Re-Cover over 100,000 sofas worldwide, and heres what we can do for yours.

Make your sofa life-friendly.

Our slipcovers are machine-washable, feature a built-in USB port and wireless charger, and come with a 3-year guarantee for peace of mind, making it perfect for life with kids, pets and movie nights.

A perfect fit, guaranteed.

We guide you through the process of measuring your sofa for the perfect, custom couch cover fit. Then, your design is painstakingly hand-drawn and triple-checked before any work begins.

Free worldwide delivery.

We might be halfway across the world from you, but because we deliver to your doorstep anywhere in the world, itll feel like were right next door.

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