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How To Identify Real Gold

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How To Tell If Gold Flakes Are Real

How to Identify Gold


Even in the ancient times, gold was valued above currency, same as it is right now. It is one of the most treasured metals on planet earth. Some tests can be used to tell whether gold flakes are real or fake.

The two main ways to identify whether gold flakes are real or fake are the caustic methods and non-caustic methods. They are discussed below:

Ways To Tell If The Gold Youre Purchasing Is Real

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Gold is one of the most valuable and sought-after commodities on the planet. Because of its value, inexpensive jewelry can be made to look more expensive if it appears to contain gold, even if that gold is fake. If you have a , whether it is scrap or a valuable heirloom, you may be interested to know if it is an imitation or real gold. This is especially true if you are looking to buy such an item. Here are some ways you can tell if the gold you have or are looking to buy is real.

How To Tell Real Gold From Fake

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It could be worth something or it could not. Knowing how to tell real gold from the fake stuff can easily be done.

Gold has been around since the ancient Egyptians and was the first metal to be considered precious by humankind. Ancient civilizations such as the Greek, Roman, and Egyptian empires led their own conquests for gold. Gold became the first standardized coins for currency and quickly became a sign of wealth and prosperity.

Fast forward to the Gold Rush of 1840, Americans quickly found themselves searching and panning rivers and streams for the natural beauty in search for their own road to wealth and success.

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Test With Ceramic Surface

A third approach involves un-glazed ceramic surfaces. A glazed ceramic will have a glossy surface to it, similar to a lacquer on wood. Unglazed is dull, matte in color, and a bit gritty to the touch. When gold is rubbed across unglazed ceramic it leaves a bit of a yellow streak as small parts of the metal come off on the ceramic due to friction. Pyrite, otherwise known as fools gold and another fake form, will instead leave a black streak on a ceramic surface. Again, however, this is a destructive method that will definitely scratch the gold being tested.

To Test For This White Gold Do The Following:

How To Identify Whether Gold Is Real or Fake?

Scratch the white gold piece, preferably on a part that wont be noticeable easily. If its actually white gold, scratching will reveal the yellowish layer of gold underneath.

Acid test start from the lowest karat testing kit, for example, a 10k test kit, and go up as you keep testing youll run the test in the small scratched bit.

Note: If the piece loses color or dissolves, its karatage is lower than whats labeled on the test bottle a small color change means the karatage is very close to the label on the kit, and no color change means that the golds purity level is above whats labeled on the bottle. Make sure that you read the instructions carefully for the right test and conclusion.

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The Magnifying Glass Test

The Magnifying Glass Test is the first home test for gold you can perform if you want to determine the authenticity of your gold product. This test is straightforward since it requires only your gold bullion or your gold jewelry and a magnifying glass.

Through this test, you must carefully inspect your gold item with the magnifying glass to find a few essential visual clues about it. These include:

If your gold piece didnt pass the Magnifying Glass Test, you can be sure that you dont have a pure gold item. But, if you want to find out its fineness, you can proceed to further testing.

For the next testing method, you may still need your magnifying glass. Since your item, especially if its jewelry, could also contain several other gold hallmarks besides the purity marking, you should examine it further to test its authenticity.

Still Not Sure Test The Piece Of Jewelry Using The Small Gold Testing Kit

To be completely sure about the materials used to make that piece of white jewelry, you might want to test the jewelry using a gold testing kit.

You can buy this kit online or from reputable jewelry or antique store. The best part about the gold testing kits is that they are designed not just for white gold but for white gold in different karatage/ levels of purity.

So, if you are not sure about the gold or the karatage, you might want to get the gold test kits.

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Easy Steps To Check If Your Gold Is Real

So, youve invested in your first gold product. This could be in the form of jewellery, or bars and coins. As there are many fakes out there, how can you determine that your gold is genuine?

Real gold jewellery will usually have a hallmark stamp that includes its Karat value, which you can find more information on here. Alternatively, gold content can be expressed as a decimal. You can identify 24K gold as .999 or 1.000 and 22K as .916. If you are unable to find the stamp, check the clasp of a necklace, or inner band of a ring.

Gold bars will have large markings with a hallmark and stamps of its weight, purity, refiner and a serial number. Only purchase gold bars with a recognised hallmark, which guarantees your gold would have been minted by reputable refiners. For a list of accredited refiners, refer to the London Bullion Market.

However, dont discount your gold entirely if it does not have a hallmark. Older forms of gold jewellery, for example, may not bear these markings. In this case, try the other methods listed.

2. Test your gold with a magnet.

Gold is not magnetic, and so placing your gold next to a strong magnet should not result in any reaction. If your gold is attracted to the magnet, it is likely to be gold-plated or fake.

Be aware that this could simply indicate larger amounts of other metals, such as iron or nickel, compared to gold.

3. Measure the size and weight of your gold.

4. Buy a gold testing kit.

5. Check for signs of discolouration

Drop The Item In Water

How to Tell Real Gold from Fake

Fill a container at least half-full with water, plenty to cover your gold item with some to spare. Gently drop your gold item into the water. Real gold is a heavy metal and will not float, so if your gold item floats you know it is not real gold. Also, if you notice rust or tarnishing on the item after being in water, this is also a sign it is not real gold since gold doesnt rust or tarnish. Given the risk of tarnishing, you may not want to do this experiment with an item that is valuable to you.

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How To Tell If White Gold Is Real At Home

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White gold is the lustrous white gold alloy. It is made of at least one white metal, besides pure gold. Often, the white metals that are alloyed with pure gold include zinc, palladium, nickel, and/or silver. In other cases, copper could be added to the gold and the rest of the white metals. All the metals added to gold to create the white gold alloy not only result in the yellowish-white gold but also reduce the brittleness of the metal alloy while adding shape and durability to the gold.

But because of the copper and the rest of the metals added to the pure gold, the resultant alloy is not really white but often appears yellowish, with a greyish hue. So, why call it white gold, and where does the lustrous white finish on white gold come from? Well, to create white gold as we know it, the resultant gold alloy is coated in a lustrous white metal from the platinum metal group, called rhodium. In other words, white gold is more like the gold alloy plated in rhodium.

Unfortunately, its not always easy to tell white gold from other lustrous white metals, which is why information on how to tell white gold from other white metals like sterling silver or platinum right from the comfort of your home is quite important.

How To Tell If Gold Is Real: The X

An XRF Spectrometer will give you the most accurate answer without damaging the prized possession in any way. You can examine any type of gold item with this machine.

A spectrometer sends X-rays through any item to charge its atoms into a higher power level. When the charged atoms cool down, they release radiation, which the spectrometer can detect and analyze.

Gold’s radiation is different from any other metal, so it will be easy to identify the authenticity of your item.

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How To Check If Gold Is Real: 5 Easy Methods

  • The Smell Test: Ideal for Small Gold Pieces
  • The Magnet Test: Use a Powerful Neodymium Magnet
  • The Lighter Test: Burning to Test Jewelry
  • The Density Test: Use Water to Test Density
  • The Ceramic Test: Unglazed Ceramic Tile
  • Caution

    Keep in mind that these tests cannot replace the opinion of a professional and are not designed to measure the quality or content of gold in a certain piece of jewelry. It is also recommended that you test your gold item using several of the methods presented here, as fake gold items can sometimes replicate several aspects and qualities of real gold.

    Gold chains such as this one are one of the most commonly available types of gold jewelry…and most easily faked.

    Perform A Magnetization Test

    How to Tell if Gold is Real? Spot Try Our Simple Tests!

    Gold is not magnetic, so you can test the metal using a powerful magnet that is capable of pulling metal blends. A regular kitchen magnet wonât work. Instead, youâll need a neodymium magnet, which you can purchase from a hardware store before you go to sell gold pieces. If you hold the magnet next to the piece of jewelry and it sticks, the piece is probably not real. Instead, itâs likely made of nickel, iron, cobalt, gadolinium, or a metal alloy containing one of these magnetic metals, like steel.

    However, this test is not foolproof. Some fake gold is made with non-magnetic metal, like stainless steel, and some genuine gold items are made with a percentage of a magnetic metal, like iron.

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    How Valuable Is My Piece Of Jewelry

    If you’re new to gold, you may be wondering what signifies a quality piece of gold jewelry. The standard measurement for gold concentration is “karats.” Typically, a piece of gold will be marked as 10k, 14k, 18k, or 24k. Each of these labels represents the percentage of gold versus the percentage of other metals in a piece of jewelry.

    Look For Letter Markings

    Any gold that is marked less than 10k is considered fake.

    Anyone who is familiar with the different levels of quality will quickly recognize the following markings:

    • GP
    • Heavy Gold Plated
    • Heavy Gold Electroplated

    These markings indicate that only a small percentage of gold was used to cover a piece that was made out of some other kind of metal in order to give it the appearance of gold.

    To give you an idea of how the upper levels of purity stack up next to one another: 24k gold is 99.9% pure, while 18k gold is 75% pure. Absolutely 100% pure gold is unheard of, mainly because pure gold is very soft and wouldnt make for a durable piece of jewelry.

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    How Can You Tell If Something Is Gold Plated

    The most trustworthy method to test if something is gold plated or solid gold is to have an acid test done it. For the acid test, take a small piece of jewelry, or using a small needle scratch a tiny part in your gold, take a dropper given in the acid kit, fill it with acid. Now use this dropper to inject that scratch with a small drop of acid. The scratched part is likely to change its color in response to the reaction with the acid. Look carefully which color has it changed to and match it with the color card given in the acid kit. This will not only tell you if the gold was fake or real but will also help you in identifying the actual metal it is. To test your gold at home with this method you will need to get an acid testing kit that is easily available at jewelry stores and even online. The acid test is also used to determine the Karat of the gold. If you decide to use this method, please read the instruction given in the kit carefully before you begin the procedure.

    % Guaranteed Testfree Appraisal From A Reliable Provider


    Yes, the most reliable and easiest way to determine if you have real or fake gold is by taking your piece to a certified precious metal consultant, like Bullion Exchanges.

    Ideally, this is the best method to authenticate your gold item because you will get your piece examined and analyzed by qualified appraisers. We use top-notch digital gold testers like the ones described above.

    At Bullion Exchanges, you will receive a free appraisal. You can either ship your goods to us or visit our store. We use both the Sigma Metalytics Precious Metal Verifier and the XRF Thermo Scientific Gold Analyzer. You will find our contact information here if you would like to ship or come visit us in person in the heart of NYCs Diamond District.

    We appraise precious coins, rounds, and bars made of gold, silver, platinum, palladium, and rhodium. The store authentication is fully transparent when you come in person. We perform the tests right in front of you, so you can be sure you get the most accurate results. On top of that, our certified experts have vast experience and knowledge in identifying fake bullion items.

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    How To Identify Real Gold

    Many people believe that the means to identify gold is a pretty easy task. There are also many people who get fooled on a regular basis and duped out of their hard-earned cash as well. Gold, like many metals, has a substance to it and weight and a distinct color. However, modern production capability is also quite capable of producing alloys that look very much like real gold but are in fact not. And this common availability makes it quite possible to fool experts if played well. Thats how some 80 tons of fake gold were passed through in China in 2019, shaking the confidence of the international gold market horribly.

    For the average consumer, gold bars are not likely going to be the product to worry about. In fact, most consumers opt for jewellery first and then consumables such as bullion coins. However, there is plenty of room in these categories as well to cause problems, as many buyers are finding out in recent years with fraudulent sales online through eBay and similar. And with the spike in gold demand that just keeps on rising over the last few years, many criminals are taking advantage of the urge to buy gold as their opportunity to separate people from their money.

    Compare The Size & Weight

    If you hold a gold ring in one hand and another ring made of a metal like nickel, copper, or brass in the other, youâll notice the gold is denser and heavier. If a piece seems too light for its size, it may not be real. You can also try dropping the piece into water. Gold will quickly sink to the bottom.

    To determine if your jewelry pieces are real gold, visit American Trading Company in Cincinnati, OH. For more than 50 years, theyâve been one of the communityâs top pawn shops, known as an excellent establishment for selling and purchasing genuine jewelry and collectibles. Call 661-3633 to speak with a friendly team member about how to sell gold or coins. You can also visit the website to learn more about the pawn shop.

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    Using A Nitric Acid Test

  • 1Purchase a gold-testing kit to get the acid you need for the test. Testing kits include various bottles of nitric acid for different types of gold. Some tests also include a flat rock called a touchstone you can use to scratch off some of the gold on your item. You may also see needles with samples of yellow and white gold to use as a comparison to your item.XResearch source
  • Testing kits are available online. Also, check with local jewelry stores. Most jewelers use this test for its accuracy.
  • 2Create a small scratch on the gold using a sharp tool. Choose an inconspicuous location on the jewelry to make the scratch, such as underneath a clasp or an inner band. Then, use a sharp tool such as a jewelry engraver to dig into the gold. Scratch until you get underneath the top layer of gold. Expose a fresh layer of gold or any other metal underneath it.XResearch source
  • Nitric acid tests require you to scratch your piece of gold. If the gold has personal value to you or you plan on keeping it, take it to a professional jeweler instead of doing the test yourself.
  • Regular gold does not react to the acid, so your item might be gold plated or a low-purity blend of metals.
  • A milk-colored reaction usually indicates gold-plated sterling silver. If the acid turns gold, you have gold-plated brass.
  • The acids all increase in strength, so the acid used for 22K is stronger than the 12K one. If the 18K acid dissolves the gold but the 14K one doesnt, you know your item is probably around 14K.
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