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Where To Buy Gold In Kansas City

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Bacchus And Rockwell’s Rare Coins

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Bacchus and Rockwell’s Rare Coins that also go by the name B& R Coins uses a catchy tagline known as “Old & Gold” in describing what they specialize in. Positioned in the area of Lee’s Summit, the business has been servicing the coin collectors in Kansas City since 1994. This store carries foreign and U.S. coins that are in both raw and graded states. The selection on offer is aimed at high-grade coins like the Morgan silver and dollars and the Walking Liberty halves. B& R Coins offers collecting supplies and coin books along with the more popular types of silver and gold bullion such as the American Eagle. The store offers appraisals as well as buyers of any silver and gold types like silver flatware, sterling, and jewelry. They are well-known for their knowledgeable and friendly services along with and an extensive selection of different rare coins.


Canadian Gold Maple Leaf

Produced by the Royal Canadian Mint and available is sizes similar to the United States Eagle, the Canadian Maple Leaf bullion coin is popular with precious metals investors world-wide. Containing virtually no alloy these coins are also sold for a very small premium above intrinsic value. Call ahead for pricing and availability.

Bacchus And Rockwells Rare Coins

Bacchus and Rockwells Rare Coins, also known as B& R Coins, specializes in old & gold. Founded in 1994, this Lees Summit coin dealer specializes in U.S. and foreign coins, specifically high-grade type coins such as Morgan silver dollars and Walking Liberty halves. They also carry coin collecting supplies and popular gold and silver bullion products. They also appraise and buy jewelry, sterling silver, and other precious metal items. Bacchus and Rockwells is known for competitive prices, an expansive array of coins, and friendly service.

524-7855Lees Summit, MO 64081

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Buy Gold Coins For Security

Ever since ancient times, gold currency has been the answer for everyone who has wanted financial security. Even though most of the world now relies on paper money & credit cards, buying & selling gold coins is still a great option for secure money & a smart & beneficial investment strategy.

  • Monday – Friday09:30 am – 05:30 pm Saturday 10:00 am – 03:00 pm

Meierotto / Midwest Jewelers

Best Place to Sell Gold in Kansas City

Founded in 1979, Meierottos Midwest Coin and Currency is a family-owned dealer specializing in United States coins and paper currency. They buy and sell all types of U.S. coins, from Barber dimes to Washington quarters to Morgan silver dollars, in both circulated and uncirculated condition. They also offer proof sets, mint sets, and many more numismatic collectibles. Meierotto also carries gold, silver, and platinum bullion in the form of coins, rounds, and bars. Meierotto has served rare coin collectors and precious metal investors in the Kansas City area for more than three decades, and is known for fair prices and professional service.

453-11111900 Diamond PkwyNorth Kansas City, MO 64116

Thank you for reading our guide to gold and silver buying in Kansas City, MO. If you know of any other coin or bullion shops in Kansas City, please contact us so we can update our directory.

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Potential Areas To Prospect

In 1896, there were again reports which claimed that gold was discovered in Hollenberg City in Washington County that assayed out at $10 to $20 per ton. But then again, the gold seekers were doomed to disappointment. The flock of miners departed as quickly as they came, leaving Hollenberg to return to its former condition as a quiet little town.

Just about the same time as the discoveries in Hollenberg City, there were also reports of tin being found along the Smoky Hill River. No tin was found, but the ores contained low percentages of zinc. When a 200-foot shaft was sunk during experimentation procedures with the shale, a metal was found bearing a strong resemblance to gold. It is unconfirmed whether or not it actually was.

While the larger rivers that flow out of Colorado carried small amounts of placer gold since they drain some known gold-bearing areas, they are several hundred miles from the significant gold districts of Colorado. Meaning, any gold that was found will be extremely small and fine textured. The larger gold flakes and nuggets just do not travel very far downstream, but floods have the capability of pushing fine flour gold for long distances.

Thus, there is potential to find gold throughout the Arkansas River, which also cuts through Kansas the Walnut River, a tributary of the Arkansas River, in the Flint Hills region in Butler County and, the Smoky Hill River in Geary County and near Abilene in Dickinson County.

Why Sell Your Gold To Us

Noes Jewelry is a proud member of RJO, a group of over 800 jewelry stores in America whose huge buying power is reflected in our every day low prices. We are also members of Jewelers of America , which is a national organization of retail jewelers, whose purpose is to educate retailers and consumers alike. We are also a member of the Jewelers Vigilance Committee, and the Missouri Jewelers and Watchmakers Association.

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The Best 10 Gold Buyers In Kansas City Mo

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    Under new management I believe it’s now called Facets Golden Girls. The owner Robin is the sweetest and very fair with pricing. She helped us research the antique jewelry we were more

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    Tucked away in a strip mall in Lee’s Summit is a quite, clean and well kept shop that buys and sells coins, silver and gold jewelry, and fossils. In every transaction I have had more

  • Country Club Plaza

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    I visited these people yesterday, because I had a number of Morgan and Peace silver dollars that I wanted to sell.I realize they are nothing special, but they were in Fine or more

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    Why I give them goood reviews is I went in with bags of change barely organized and they were patient with my baggies. I chatted about my coin saving choices and wasgiven more

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    The owner helped create the most gorgeous ring that I’ll cherish forever. Totally love the work and the help! Thank you so much! more

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    I wanted to purchase some simple gold earrings for my wife for Christmas. I went to Thompsons and they recommended some options within my budget. They were very friendly and provided more

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    Fred was very friendly and informative. I got what my jewelry was worth. I would recommend to sell your jewelry to Fred. more

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  • Gold Mutual Funds And Etfs

    Patrick Mahomes: “We understand we have another chance at it now.” | Press Conference 12/14

    Rather than investing in a single company tied to gold, you invest in a basket of gold-related securities through gold mutual funds or ETFs. Gold funds may track the price of gold, include the stocks of multiple gold mines and refineries or provide exposure to gold futures and options.

    Top gold mutual funds and ETFs include:

    • iShares Gold Trust
    • Invesco DB Gold Fund
    • Franklin Gold and Precious Metals Fund

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    Buy Gold Bullion Coins From Jm Bullion

    If youre looking to buy gold as an investment option, then gold bullion coins offer a great place to start. Gold coins offer beautiful designs known the world over and many come with gold purity and weight backed by central governments and issued by sovereign mints. Youll find no shortage of gold bullion coins available to purchase when you shop online. In fact, the most difficult task youll face may just be choosing which coins you want in your portfolio! Below is an overview of the some of the most popular gold bullion coins available today.

    How Is Biotox Gold Indicated To Work

    As Biotox Nutrition provided their strategy to weight management, a number of recommendations were shared to verify their factor. In reviewing the detailed sources, we stumbled upon one that could discuss how Biotox Gold functions. Specifically, the team brought Teflon ® to light. Teflon ® is a trademark name made use of to symbolize a team of human-made chemicals, among them being polytetrafluoroethylene . PTFE, as discussed by the American Cancer Society, has been in business usage since the 1940s, specifically as a non-stick coating surface for pans and various other cooking equipment, fabric guards, and so on. . The above gives rise to a crucial concern, Just how does PTFE affect weight gain or body fat? Well, to answer this, we needed to investigate even more. Therefore, one research study referenced by AJC emerged. It was shared that the researchers from Harvard College performed a research study to see just how much kitchenware can have an effect weight loss. Roughly 621 overweight people took part over the course of six months just to locate that after 18 months, they reclaimed half the weight they shed.

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    Avenue Pawn And Fine Jewelry

    Avenue Pawn and Fine Jewelry is a pawn shop specializing in gold, silver, and coins. They buy and sell U.S. coinage , proof and mint sets, pre-1933 U.S. gold coins, silver dollars, and paper currency. They also deal in American Eagles, Austrian Philharmonics, Chinese Gold Pandas, and gold coins from anywhere in the world. Their showroom is filled with rare coins, silver bars, and other numismatic collectibles and bullion options. They are among the largest buyers of foreign coins and currency in the Kansas City area. Avenue Pawn and Fine Jewelry also sells a small selection of their inventory on eBay.

    483-6767Kansas City, MO 64124

    Waldo Financial Pays 2 To 3 Times More Money For Your Gold In Kansas City

    14kt Yellow Gold NFL Kansas City Chiefs Pendant Necklace ...

    Do you need cash for your gold? Are you thinking of selling your gold for cash in Kansas City?

    If so, here are the top 3 reasons why Waldo Financial is the best “we buy gold” store in Kansas City:

    #1. Receive a Phone Quote for Your Gold

    There seems to be a lot of mysteries associated with selling your gold in Kansas City. We’re not sure why. We recently phoned many of the Kansas City area “we buy gold” stores asking for a quote for our gold. None would tell us how much they’re paying for gold on any given day. Instead, they required that we visit their store location before they would give us any information.

    When we walked into their store, they gave us a verbal quote, but then refused to put that quote in writing.

    What a hassle.

    When you sell your gold at Waldo Financial of Kansas City, you can phone-in ahead of time and ask us how much we’re paying for gold. The international price of gold fluctuates daily so it’s nice to know the price we’ll pay you before you walk into a store to sell your gold.

    now for your “we buy gold” quote.

    #2. Your Gold in Grams Not Pennyweight

    How much cash you get for your gold depends on the weight of your gold. Most jewelers value gold not by the ordinary ounce , but by the “Troy” ounce . However, most “we buy gold” stores use “Pennyweight” instead to weigh your gold. Then they pay you by “ounce” so that they can pay you less money for your gold.

    How confusing is that?

    now for your “we buy gold” quote.

    Are you ready to sell your gold?

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    Where To Buy Biotox Gold In Kansas City Kansas

  • Learn More About Where To Buy Biotox Gold In Kansas City Kansas Here
  • Biotox Gold is proclaimed by the main web site as the first-ever, 100% all-natural fluid decline weight reduction supplement to ever exist. By integrating close to 20 detoxing nutrients and also plant removes, the makers, Biotox Nutrition, believe that they successfully recognized the specific mix to target the real source of belly fat. Whats interesting to see is that this supplement exceeds weight-loss. To be extra particular, people can anticipate weight-loss outcomes as well as healthy heart, brain, as well as joints operate improved energy levels as well as subdued cravings.Where To Buy Biotox Gold In Kansas City Kansas

    The field of study has achieved success in enlightening the general public on just how their bodies work. With every substantial searching for, hope for the weight management industry rises, particularly in understanding exactly how the body replies to specific active ingredients. That stated, a rise in supplements with natural active ingredients has actually been experienced in recent times.

    Prior to leaping to the components checklist, every person has to understand exactly how Biotox Gold is implied to work, or in other words, how it halts the function of the meant root cause.

    Gold Is Definitely Present Very Small Gold

    There were no verified reports of any commercial gold mining operations within the state of Kansas. Although the gold is small and almost always extremely fine textured flour gold, it is present in many creeks within the previously glaciated area and can be recovered by careful gold panning technique.

    Despite a lack of any substantial gold deposits, there is an active community of recreational gold prospectors in Kansas and many other Midwestern states. The likelihood of striking it rich is pretty slim, but you do have a good chance of finding some color of you search in the right areas.

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    Check Out Where To Buy Biotox Gold In Kansas City Kansas Here

    The length of time will it require to receive Biotox Gold?

    Typically, it can take anywhere in between 3 and 5 service days for orders put in the U.S., as well as anywhere between 7 and also 14 organization days for worldwide orders.

    What Happens If Biotox Gold fails to bring fulfillment?

    A 60-day money-back guarantee has actually shielded Biotox Gold. As long as customers call customer care and return their particular containers within this allocated timeframe, there should not be any type of problems to get compensated. To learn more about the refund policy at Biotox Nourishment:

    Just how much does Biotox Gold cost?

    Each Biotox Gold bottle totals up to 60ml of liquid remedy. That stated, it is unclear how long one container will certainly last because people are recommended to take reasonably large offering sizes. Thankfully, we do know that:.

    1 Biotox Gold container: $79 each.3 Biotox Gold bottles: $55 each.6 Biotox Gold bottles: $42 each.People who buy 3- or 6-bottles will additionally get a 1- and a 2-month supply of Biotox Nourishments Colon Clear supplement, specifically . Details on the additional supplements have actually not been exposed at the time of writing.

    Buy Gold And Silver In Kansas City Mo

    Patrick Mahomes: “Weâre still nowhere near where we want to be” | Press Conference 10/20

    Located near the Kansas and Missouri Rivers, Kansas City, Kansas has a diverse culture and several notable landmarks. The River Market District is a popular spot for those who enjoy shopping and dining. The Town of Kansas Bridge connects the Riverfront Heritage Trail to the River Market. The fountains at Kauffman Stadium are the largest privately funded fountains in the world, and lend the name City of Fountains to Kansas City.

    Anyone who wishes to expand their wealth in Kansas City will find tremendous success with precious metals. Silver, gold, platinum and various other types of precious metals are in high demand, making them an excellent investment. If you want to make money while you watch the Royals, consider buying Gold, Silver, or any other precious metal. For a secure retirement, call Gramercy Gold today.

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    Top Kansas City Missouri Gold Buyers/sellers

    Located along the Missouri and Kansas boundary line, Kansas City is the most populated city in the state of Missouri and the 38th most populated in the nation with an approximate 491,918 residents. Kansas City is a cultural hub with a tradition of jazz, theater, and distinctive barbecue cuisine. Architecture has a prominent place in Kansas City with several international architecture companies calling it home including HNTB, BNIM, and 360 Architecture among others. Several notable buildings in the city feature unique styles of architecture such as Euro-Style Block and Art Deco. 10 companies are headquartered in Kansas City including H& R Block, Cerner, and Hallmark Cards among others. If youre looking for gold and silver buyers and sellers in Kansas City, Missouri, see below.

    Address: 815 NW Barry RdKansas City, MO 64155

    Sell Your Gold To The Kansas City Gold Buyer Noes Jewelry

    What about your diamonds & precious stones? Being a jewelry store, we are always in need of diamonds and some precious stones. Most gold buyers do not have this need and DO NOT OFFER you much, if anything, for your stones. At Noes, we will make you a very fair offer for your diamonds and precious stones. If the stones are something that we cant use or you would like to keep, we will gladly cut them out & return them to you. We are not interested in just simply taking the stones from you.

    Additionally, Noes offers a consignment program that may bring you 2 to 6 times more than selling your item outright. Please contact us to find out more information regarding how the program works.

    FOOLISH CHOICE #1: You can mail your gold to someone you dont know, who is not a member of your community and get a low ball offer.

    FOOLISH CHOICE #2: You can go to a hotel and sell your gold, in most cases to someone that is not a part of your community, who usually pays less than us and rarely gives you anything for your precious stones!!!

    FOOLISH CHOICE #3: You can go to a home gold buying party, a great social gathering, but not your best option, since the host gets a percentage of your money and their offers are typically low to begin with. They too rarely give you anything for your precious stones.

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