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Where To Buy Gold Bars In New York City

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Buy Gold And Silver In New York City

Fake Gold Bars Hit New York City – Pamp Suisse Gold – BEWARE!

New York City is the largest city in the state of New York and, indeed, the largest in the United States. There are hundreds of coin shops and gold and silver dealers in New York City, and many of the best bullion dealers in New York state are located in the city. One important fact to consider, however, are the sales taxes that apply when buying bullion and coins in New York City. Currently, the rate is 8.875%, the highest sales tax rate in the entire state. CBMint, being an online retailer, does not have to charge sales tax to residents of New York City, meaning you will save nearly a lot of money when purchasing precious metals bullion and coins online.

Why Buy Gold Bullion

Just following the year 2000, there has been a substantial increase in gold prices as well as in the amount of individual investors buying and directly owning gold bullion bars and gold coins.

Since the financial crisis of 2008, the trend of online gold dealers selling gold coins and bullion bars to the investing public has increased substantially. It has become quite common for investors buying gold coins or buying gold bars in the hopes of diversifying risks to their investment portfolios.

Benefits Of Buying Gold

If youre looking to invest in gold, buying gold bullion can be a great option as it offers

1) Flexibility Gold bullion coins or bars can be easily traded regardless of where they reside. This means you dont have to worry about how well your brokers systems and offices will cope with security issues just ensure that both parties trust each other.

This makes gold bullion an excellent investment vehicle for anyone who wishes to sell when required as well as those needing to meet tight deadlines or short-term cash flow needs.

Again, this flexibility comes from the fact that there are many different kinds of coin so make sure you only deal with reputable firms, as those that are less scrupulous may try to pass off counterfeits or fine gold as a base metal.

2) Diversification It is very easy to invest in gold bullion because it can be bought and sold whenever you want as above even over the internet.

In addition, some investors buy and hold , whereas others sell when they wish to realize their profits.

This means that buying gold bullion offers both short-term investment decisions and longer-term investments at will. Many people also use gold bullion as a store of wealth for inheritances or other future needs either way, flexibility gives you an excellent range of options from which you can decide what is right for you.

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Why Buy Gold Bars From Kitco Metals

When considering where to buy gold online or locally, find gold bar dealers who promptly deliver quality gold bars and gold bullion at fair and reasonable prices. We have been working in the gold bullion industry for over 40 years and seen many local and online gold bar dealers come and go.

Since 1977, Kitco has been buying and selling gold and other precious metal bullion. We are the worlds #1 Gold News website and a trusted online bullion and gold bar dealer.

Global Gold And Silver

Walk into the room dripping in gold this New Year

This Midtown Manhattan dealer specializes in selling gold and silver coins, jewelry, flatware, and other precious metal items. Global Gold and Silver is located in an office building in the Diamond District. Owner Oshri Reuven is known for providing top quality customer service. Catering to new collectors and casual sellers, Global Gold and Silver takes the time to explain the finer nuances of precious metals. Appointments are not required but are preferred, especially if you are selling a significant amount of gold or silver bullion or coins.

302-46537 W 45th St. Ste 1200New York, NY 10036

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Astoria Coins & Collectibles

Astoria Coins & Collectibles has been serving the Astoria and surrounding communities for over 40 years. They carry a wide variety of U.S. coins and bills, both large and small. They also have a nice selection of foreign coins and currencies. Astoria Coins & Collectibles carries silver bullion, sterling jewelry and a small selection of comic books.

2106 30th Ave

Lou’s Coins buys and sells ancient coins, US and foreign money, antiques, and more.

185 6th Ave

Best Place For Finding 1 Gram Of Gold Coin

If you are looking to purchase 1 Gram of Gold Coin, then you can trust The New York Gold Company. We can find a perfect product that fits your budget and requirements. We sell online and offline as well as via phone too. Get in touch and find perfect gold coins for you! Find out why you can trust The New York Gold Company here:

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Buying Gold Bullion Online With Apmex

Throughout history, Gold has maintained a constant presence and value. The yellow Precious Metals significance cannot be exaggerated, as there is no other metal in the world with its prominence in both history and present-day value. Whether Gold bullion was used in international trade between nations or as a traditional commerce unit, its influence has continued to be the standard by which affluence is measured. Gold bullion transcends language and cultural barriers.

The value of Gold is consistent across the globe. Today, investors buy Gold as a hedge against inflation and market volatility. APMEX carries a large selection of Gold bullion products from bars, coins and rounds, there is something for every investor or collector within our assortment.

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Gold Dealers NYC

If youd rather not mess around with Bitcoin, consider this more traditional investment opportunity coming to you straight from the New York Sheriffs Office. Today, there will be a Sheriffs sale of 40 gold bullion bars, alongside other valuables.

The contents of the sale were seized from diamond dealer Aaron Chitrick Purec in 2017 when he lost a judgment filed by New York Community Bank. Per an announcement put out by Joseph Fucito, Sheriff of NYC, they will include 164 clear stones, 6 rings with clear stones, three metal necklaces with clear stones, and 71 metal bracelets with clear stones, in addition to the gold bars.

New York is the center of the worlds gold. The Federal Reserve Bank of New Yorks gold vault at its peak contained over 12,000 tons of monetary gold. In 2019, the vault housed approximately 497,000 gold bars a weight of about 6,190 tons. The New York vault today remains the worlds largest known depository of monetary gold.

The standard gold bar held by central banks and traded among bullion dealers is 12.4 kilograms, around 27lbs . Each 12.4kg bar would be worth over $730,000 at current rates. The weight of the bullion bars on offer is not stated.

#NYCSHERIFF‘S SALE of #Goldbars Monday May 17th, 2021 at 12:00 PM 66 John Street, 13th Floor, NY, NY.

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Buy Gold And Silver In New York

New York is home to the largest US city, New York City, around which much of the economy of the state revolves. New York is a center for finance, manufacturing, business services, and tourism. Indeed, many consider New York to be the financial center of the world. New York also attracts more annual tourists than any other US state.

Gold and silver mining have never been abundant in New York. Today, however, given the state’s huge population, there are a number of top gold and silver dealers in New York. New York City, obviously, is home to many of the best silver and gold dealers in the state.

Buying Gold Bars From Bullion Trading Llc

Buying gold bars from Bullion Trading LLC is the most cost-effective way for gold investors to buy gold bars. With over 25 years of experience as a reputable bullion dealer, you can trust us to offer gold bars at the lowest possible price. Buying gold bars in bulk helps reduce the price per ounce of gold and can save your money every time you purchase a gold bar.

If you have any questions regarding bullion bars and coins, please contact us at and we will be happy to assist you. Bullion Trading LLC is able to sell Gold Bullions during normal business hours .

All orders are processed by Bullion Trading LLC, which guarantees that all transactions are secure and safe with us. We also offer excellent customer service before, during and after your order has been placed so that we may guarantee an easy transaction for our customers.

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Buying Gold And Silver In New York

New York is the third most populous state in the country. It is home to the largest U.S. city, New York City, with an estimated population of 8.3 million people, making up nearly half of the entire states population.

New York City attracts more foreign tourists than any other U.S. location. New York State was the location of about a third of all the battles of the Revolutionary War, and was the 11th state to ratify the United States Constitution.

Buying Gold & Silver In New York


New York is an important state in our country. It has been since the formation of a union, and even before that. With its unique location n along the Atlantic Ocean, as well as its river access into inland New England, New York was a vital cog in the American Revolutionary War. Many battles were fought throughout the state, and the harbor was deemed as crucial as Boston Harbor to the momentum of the War. George Washington spent quite a bit of time in New York, and, as recent books and television series have attested, his original spies operated on Long Island and in New York City. The ability to out maneuver the British in the battles of New York had a great impact o the outcome of the War.

Over the years, many politicians have started their careers in New York. Alexander Hamilton came from New York. Both Franklin D. Roosevelt and Theodore Roosevelt started their careers in New York. Throughout the 1800s many positions of power in our federal government were filled by individuals who have spent time in the political system in New York State. Even to this day, the Governor of New York is deemed a unique position in politics. It can be argued that the Mayor of New York City is the most powerful Mayor in the country.

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Save For Your Retirement In Gold Buy From Us Now

There are three ways to save in gold. First of all, you can of course buy real gold. You should be careful about buying investment gold, that is gold with a purity of .999. Secondly, you can buy certificates and other securities whose value is governed by the world market price. Third, you can invest in gold shares, that is, shares in companies that are involved in gold mining. But, of all these, the gold in your hand is what you see. Buy gold coins and bars online from us today.

Gold will protect you when the financial markets are gone

Gold can act as a safe haven when the storms blow on the financial markets. Over the years, however, gold has proved to be a stable investment when stock markets have fallen and, above all, in times of inflation. Inflation occurs when the amount of money increases. Money becomes less worthwhile. The gold, on the other hand, is persistent and is only available in a certain amount. You can buy gold coins and bars online from us today. Safeguard your wealth now.

Contact us now if you would like to buy gold coins and bars online

Use the form below to contact us.

The Answer Is Simple Romanov Buyers Inc


We have been buying gold and other fine luxury goods for over 30 years in Manhattan. Our staff includes certified appraisers and precious metal experts who are committed to providing the most accurate appraisals in New York City. We are top buyers of gold in NYC estate jewelry, gold jewelry, charms, bracelets, chains, gold coins, rings, necklaces, gold bars and more.


Romanov Buyers has an advantage over other gold buyers in Manhattan we refine our own gold. This means we are able to pay customers top prices since we eliminate the middle man and pass the savings on to you. If you own unique designer jewelry, our experts factor in the overall value of your piece not simply the value of the gold.


Our staff is courteous, professional and always available to answer your questions. Our goal is to provide an experience which will keep you coming back for years.


Our location on 47th Street is open 7 days a week. Easily accessible from street level, we provide a comfortable waiting area as well as private offices where we review your items and perform appraisals. Free valet parking available.


Choose your preferred form of payment: Check, Bank Transfer, PayPal or Cash..

We Buy Gold All Types and Condition

Bent or Broken Jewelry

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Gold Bar Delivery To Door

Safe shipment of gold bars and gold bullion coins in the mail is more common than you might think.

The majority of our customers take fully insured, physical gold delivery to their door or preferred mailing addresses.

Upon fully cleared payment of your order with Kitco, your gold bars or bullion bars are secured tightly in nondescript packaging. All parcels are shipped with full insurance, postal tracking, and adult signature requirements.

What Affects The Gold Price In The Us

Why Texas Wants Its Gold Stored in Manhattan Back

The most important factor influencing gold price variations is most certainly the US dollar exchange rate. It’s enough to remember that worldwide gold is traded in US dollars, therefore a rise in the exchange rate will result in a rise in local pricing. A higher ringgit, on the other hand, will result in lower gold prices.

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Federal Capital Gains Tax

Across the United States, the Federal Capital Gains Tax is imposed on all profits made from the sale of precious metals. Simply put, if you buy precious metals and hold onto them, youre okay, even if they increase in value. However, as soon as you sell them for a profit you are expected to inform the IRS and pay a maximum of 28% on that profit .

Manfra Tordella And Brookes

For over five decades, MTB has been an industry leader, and one of the best gold and silver bullion dealers in New York City, if not the entire country. The main focus of MTB is buying and selling coins and bullion wholesale, although they do sell gold and silver bullion to the public. Their new headquarters, in the International Gem Tower in New York, features over the counter retail selling of fine gold, silver, platinum, and palladium bullion.

Manfra, Tordella & Brookes are famous for being one of the official US distributors of PAMP Suisse bullion products, including the extremely popular Lady Fortuna series of gold, silver, and platinum bullion bars. MTB sells a huge range of bullion bars in all sizes, from small, fractional gold and silver bars, up to massive 1000 ounce silver bars and 100 ounce gold bars. Being predominantly a wholesaler, their platinum, gold, and silver prices are very competitive. MTB is a member of the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation , and has a Better Business Bureau rating of A+.

50 West 47th Street #310New York, NY 10036 981-4550

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Vieira Coins & Collectibles Inc

Vieira Coins & Collectibles buys and sells old money, coin collections and other authenticate collectibles in Corona, New York. With more than 15 years of experience, they sell coins, paper money, collectibles, and antiques from the United States and other parts of the world.

37-56A Junction BlvdCorona, NY 11368

Nationwide Precious Metal Refinery Based In The Heart Of New York

Goldbar Nightclub

Manhattan Gold & Silver is a family-owned, full-service precious metal refinery. Since 1985, we have worked to provide companies worldwide and of all sizes seamless precious metal refining services and same-day payouts. Our headquarters are located at 45 West 47th Street , where we have a superior team of knowledgeable individuals ready to assist and answer your precious metal refining questions.

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Gram Gold Bar Perth Mint Oriana Design

The New York Gold Co. sells the highest purity rated gold bars. The gold bars for sale at our dealership are specially chosen to ensure that our customers get the best quality available. Hence, we source our golds bars from the best mints in the world. You can buy 1-gram gold bars, 10-gram gold bar or 10-ounce gold bar enclosed in assay package, engraved with serial numbers that denote the metals purity. The gold bar price is set based on the collectors value of the bar. We source our gold bars for sale from the best mints in the world and they carry the most popular designs on the obverse.

You can buy 1 gram gold bars or 10 gm gold bar from our religious series collections as a special occasion gift to yourself or someone important to commemorate an important day. If you want to buy gold bars, our gold bar price is transparent, with no hidden charges. Buying gold bars need not be extravagant as there are 10 gm gold bar and 10 ounce gold bar options available. We sell Swiss gold bar from Pamp Suisse that sells collectors 10 gram gold bar with special religious designs.

Buy gold bars, especially Swiss gold bar or from Perth Mint, for attractive prices. Our gold bar price is transparent hence buying gold bars from us is quick and easy.

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