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How Much Cash For Gold

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Tulsas Premier Cash For Gold Traderwe Pay Top Dollar For Your Gold

How Much Will Eco Atm Machine Give Me for 24K Gold iPhone?

Looking to sell your gold? Here at Abbys Cash For Gold, we offer you the highest possible price for your gold out of all other Tulsa buyers. We are locally owned and are well known in the local community. This gives us credibility among people throughout Tulsa.

Our shop is considered as the go to spots if you need quick and seamless cash for gold transactions. If you have jewelry and want to know more about it in terms of value, were more than happy to assess it for you and give it a fair and honest estimate. If youre willing to part ways with it, well also give the right amount to you based exactly on our initial estimate.

Our gold buying operation is based on honesty and transparency. Keep in mind that all cash for gold transactions at Abbys Cash For Gold are private and confidential. This means all information you give will remain private. Our friendly staff will give you a free quote without you having any obligation to sell If you decide not to sell, youre free to take the quote with you and shop around. We know it is important for you to get the highest payouts possible for your gold to cash conversions. Thats why our appraisals on your gold jewelry are done right in front of you. Youre guaranteed detailed and honest assessment whenever you come to us.

For more information, give us a call at . You can also drop by the shop at the Promenade Mall, Suite 119, downstairs by Dillards.

Selling Your Gold To Jeweler

Selling your gold to a jeweler who can re-use the gold may be a logical place to start.

However, most jewelers dont have the equipment or skills to melt gold down, refine it and re-use it. Instead, most jewelers would need to sell the gold on to someone who can do this.

Selling to a jeweler is essentially adding in an extra middleman in the process, and every additional layer you add into a process means that the amount they can give you for your jewelry will be reduced.

It makes sense therefore to skip jewelers completely to make sure that you get the most possible for your gold.

B Online Buyers / Precious

Theres no shortage of online companies that will buy your dental gold.

Online gold buyers?

Weve used the term online here but all that refers to is that you learn details and make initial arrangements for your transaction through the companys website. You could get this same information over the phone, or from a shipment form if you had one.

a) Youre more likely to cut out the middleman.

When you do business with an online company thats also an actual precious-metals refiner, you are in effect cutting out the middleman.

Most local gold buyers just turn around and sell the dental work theyve bought to refining companies. So why not just send it to them on your own and get the better payout rate for yourself?

b) Youre more likely to get actual testing or an assay.

Another advantage of using an online refiner, as opposed to a local buyer, is that for companies for whom this is their primary business theyre more likely to offer more sophisticated testing and evaluation of your scrap.

That means youll get paid more fairly. And not just for the gold content your dental work contains but also possibly for the white precious metals that are usually found in dental alloys that local buyers typically ignore.

Ways precious scrap metals are tested.

Services offered by online refiners.

Here are details about what to look for when comparing online gold buyers.

a) Free shipping.
b) No minimum quantity.

Payout rates may be lower.

Consider sending in old jewelry too.

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Can I Sell My Gold To The Bank

The bad news is that most banks do NOT accept gold due to missing evaluation possibilities. During the last 10 years many counterfeit coins and bars appeared because the gold price raised so rapidly. The risk of buying gold with a tungsten core is serious and most banks are not willing to bear buying-risks.

Are Premier Gold Parties A Good Way To Sell My Gold

Student Loan LimitsHow Much Can You Get?

Organized like Tupperware parties, these gatherings are typically arranged by friends or neighbors who meet to socialize and sell gold in a home setting. While theyre convenient, you may not get a very good deal if you sell your gold at one of these.

Theres a couple of reasons why. First, there are extra middlemen who need to get a cut. The company who organized the party and the host will both take their share. The other problem is that at parties like these, gold is often weighed together.

There is no consideration given to karat value, and payment is usually made at the lowest karat value rate. If you must go this way, separate your gold jewelry by karat in advance and dont accept the mixed bag terms.

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Cash For Golds Price For Gold Calculator

If you know some of the details of the gold you have to sell, you can get a fairly accurate idea of how much you might get paid by Cash for Gold USA.

The front page of the website has a gold calculator so that you can get an estimate based on todays price of gold on the spot market. Its about 2/3rds of the way down on the right side. See it outlined in red below:

If you know the weight and karats of your gold, you can get an instant price . Of course, the price is not binding and does not reflect the actual payout. Youll have to submit your gold for an actual appraisal before a dollar amount can be locked in.

Are There Other Online Gold Buyers Worth Considering

Yes. There are certain niche buyers in the marketplace who may be a better fit for your gold selling needs.

Weve mentioned rare gold coins and antique jewelry. Some of those can be quite valuable, way above the melt price youd receive from a gold buyer only interested in weight and karats.

There are literally thousands of specialists who know the market for rare gold coins, antiques, heirloom and estate pieces. They have the connections and can offer you top dollar, or they can assist you in a competitive auction situation if warranted.

To truly know the value of what you are selling, its advisable to get an appraisal by a member of the American Society of Appraisers, the International Society of Appraisers or the National Association of Jewelry Appraisers.

Appraisals should be done on a flat fee and should range from $100 to $400, depending on how long the appraisal takes. Simple rings may take no more than an hour but larger pieces with elaborate settings and multiple gems could take three or four hours to appraise.

Appraisals, often conducted for insurance purposes, determine the retail replacement cost of your jewelry, not the resale price.

If youre getting an appraisal with the idea of reselling, then ask the appraiser if he or she can also give you a resale price estimate.

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Best Place To Sell Gold And Gold Jewelry: Cashforgoldusacom

CashforGoldUSA is the best place to sell your gold it’s a legitimate, reputable online gold buyer for selling gold jewelry that is also one of the oldest in the business.

  • Pay within 24 hours
  • A+ Better Business Bureau rating.
  • 100% free door-to-door free, trackable FedEx or USPS shipping,
  • Free Jewelers Mutual insurance up to $100,000 on each shipment
  • CashforGoldUSA’s facility insured up to $100,000 by Lloyds of London
  • Guaranteed highest price for your gold, coins and diamonds
  • Paid out more than $156 million to sellers since being founded in 2005
  • Fox Business News investigation found they pay 3X competitors:

CashforGoldUSA also pays a 10% bonus above estimated resale value for items shipped within 7 days.

How Much Money Can You Get At The Jewelry Store

How Much Cash Is Too Much To Keep At Home?

Dont expect a jeweler to pay for your old items as much as they cost you when you bought them new, even if you sell them to the same store you purchased them at.

Usually, the best price you could hope for will be no more than 20% of the original price you paid. In many cases, however, you are likely to be offered less.

Looking to sell your engagement ring or other diamond jewelry? Check out Worthy, which is an online jewelry auction platform you can mail in your jewelry and let Worthy organize the sale for you, sending you the money after the piece is sold.

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What Types Of Dental Work Do Gold Buyers Want

a) Assume everything you have has value.

That means its best to just assume that everything you have is worth something. And it should all just be lumped together.

Dental work of interest.

Heres a list of the different kinds of restorations that may contain valuable metals and therefore should be submitted for sale to your dental scrap buyer.

  • crowns
  • implants

You should also send in extracted teeth that have any of the above items still attached, or gold foil dental fillings.

Items of lesser interest.

Buyers typically arent interested in the following:

  • Amalgam dental fillings This is the common kind of silver-colored tooth filling thats placed in a single office visit.
  • Silver-colored partial dentures Youll need to inquire but this type of appliance typically isnt wanted by scrap buyers.

    Gold partials on the other hand are an entirely different matter and are very likely to have significant value.

Terms used for precious restorations.

Dental terms used to describe valuable metals include:

  • gold

b) Sell your dental work as is.

Dont worry about removing any cement, porcelain or tooth parts from the dental work you have. Doing so can be an unpleasant and difficult job. Youll simply end up wasting time and getting frustrated.

Any serious buyer of dental scrap will be prepared to handle materials in this condition.

Biologic materials.

How Much Can A Gold Dental Crown Be Worth

The sample calculations on this page are for a crown similar to this one.

  • If the crowns alloy is 10 karat , its value might be as much as $40.
  • If the crowns gold alloy is 22 karat , its value could be as much as $92.

Keep in mind, youre selling scrap metal.

Of course, any dental restorations you have to sell are scrap. The metal they contain is not in a pure or usable state. It will have to be refined.

That means the company to whom you sell your dental work will have to adjust the price they pay you

  • so to cover their refining costs
  • plus the amount of profit they need to cover their overhead so theyre able to stay in business.

This adjusted price is often referred to as the payout rate.

How much is the average payout for a crown?

As an example of what you might expect, we found one company specializing in buying dental gold that stated on their website that they generally pay 85% of golds current spot price .

  • That means if the spot price is $1000/ounce , and your 1/10th-ounce crown was made using 22 karat gold alloy, you would be paid 85% of the number we calculated above, which is $78.20.

    $78.20 = $1000 X .1 X .85 X .92

  • Since most gold crowns are more along the line of 16 karats , an average one could be expected to bring around $56.95.

    $56.95 = $1000 X .1 X .85 X .67

Each company will have its own payout rates.

To get a more complete idea of whats offered, we did a quick scan of several gold buyers websites and heres what we found.

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The State Of The Ring

The state of your ring or other jewelry can affect the price drastically. If the ring is broken, scratched, or a piece misses, that will significantly decrease its value.

Pawn shops will often give you a lower price for the rings that are not in presentable state as they cant sell them immediately without reparation. Rarely, a few of them will melt it to something else. Most of them will calculate the cost of repairs or cleaning and decrease the amount you asked for.

Therefore, make sure to clean and polish your ring if you are skilled or have extra time. If not, check how much the repair is and calculate if it is payable to fix your jewelry before selling it.

What Are Gold Futures

Costly math: $12K in unreported currency seized at BWI ...

Meanwhile, gold futures prices serve as the basis for the LBMA Gold Price, which is based on contracts for the physical delivery of a specified amount of gold on a set date in the future, and determined by predicted changes in supply of and demand, the estimated cost of transporting and storing gold.

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Where To Go To Sell Your Gold

Little pop-up walk-in gold stores have flooded my town over the past several months. They are literally everywhere.

The problem with so many options is deciding where to go to get the most for your gold. To make things even more difficult, there are many people out there trying to rip you off, and the resulting losses could be huge.

What Im going to do is outline the options that you have and guide you a little as far as which direction to go in:

Calculation : Gold Sellers

This calculation determines a price relative to the value of gold metal from calculation 1.

This calculation is useful for people selling gold. For people selling to a gold buyer for cash it helps you negotiate a fair price.For people onselling gold it helps determine listing prices.

In addition, this calculation can also be used by gold buyers to come up with offer prices.

Gold metal value
Step 1: Calculate price relative to the value of gold metal
Price = Value of gold metal × Gold metal value ÷ 100= 0 × 0 ÷ 100= 0

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The Weight Of The Ring

For the ordinary 14K rings typical selling, the criteria include its state, weight, and current gold price. There are scrap gold calculators on the Internet that can help you do the calculations precisely and exactly.

For instance, the following table shows the current value for one gram and one ounce of 14 K gold compared to 24K and 10 K gold.

Quality of gold
$ 1,939.0 99% pure gold

The 24 K gold costs the most as its purity is 99%. Since the 14 K gold is only 58% pure, it is always cheaper. Now, when you know your golds value and what to expect, lets visit the pawn shops.

Get The Best Price For Gold And Silver

How Much Money Does It Cost to Start a Farm?

Youll find current gold and silver spot prices online, but only institutional sellers get the spot price. Why? Companies that buy your bullion or jewelry pay for advertising, overhead, melting jewelry, etc. and they have to make a profit so they buy below spot.

Many sources, including the Kiplinger article mentioned above, suggest that you should aim to get 90 to 95% of the spot price when selling gold and silver bars or coins, and 70 to 80% of melt value for jewelry and other items.

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How Much Is 14k Gold Worth If You Plan To Sell It

Want to find out how much 14K gold is worth? Are you looking to sell some 14K gold? The value of your 14K gold will depend on the item that you own. An antique piece of 14K gold, like a diamond ring, is worth a lot more than just an old bracelet, a necklace, or even scrap gold. Generally, vintage gold or heavily used gold is worth only the scrap gold value because there is almost no market for old-fashioned or damaged items made of gold. Modern brands like Pandora are becoming increasingly popular among Americans. The demand for second-hand jewelry has decreased not only because of those modern brands but also because of the rising price for gold. As the gold price skyrocketed, the market for used jewelry collapsed. So the scrap gold value is what you are looking for if your 14K gold pieces are old-fashioned or broken or have obvious signs of wear. Sell broken gold or sell damaged jewelry with reDollar and get paid top dollars.

Sell 14K gold with reDollar and get paid 90% of the stock market value for your gold.

How Do I Start A Cash For Gold Business

How do I start a cash for gold business? How to Start a Cash for Gold Business

  • Secure The Tools Of The Trade. Most gold is stamped somewhere with the purity level it contains.
  • Get Your Location.
  • Secure Purchasers For The Scrap Gold.
  • Consider Supplemental Business Options.
  • Have a Place To Store Scrap Gold.
  • Hereof, Do you have to report precious metals on taxes?

    Reporting Requirements

    Tax liabilities on the sale of precious metals are not due the instant that the sale is made. Instead, sales of physical gold or silver need to be reported on Schedule D of Form 1040 on your tax return.

    Similarly Whats the cheapest way to buy gold? Online bullion dealers

    If youre not worried about actually having the gold in your hands, online dealers are a far cheaper way to buy gold. Your gold is held in secure vaults, and can be easily bought and sold in whatever quantity you fancy. The rate you get is also far closer to the current price.

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