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Diehard Gold Battery Group Size 35 640 Cca

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Best Group 35 Batteries

Which Car Battery is Best? Let’s find out!
  • Date: January 11, 2022
  • Time to read: 6 min.

When shopping for a replacement for your car battery, the battery group size is the first factor to consider before something else. If you buy a battery thats absolutely awesome in every other regard but belongs to the wrong group size, its either you cant use it at all, or you have to spend some extra bucks to make it fit in your car.

Group 35 batteries, according to the Battery Council International, generally measure roughly 230mm by 175mm by 225mm . So, you might want to double-check if your current batterys dimensions are close to these figures.


Why Choose A Duracell Automotive Battery

You can depend on the Duracell 35 car battery to deliver dependable power. It’s the best automotive battery for extreme conditions, thanks to its built-in durability. When it’s too hot or too cold outside, ordinary batteries can fail, but Duracell car batteries provide optimized starting power and an extended battery life. With new car manufacturer requirements, the next generation of cars, LTVs, APVs, SUVs are requiring more and more from their batteries. The Duracell auto battery offers the ultimate high-powered solutions.

What Should You Remember When Installing The Duracell Automotive Battery

To safely fit or remove a Duracell auto battery, first switch off the engine and everything in the vehicle that uses power. Pay attention to your tools, keeping them out of the way, so that none of them can accidentally create a short circuit. To remove the original battery, first disconnect the negative terminal, and then disconnect the positive terminal. Clean the empty battery compartment before fitting the new battery.

Fit the Duracell car battery into the compartment and make sure it is secured tightly. Clean both terminals, as well as the battery clips, and lubricate them lightly with acid-free grease. To connect the new battery, first connect the positive terminal and then the negative terminal. Make sure the clips are secured.

  • Battery electrolyte composition: Acid
  • Battery end type: Top post
  • Battery purpose: Starting lighting instrumentation
  • BCI group size: 35
  • CA at 32 degrees F: 785
  • CCA at 0 degrees F: 640
  • Freight class: 65

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Best Group 35 Batteries: Our Top 5 Picks

The market abounds with group 35 batteries by many different brands. And making the right choice can be a huge challenge. But weve made the task easier for you. We spent several hours conducting research to figure out the best options available on the market based on specifications, durability, build quality, user reviews, and price.

Here are 5 of the best Group 35 batteries on the market right now.

Diehard Gold Battery Group Size 35 640 Cca

Carquest batteries canada 245836


You can buy this product here: Advance Autoparts

DieHard Gold batteries are engineered for maximum starting power in any climate. That means you can relax knowing youll get your car started, even on the coldest or hottest of days. DieHard Gold automotive batteries meet or exceed the manufacturers power and reserve capacity requirements for your vehicle, ensuring you get the power you need for a quick start every time. DieHard Gold batteries are engineered with Stamped Grid technology, which is a stronger and more durable positive grid. If you are looking for more power, upgrade to the DieHard Platinum.Dont want to bother with installing your new DieHard battery? Stop by your nearest Advance Auto Parts store and take advantage of our FREE battery testing and installation on most vehicles and at most locations. We offer free battery and electrical system testing and free recycling of your old automotive battery. Advance Auto Parts offers helpful advice about a variety of products, including car batteries. Be sure to check out the following:

How to choose the best car batteryHow to test a car batteryHow to replace your car batteryOrder your DieHard vehicle battery replacement today. Enjoy reliable starting power with no maintenance every season.

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What We Like

  • Warranty: 4 years full

The NSB-AGM35 battery by NorthStar is designed to present you with optimal starting performance at superior levels compared to the competition. This means that the cost of maintaining the battery is reduced to almost nothing right out of the box, as the battery itself was created to be a world leader in its class.

This battery boasts a thin plate, which ensures high reserve capacity, amp-hour capacity, and cranking power. We shouldnt forget the batterys deep-cycle capabilities either they are regarded as exceptional on an industry-wide scale.

The battery is suitable for use in RVs, fifth-wheel vehicles, pickups, boats, buses, and trucks, but is versatile enough to be a great backup option for use in industrial applications and commercial oil fields. It has very high reserve and CCA ratings, and the life expectancy is very high too.

The NORTHSTAR Pure Lead Automotive Group 35 Battery NSB-AGM35 is also spill-proof and resistant to vibrations and corrosion, so its designed to serve your needs for as long as possible. The battery also charges pretty fast and has a low self-discharge rate, making it suitable for even infrequent use. The final testament to the assured quality of the battery is the extended 48-month warranty.

The high-level of BCI compliance present in this battery cements its status as a reliable, durable and safe offering we love so much that it simply had to feature in our top picks.

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