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What Is Hertz Gold Plus Rewards

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What Are The Benefits Of Hertz Presidents Circle

Hertz Gold Plus Rewards Surprise car upgrades and happy members
  • Confirmed vehicle availability of Standard Equipment Economy through Full-Size 4 door vehicles in the U.S. and Canada with a minimum 48 hour advance reservation.
  • Confirmed vehicle one-car-class upgrade available at all participating locations in the U.S., Canada and select European locations. Maximum upgrade is to a Full-Size class vehicle with a minimum reserved Compact vehicle.
  • 50% bonus on Hertz Gold Plus Rewards Points.
  • Valet terminal drive-back service that you can get at participating locations up to four times a year as a Presidents Circle member.
  • Free 4-month trial of CLEAR

Hertz Free Clear Airport Trial

Update: Due to the Hertz bankruptcy, CLEAR and Hertz have discontinued their partnership.

As a Hertz Gold Plus Member you can enjoy a one month free trial with CLEAR. If you are not familiar, CLEAR is a great program that allows you to skip the line whether you have TSA Pre-Check or you are just entering in the standard line. All you have to do is scan your biometrics and just like that youre making your way through security.

For frequent travelers this is a great benefit. However, it is not very hard to get a free trial of CLEAR for a couple of months, so getting it for one month is really not that big of a deal. If you want to find out more about the CLEAR experience at the airport and check out our review here.

Note: Hertz may require you to complete one car rental in order to qualify for the trial.

How To Earn Hertz Gold Plus Rewards Points

Remember always add your Hertz Gold Rewards member number when reserving your rental through AutoSlash to ensure you can skip the counter and earn points on your rental.

All qualifying Pay Later reservations are eligible to earn Gold Plus points or airline miles. We recommend electing the Gold Plus points because the rates required for airline mile bonuses tend to be more expensive than other available rates. In addition, there are federal excise taxes on miles that may exceed the value of the miles awarded.

Ask AutoSlash for a Quote on a Cheap Car Rental

If you are actively seeking the lowest rates on rental car reservations, opt for the points toward free days. Unless theres a promo, the base earning rate at the Gold level equals one Gold Plus point per $1 spent .

Five Star and Presidents Circle members earn percentage-based bonuses but the points-earning chart is easy to remember. You will earn bonus points based on your status level: At the Five-Star level, there is a 25% multiplier equaling 1.25 points per dollar. And if youre in the Presidents Circle, you get a 50% bonus equaling 1.5 points per dollar.

Note that Gold Plus Rewards points expire after 18 months of inactivity.

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What Kinds Of Cars Can You Rent With Hertz

Hertz breaks down its vehicle offerings into several collections. Currently, Hertz has a handful of distinct collections: Prestige, Adrenaline, Green, Fun and Dream. You can find more details on each domestic collection below, along with examples of the kinds of vehicles you can expect from each class.

Maximizing Hertz Standard Redemptions

Changes to Hertz Gold Plus Rewards For 2019

Hertz Standard rentals are half the cost of AnyDay rentals and start at 750 points per day. These rentals are valid for round-trip rentals in the U.S. Heres a look at pricing for round-trip compact through premium rentals:

Further, you can rent Specialty, Adrenaline and Prestige cars for more points. The Specialty tier includes higher-end vehicles and can be found at most Hertz locations. On the other hand, Adrenaline has performance vehicles like Corvettes and high-end Mustangs while Prestige has ultra-high-end luxury vehicles like Caddilac Escalades, Mercedes-Benz, and BMW.

Specialty vehicle rentals start at 1,500 points per day, Adrenaline starts at 2,200 points and Prestige starts at 2,500 points. You can view the award chart for these redemptions on Hertzs website.

Hertz also offers discounts on one-week rentals booked with points. Weekly standard rentals start at 3,750 points for a round-trip seven-day rental. This is roughly 535 points per day, which is a solid discount over booking seven one-day rentals.

Finally, one-way rentals where you return your vehicle to a different Hertz location are twice the cost of a round-trip rental. This means a one-day, one-way Standard rental will cost 1,500 points.

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Hertz Ultimate Choice: What Is It And How Does It Work

Hertz Ultimate Choice is a perk that allows drivers to select their own vehicle rather than being preassigned one by the rental agent. This program is actually available to all Hertz customers regardless of whether they join Hertz Gold Plus Rewards or not, but rewards members who book a mid-size class vehicle or larger have access to exclusive vehicles based on their status level.

The cars get better as your status increases. For example, as a President’s Circle status member, you’ll sometimes see a vehicle from the Prestige collection. As we’ll cover, the Prestige collection includes premium vehicles like the Mercedes SLC or the Cadillac CTS.

Hertz Ultimate Choice adds a little fun to the vehicle rental experience since you’ll be able to enjoy superior vehicles at a discounted price point. The downside is that President’s Circle members are not guaranteed to get a car out of the Prestige collection. That said, they are likely to have a pick from several SUVs and some luxury vehicles.

The other major benefit of Ultimate Choice is that it saves a lot of time. Each zone is marked by status level, and you can pick any car that falls under your status level and be out of the airport in minutes.

Hertz Gold Plus Rewards Five Star Tier

If youre in the Five Star tier, then you really start to get into the amazing benefits. To get into the Five Star tier, you will need to rent from Hertz twelve times or spend $2,400 in a twelve month period. This is no easy feat unless you have to travel frequently for work. However, if youre a FounderCard member, then you will get this Five Star status for free!

The main additional benefit youre getting in this tier compared with the simple Gold tier is the free car upgrade .

With the Five Star tier Hertz you will get some sort of an upgrade over 75% of the time. We commonly get upgrades from a compact sedan such as a Nissan Sentra to a larger sedan such as a Chevy Impala. Of course, youll get a better upgrade from time-to-time like going from a Toyota Corolla to a Mercedes GLE which weve personally experienced.

The best thing about this upgrade program is that they often give you the free upgrade online when youre booking! This saves you the hassle of guessing whether youll be getting an upgrade when you pick up your car.

So how do you know if you have an upgrade when booking online? Weve noticed this option come up in two ways on the Hertz site.

Make sure you look carefully while booking so that you dont miss out!

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Earn Hertz Status Through United Airlines

Hertz also allows MileagePlus members to earn status based on their status:

United MileagePlus status Hertz Gold Plus Rewards status
MileagePlus Premier Silver
MileagePlus Premier 1K Presidents Circle

For more information on how to earn MileagePlus status with United Airlines, you can read our guide to United Premier status.

Points Balance And Qualifications

Hertz: Gold Plus Rewards

How can I get my Hertz Gold Plus Rewards® points balance?Log in to your account on homepage and click My Account. Your total balance will display next to the Use My Gold Plus Points link at the top of the page. For details, click Rewards Account Activity.

What if Im missing Hertz Gold Plus Rewards® points?If you believe you are missing any points, you can request a retroactive credit up to six months from the rental return as long as you were a Hertz Gold Plus Rewards® member at the time the rental occurred. See How do I receive points for past rentals? for details.

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Take Advantage Of Hertz Perks With A Aaa Membership

Despite not owning a car, I keep an annual AAA membership solely for the included Hertz perks. Members have access to a corporate code that gives up to 20% off rentals, waives the pesky under 25 fee and offers a discount on prepaid gas, amongst other minor benefits.

Being an under 25 renter, I mostly rent with the AAA code for the waived fee. That said, Ive saved a considerable amount of money over the years with the included discount too, making the $4.50 per month AAA membership fee well worth it for me.

Getting Hertz Elite Status For Free

Velocity Gold and Platinum members can also nominate a one-off match to Hertz Gold Plus Rewards Five Star or Presidents Circle status respectively, which would help with getting upgrades and better service when renting with Hertz. The American Express Platinum Card also offers complimentary Five Star status for as long as you hold the charge card.

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Transfer Points To Your Spouse

You can transfer your Hertz Gold Plus Rewards points to your spouse or domestic partner for free as long as you meet the following criteria:

  • Your spouse or partner must be a Hertz Gold Plus Rewards member
  • They must permanently reside at the same address

There is no limit on the number of points you can transfer to your spouse.

How To Book Standard Awards With Hertz

The Lowdown on Hertz Gold Plus Rewards

So, when can you book Standard awards? Good question and theres no easy answer. Unfortunately, each Hertz location has a different set of Standard award dates and some offer more than others.

You can view the list of Standard award dates by heading to Hertzs website and entering your pickup location. The website will show you the peak dates which can only be booked with AnyDay rewards. Any date period not listed here can be booked at the Standard rate.

In cities where Hertz has multiple locations, its in your best interest to check multiple Hertz locations to see which has off-peak dates that work with your travel schedule. Some locations only have on-peak dates during holidays while others block off entire seasons, so your mileage may vary on finding a location that works for you.

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The Three Tiers Of Hertz Gold Plus Rewards

There are three tiers of Hertz Gold Plus Rewards.

  • Gold: Everyone starts at the Gold level and starts earning points with his or her first rental. For a rental to count toward free rental days, you must book the Pay Later rate with your member number. After seven rentals, Gold-level members can experience one day of next-tier perks with Five Star for a Day.
  • Five Star: Normally, achieving Five Star status requires at least 10 rentals or spending $2,000 per year. The renter is entitled to a one-car-class upgrade and a 25% bonus on each reservation. After 15 rentals, Five Star-level members can experience one day of next-tier perks with Presidents Circle for a Day.
  • Presidents Circle: To hit Presidents Circle status, you need 15 rentals or you must spend at least $3,000 per year. The renter is entitled to a guaranteed one-car-class upgrade . Theres also a 50% point bonus on each reservation, designated parking spaces at major airports and a vehicle guarantee if you book at least 24 hours in advance. Its great to have a guaranteed car when everyone else is told no cars available. Presidents Circle members can also upgrade to any available car on the lot after their 30th and 40th rentals. They can also use Hertz Valet, an airport shuttle service, after their 15th, 20th and 40th rentals at select airport locations.

Can You Transfer Points To A Spouse Or A Domestic Partner

Yes, the Hertz Gold Plus Rewards program allows you to transfer points to your spouse or partner. The person receiving the points must be a Hertz Gold member who permanently resides at the same address as you. There’s currently no limit to the number of times or number of points that you can transfer.

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Hertz Rental Car Insurance

Hertz offers their Collision Damage Waiver, also known as Loss Damage Waiver , to you when you rent cars with them. This insurance protects you from paying out of pocket if your rental is stolen, vandalized, or damaged in a crash. While this is great insurance to have, the cost per day can be quite expensive and can add a lot of extra cost to your rentals.

Luckily, there’s several credit cards that offer Primary Car Rental Insurance. When you pay the full cost of your rental with a credit card that offers Primary Car Rental Insurance, you can decline the costly protection Hertz and other rental car agencies charge and still be covered. Depending on how often you rent cars, this can save you hundreds per year.

Get On The Road Faster With Hertz Gold Plus Rewards Five Star

Hertz Gold Plus Rewards – Car rental upgrades given to members across Europe

Hertz Gold Plus Rewards is the easiest and fastest way to hire a vehicle. ICAEW members who join the Hertz Gold Plus Rewards loyalty programme are automatically upgraded to Gold Five Star status.

Hertz keep you moving with expedited vehicle pick-up at over 1,000 locations worldwide and free Connect Plus Wi-Fi.

ICAEW members with Five Star status enjoy:

  • Skip the counter at 50 Airports worldwide.
  • Exclusive member discounts.

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Hertz Gold Plus Rewards

Hertz Gold Plus Rewards is a free loyalty rewards program for your customer.

With Hertz Gold Plus Rewards service there is no more waiting at the counters or paperwork to complete. Hertz Gold Plus Rewards members benefit from:

  • No membership fees
  • Redeem points for free rental days or upgrades
  • Earn premium status the more you rent
  • Transfer points to other travel programs
  • Expedited reservations, pick-ups and returns
  • 25% discount on child seats
  • Free additional driver for your spouse or civil partner
  • 5% discount off the Hertz retail rental rate

Minimum age to join Hertz Gold Plus Rewards is 23 and customers under the age of 25 are subject to a Young Drivers Surcharge.

Since you cannot make the registration for the customer yourself, please refer your customer to the Hertz website. Various details are stored in the customer Hertz Gold Plus Rewards profile, such as name, preferred payment method, CDP number, Insurances and much more. These details are automatically transferred to the booking, when you enter the Gold ID number of the customer into the reservation.

Do you want to know more about the program? Go to our FAQs to find out more.

Earn Status And Benefits Through American Express Platinum Cards

If you have The Platinum Card® from American Express, you might have seen the car rental privileges section offering complimentary memberships in Avis Preferred, Hertz Gold Plus Rewards, and National Car Rental Emerald Club Executive. This can be a little misleading as far as Hertz membership is concerned.

While the complimentary membership sounds nice, membership in Hertz Gold Plus Rewards is free to anyone, so the membership itself isnt much of a perk. There are, however, some nice benefits you can receive by booking your Hertz rental using your Platinum Card from American Express.

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How To Earn Hertz Gold Rewards Points

The only way to earn Hertz Gold Rewards points is by renting cars. Youll earn one Hertz point per dollar spent on rentals, so a $500 rental would earn 500 points. Those with Hertz elite status will earn bonus points based on their status level:

  • Five Star: 25% bonus equaling 1.25 points per dollar
  • Presidents Circle: 50% bonus equaling 1.5 points per dollar

Hertz points expire every 18 months without rental activity.

As discussed earlier, I think earning bonus points is the most valuable perk for Hertz elite status members. These points are hard to earn and as youll see later in the article Hertz points can be extremely valuable.

There is another interesting way to boost your earning rate too. For example, youll earn 2x points on all rentals with the $99 annual Hertz Free-To-Go membership. This is on top of your elite status bonus, giving you a nice boost.

Hertz frequently runs double points promotions too, so keep an eye out for these the next time you rent a car.

Rental Car Pickups For Hertz Gold Plus Rewards Members

Points, Miles &  Loyalty Guide to Hertz Gold Plus Rewards

Once youve acquired a Gold Plus Rewards number from Hertz, use it on every Pay Later reservation. A renter isnt eligible for benefits unless the number is entered at the time of booking.

Benefits vary among major airports and smaller airports/neighborhood sites. At major airports, you walk up, find your name on the board, and go directly to a pre-assigned vehicle or aisle. Then drive straight to the exit gate. There are no lines. You present your drivers license at departure . At non-airport locations, there may be a separate line for Gold Plus members. You will likely have an assigned car but you still have to go to the counter, like at any other company.

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Hertz Gold Plus Rewards Five Star

For American Express® Corporate and Business Cardholders

Register for Hertz Gold Plus Rewards Five Star® at no charge. You enjoy countless advantages in future when you pay using your American Express® Corporate Business or Platinum Card, such as:

  • Upgrade to the next vehicle class
  • Reduction off standard rates in Switzerland and abroad
  • Reduction off the Prestige Collection in Switzerland
  • Express check-in at various Hertz locations
  • Hertz Gold Service: faster reservations, vehicle handover and return

Simply register for Hertz Gold Plus Rewards Five Star® at no charge using the link below, then make your reservation online at using your personal membership number and pay using your American Express Business or Corporate Platinum Card.

To benefit from this offer, you must pay using your American Express Business or Corporate Platinum Card. You will be provided with all other Terms and Conditions at the sales outlet.

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