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Pitbull Skull Shaver Gold Pro

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How Well Does The Skull Shaver Pitbull Gold Pro Perform And Shave

Skull Shaver Pitbull Gold PRO Overview and Features

As always I was excited about receiving the shaver so I could test, use and review it. Especially any type of a shaver or razor that makes head shaving easier, better, and more comfortable.

I made sure I used Skull Shaver Pitbull Gold Pro for a month to get used to using it. I have used other similar heads shavers including the standard Skull Shaver Palm and Skull Shaver Silver Pro and had a good idea of how it would perform, and as it costs more I wanted to see if I got more.

Users can shave with Skull Shavers wet or dry and as advised by the company wet is best.

What Does The Skull Shaver Pitbull Gold Pro Come With

When you buy the Skull Shaver Pitbull Gold PRO, youll receive the USB lead to charge its 1400 mAh lithium-ion battery. You can use this even while its charging, and it should only take two and a half hours to fully charge.

You can see how much battery life it has on its LED indicator. Aside from this, it arrives with a small pouch, which serves as either a travel bag or a protector.

Everybody gets a twelve month warranty which covers anything bought by Skull Shavers official distributors, but you will need to pay for any shipping when it comes to returns. This is an issue for many customers, and understandably frustrating.

When it comes to the actual design, there are detachable blades that are attached to the body of the Pitbull Gold PRO. You can hold the body by placing your fingers between the blades and the handle, or you can hold it on its sides.

Overall, its design should make it easier to handle the curves on your head. The detachable blades are easy to remove for cleaning.

There are different types of blades available for each model, with the Pitbull Gold PRO having Forte PRO 4 blades that are made of Japanese stainless steel. The inside of the blades collects any shaving debris in order to clean it.

As an added bonus, it really is water-resistant, as wet shaves are promoted by Skull Shaver for a closer shave.

Skull Shaver Pitbull Silver Pro

Slightly less expensive than the Gold Pro, the Pitbull Silver line comes in a Pro version, replacing the older Plus version.

  • : Engineered with precision in mind allowing smooth shaving. Skull Shaver men’s electric shaver features 4-direction floating heads, ultra-flexible…
  • : What sets this product apart from regular head shaver is its compact design and Ultra-flexible pivoting blades that make it perfectly suitable for shaving. Our electric…
  • : Patented design and ergonomic handle provide more confidence and ease of use ensuring a smoother and intuitive shaving of your head and face. Perfectly fits in your hand allowing easy…
  • 5 & : Our head and face electric shaver uses IPX5 Water resistance technology, allowing you to shave in the shower…
  • -: Geared with a Powerful integrated lithium-ion battery and USB cable allowing quick charging and 30 minutes of cordless use to shave…

Our Experience

In comparison to the Gold Pro, the Silver Pro is just as efficient and found myself going back over the same sections to get a cleaner shave. We think this because of higher-quality materials used with the upper models and a different motor.

Notable Features


Overall Value


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Skull Shaver Palm 3 Head Electric Razor For Men Face And Head

The Skull Shaver Palm 3 Head Electric Razor is a straightforward tool that does its job well. It provides a consistently effective shave, whether used wet or dry. Following a thorough shave, it gives you a high-quality bald head shave that keeps you appearing youthful and clean. The ergonomic handle is designed to nestle comfortably in the palm of your hand.

The effect is that it is simpler to reach the parts of your skull that are difficult to reach. It also performs a fantastic job of shaving your facial hair. Whether you are shaving your head or your face, the flexing and pivoting heads ensure that you receive a close shave no matter where you are shaving.

Charging And Battery Life 8/10

Pitbull Pro // Gold

When the Skull Shaver is first purchased its charged up fully . The company states battery life lasts around 90 minutes.

A full charge of about 2 hours can last me about 3 or 4 weeks when used frequently which is very good.

Unfortunately, because of the number of shavers, razors, and other products I use and review I am not able to measure the longevity of certain aspects of a shaver including battery life. Longevity is always an issue with rechargeable batteries.

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Good Razor Cheap Batteries Used

Im giving 4atars for the razor. The battery is 1.

The razor is good, the style is comfortable while shaving. It actually does a really really good job, when used. Obviously. I use this razor every 2 days on my head. Ive gone through now 2 battery heads as they just stop charging for some reason. Kind of annoying.l now. All they do is send a new one and its the same problem.


This electric shaver is very convenient for at home or on the the go. Easy to charge and long lasting battery. And a close clean shave every time.I use mine every 3 days.


Skull Shaver Pitbull Platinum Pro Review 202: Is It The Best Skull Shaver Under 200$

Skull Shaver Pitbull Platinum Pro Review

Munna Shaik N

Is it worth buying the Skull Shaver Pitbull Platinum Pro?

With the stainless steel body, the Pitbull platinum skull shaver gives a professional head shave in a couple of minutes without having the use of a razer. However, it doesnt come with any other grooming attachments and as its not 100% waterproof you may have to use it carefully. Its worth trying this Premium designed Skull shaver.

When comes to premium Skull shavers, Pitbulls Platinum pro skull shaver will be in the top 10 premium skull shavers list. Being priced at 199$ / 199£, this skull shaver attracted many buyers and made it to one of the best-selling premium skull shavers. In this Skull Shaver Pitbull Premium Pro Review article, well find out whether its worth the price or not. Grab a cold coffee and stay tuned till the end.

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How Well Does The Skull Shaver Pitbull Gold Pro Shave

There are two methods to use the Pitbull Gold PRO, and thats either a wet shave or a dry shave. However, its more recommended by Skull Shaver that you shave wet for best results.

As a whole, wet shaving feels better on your head than dry shaving. Doing it wet prevents any irritation, so you dont have to worry about your scalp.

However, there are still issues with wet shaving. Its a lot messier, as theres a lot of shower cream, or if you use foam. This will get everywhere, which is a bit of a pain.

Its also more time-consuming, and its annoying when youve wet shaved and noticed missing bits of hair where the shaver didnt manage to catch them.

However, these arent specific to the brand, and its a general issue that comes with wet shaving as a whole. They can easily be remedied by simply shaving your head again, which isnt too big of an issue.

As a whole, you can easily do your wet shave in the shower. You can easily rinse your head beneath the shower and check for any issues as you do this.

This way, you dont have to worry about having to shower more than once to deal with the results.

But what do you think of dry shaving? As a whole, dry shaving still works pretty well. Thats especially the case when you use it all over your head.

Typically, this just takes a few minutes, and you can use it pretty much anywhere. With these, you cant deny that the Skull Shaver Pitbull Gold Pro really will work as a compact travel companion.

Should You Get A Skull Shaver

Skull Shaver Pitbull Gold PRO

The Skull Shaver brand is stylish and inventive, and its truly fun to shave your head this way. However, its super fast, so if you enjoy shaving your head and getting the smoothest shave, this may actually be a little too quick and easy. Is that a bad thing? Overall, we love this product and think its a must-have if you have to have the smoothest shave for your head and face.

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Shave Quickly And Easily

For balding men, there are several factors to keep in mind while shopping for a head shaver. You can achieve the close, clean shave you want with some head shavers because of their distinctive blade design and ergonomic grip. There are some areas of your head that can be shaved in one pass, while others take numerous passes.

How Do You Clean And Maintain The Skull Shaver

Do not forget to clean up once you have shaved your head bald. This should not take your too much duration or effort. With waterproof cleansers, cleaning the shaver is as simple as washing it with water. Using this method, you may thoroughly clean your shaver in a short amount of time.

To keep it in tip-top shape, every Skull Shaver product needs regular care and attention. To get the most out of your Skull Shaver, its important to keep your razor in good shape and clean it often.

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Trouvez Le Style Qui Vous Convient Le Mieux

Nous fabriquons des lames Skull Shaver PRO en trois styles : Carver, Forte et Baron. Si vous aviez un favori entre nos 5 têtes, vous pouvez choisir le même style de lame PRO. Carver est équipé de deux anneaux coupants et d’une maille plate. Carver est recommandé pour les cheveux épais. Forte possède deux bagues coupantes et une maille en aluminium biseautée. La performance de coupe entre Carver et Forte est similaire, bien que Forte se sentira plus lisse lorsqu’elle glisse sur votre peau grâce à ses feuilles courbes et biseautées. Forte est notre produit le plus populaire et le meilleur choix de la plupart des gens. Baron dispose de trois bagues coupantes par tête de rasage : deux avec des ouvertures en forme de S, et une bague coupante avec des points. Les personnes qui ont la peau sensible et les cheveux fins vont adorer ce style.

Innovative Design For Maximum Comfort

Pitbull Gold PRO Head and Face Shaver (USB Charging Cable) in 2020 ...

A reinvented and remastered design with the use of best in class materials to offer unconventional comfort during shaving. Pitbull Gold PRO is equipped with our signature patented innovative ergonomic handle which offers easy grip and perfectly fits your hand to ensure comfortable and intuitive shaving of your head and face. Thanks to the unique design the shaver easily gets to all tough to reach areas ensuring impeccable results.

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Cleaning And Maintenance 8/10

Cleaning up the shaver and its head is easy enough and it all comes apart easily. Most of the shaving debris is collected inside the shaver head that comes apart.

Blades would need to be replaced every 3 6 months. Although a user may need to replace them more often if they use the shaver a lot and vice versa if its not used so frequently.

Pit Bull Would Be A More Apt Name

Battery lasted about 3 months. Although indicates 100% charged it dies after about 7-8 seconds. Blades dull very quickly. Thought I may have just got a dud so bought a second for the exact same outcome.


all good reviews are obviously paid for.. I only received as a gift.. so I’m glad at least I didn’t spend my own money on it.. it’s crap utter crap.. I could buy some homebrand razors for a better result..I just hope others read this if there spending there hard earned dollars on rubbish says heads should be replaced between 2and six months at around $40/50 dollars Better off with a conventional razor hands down

Purchasedin at Aussie Pharma Directfor $139.99.

  • Value for Money

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Difference Between Skull Shaver Pitbull Platinum Vs Gold

Pitbull Gold and Pitbull Platinum have different features, but both come with the most preferred blade. Additionally, the Pitbull platinum adds a wash indicator, a carry lock option, a premium travel case, and a platinum rinse stand. A two-year warranty likewise covers the Pitbull platinum however, the Pitbull silver and gold are only insured by a one-year warranty.

Best Prices Today: Skull Shaver Gold

Pitbull Gold Pro Skull Shaver Unboxing and Review

Skull Shaver is likely to be an unfamiliar brand to you. If you dig deep enough on the companys website you will eventually figure out that its based in the USA. But you can buy its shavers worldwide.

The appeal is the unique design which does away with the traditional upright blades-on-top-of-a-handle that most electric shavers use and opts for what the firm calls a horizontal body/handle.

As the name suggests, its primarily aimed at those needing to shave their head, but the Gold can also be used for face shaving too.

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Improved Design And Unbeatable Performance

This Pitbull Gold PRO is made of high quality materials using technically advanced equipment and production facilities. The blade design captures hair clippings inside the shaving chambers and off your skin and shirt.

Shave Anytime, Anywhere

Our electric head shavers were invented for travel and have it deep in their DNA. You can shave anytime and anywhere.

  • Offer unique flexibility & you will get smooth performance.
  • Keep one in your car, office, or private jet for a quick shave on the go.
  • USB Wall Adapter Included

How To Use A Pitbull Skull Shaver

These new shavers are very ergonomic, allowing you to hold the base of the shaver in between your fingers and let the body of the shaver rest against your palm. You guide the blades across your head from front to back. The blades easily glide as you move it with just the slightest grip between your fingers.

One thing to note about these Skull Shavers is that you need to trim your hair pretty short. These are bald head maintenance shavers, so if youre looking for a stubbly look or a longer shaven look, you also wouldnt have a use for this shaver.

See Skull Shavers YouTube Chanel for FAQs, Instructions, and Tips

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Opinin Skull Shaver Pitbull Gold Pro

Hoy en día el grupo de las mejores afeitadoras para la cabeza es bastante amplio, pero un modelo que destaca es este que te vamos a dar nuestra opinión Skull Shaver Pitbull Gold Pro.

Índice de contenidos:

Un modelo de afeitadora para cabeza y cara con la mejor con la mejor tecnología que puedes encontrar en el mercado y que vamos analizar para ti en este artículo.

La Skull Shaver Pitbull Gold Pro cuenta con un diseño y un rendimiento que permite una experiencia de afeitado de excelentes resultados.

Además, fabricada con materiales de alta calidad.

Con ella podrás disfrutar de un cómodo y eficaz afeitado, gracias a su mango ergonómico patentado por la marca, que permite un fácil agarre y un ajuste perfecto a la cabeza.

Todo esto, le permite llegar a las zonas difíciles e irregulares de la cabeza y la parte posterior de la misma, dejando unos acabados perfectos en poco tiempo.

Skull Shaver Pitbull Platinum Pro Review: Performance

Skull Shaver Pitbull Gold PRO Mens Head and

The design of Pitbull Platinum PRO mens shaver is enhanced by keeping the unconventional comfort during shaving in mind. Pitbull Platinum PRO is equipped with a patented innovative ergonomic handle that offers an easy grip and fits your hand to ensure comfortable and intuitive shaving of your head and face. The shaver can slip with wet hands as the body is made up of stainless steel.

I feel the Remington RX5 head shaver gives a better grip without being slippery while shaving.

The Skull Shaver PRO blades let you shave faster than the previous generations shavers from Pitbull. The Multi directional rotary shaving heads let you shave in any direction. Shave up, down, left, right, whatever works best for you. But for best results, it is recommended to shave in small circular motions. Skull Shaver PRO blades have 4 blades, giving you 20% more cutting action per rotation than the previous generation Pitbull Skull shavers. All this means a faster shave so you can get on with life.

AidallsWellup 7D 5-in-1 Electric Head Shaver comes with 7 blades and can also be used as a precision trimmer, a nose, and an ear hair trimmer. If you are not a premium stainless steel shaver lover, then the AisallsWellup shaver is worth a try. The Pitbull skull shaver platinum pro is only used to shave the skull and face completely without any blade adjustments.

In the next section of our Pitbull Platinum pro head shaver review, well discuss the Design specs of this 200$ head shaver.

  • 07/09/2022

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What Is Skull Shaver

Skull Shaver is a battery-powered, rechargeable electric shaver with a unique design and shape. Its made to fit in the palm of your hand and uses a rotary blade design that gently shaves away your hair as you move it back and forth.

With its integrated water resistance technology, you can choose wet, dry or even shave in the shower for your perfect shave.

Due to its shape and convenience, the Skull Shaver is best suited for those who want to shave their head or face cleanly. The blades move smoothly across all bumps, contours, and angles, providing an easy shaving experience.

There are several products available, but most renowned is the Pitbull shaver line that comes with a variety of features, depending on the product you select.

These electric shavers are well known for their high-quality, clean shaves, which are perfect for bald and beard styling.

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