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Mixing Gold And Silver Rings

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Dont Drive Yourself Crazy With Hardware Colors


Another thing I dont think you should get too fanatical about is matching the hardware on your accessories and shoes, like your handbags or the buckles on a pair of boots with the metal of your jewelry. I mean, you can, of course, but its not necessary. Besides, you are going to drive yourself nuts doing this. Its just not worth it. If the idea of combining silver jewelry with boots that have gold buckles then you are better off just avoiding shoes and bags with too much visible hardware.

Get Your Numbers Right

When accessorizing, its very important to maintain a sense of balance and harmony. One item should correspond with another so that nothing feels out of place.

In addition to mixing metals to highlight their differences, you also need to maintain some sort of harmony which brings out the variations but celebrates the union of the two. Basically, one element should not overpower the other.

Choose Colors That Go Well With Gold And Silver

Choosing colors in an outfit that go with both gold and silver can be a bit tricky. Not all colors that go well with gold, do great with silver, and vice-versa.

White and black are those two unmistakable tones you could never go wrong with. The contrast with the metallic color of your jewelry is astonishing. Gold and silver will make both shades look as though theyre shimmering.

Blue, green, and gray can also do wonders. However, dont go for simple pastels if youre wearing silver itll make your pieces look washed out. Leave those colors for only gold jewelry days. If this piece of information sparkled your curiosity about styling silver, feel free to check out 10 Tips for styling your sterling silver jewelry.

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Buy Beautiful Designer Jewelry Today

While you may worry that mixing silver and gold jewelry is a fashion don’t, this is far from the case. In fact, it’s a fun and unique way to spruce up your wardrobe and create a modern, appealing flair. Of course, in order to look amazing, it’s important to get the pieces that you need to create this aesthetic.

Roma Designer Jewelry is committed to providing you with high-quality pieces at a low price. We offer the finest materials including sterling silver and multiple varieties of shining gold. Shop our new arrivals to get some classic silver and gold jewelry that you can mix and match.

Discover Endless Jewellery Combinations

Mixing Gold and Silver Jewelry

With Monica Vinader, you can synchronise your silver and goldjewellery for a glamorous moment no matter the occasion. Make sureto accompany your favourite items with the sparkling glamour ofdiamondsor the classic shine of pearls foran elegant finish. Treasure your collection by keeping it in apersonalised jewellerybox. That way, mixing gold and silver jewellery is only amoment away, and you can find all of your pieces instantly.

Be confident mixing your silver and gold jewellery together, anddiscover countless options for your favourite items. Wear morestatement pieces when you’re off to dinner or on the dance floor,and pair together your more minimal pieces when you’re going to awedding or family event. Silver and gold jewellery are each other’sperfect match even if you usually opt for one or the other.

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Gold And Silver Rings Together

Hello jewelry lovers. Let me ask, are you open to wearing gold and silverâ¦at the same time? There was a time you were told âyou canât mix metalsâ. Ever. Case closed. There are even people who believe it is bad luck to wear silver and gold together. Howâs that for superstitious? Does my engagement and wedding ring need to match everything else? Weâll answer all these questions and more so read on!

What Metal Should Not Be Combined

When it comes to mixed metal jewelry, there aren’t really any hard and fast rules. However, there are a few combinations that you might want to avoid. For example, mixing metals similar in colors, such as silver and platinum, can look a bit too matchy-matchy. And if you combine two very different metals, like silver and copper, it can be a bit jarring.

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Tips For Wearing Different Metal Rings Together

  • Work on creating a cohesive look
  • This means that you must pick rings in a similar style. And because you are already mixing the color, its recommended that you choose rings that come in the same style, preferably, pair two minimalist ring styles to create a sense of cohesion, despite the fact that you are mixing colors.

    You can also create cohesion by wearing two gold rings of the same shade of gold, and if you are into statement rings, choose a statement ring that brings together your whole look easily.

  • 2 or 3 Rings
  • The most important rule when it comes to stacking rings and blending colors is to keep the number of rings low. If you are wearing gold and silver rings, for example, you should consider wearing only 2 or 3 rings on the same finger, nothing more. Also, you have to ensure that the rings fit perfectly with no space between the rings you can wear a combination of thick and thin rings on one finger.

  • Wedding/ Engagement Rings
  • If your wedding and engagement rings are made of different materials, you may find yourself feeling like they shouldnt be worn together, but although these rings are often different, you will be happy to know that it is perfectly fine to wear your engagement and wedding rings on the same finger. The contrast in the rings is what makes them stand out.

  • Random patterns
  • Decide The Clothing First

    Creating gold & silver MOKUME-GANE material From scratch. Mixing 14k White gold & sterling alloy

    If you are into fashion trends or style, you know how vital the right dress can be. By that, we dont mean only branded or expensive clothes. How you wear your favorite shirt or jeans, it is what matters the most.

    You can even be the center of attraction by putting on a simple tucked-in white T-shirt. Just think of white tees and your favorite boyfriend jeans accessorized with a mix of bold necklaces and chain type bracelets stacked together!

    With a summer outfit, you would want your jewelry to be daintier and with simplistic design but still personalized think a monogram bracelet or name necklace.

    If youre heading out to a party, you can create a unique, flashy jewelry style by mixing birthstone rings or other birthstone jewelry in gold and silver or layering Swarovski necklaces for additional dazzle!

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    How To Wear Gold And Silver Jewelry Together

    Have you ever wondered, Can I wear silver and gold jewelry together?

    I hear so many people cite a general fashion rule that you should never mix metals when styling your jewelry, so if youre wearing gold earrings, you should not pair them with a silver necklace. Im not sure where this rule came from, but Im here to tell you – there are no rules!

    Limiting yourself to just one metal is, frankly, kind of boring. Its also too expensive to collect all your favorite pieces in both silver and gold.

    So, Im here with some tips for how to wear gold and silver jewelry together. And again I want to stress – there are no rules here! Wear what makes you feel happy and confident. Thats the most beautiful look out there.

    Creating A Cohesive Look

  • 1Pick rings in the same style. Since youre already mixing colors, try to choose rings that are all in the same style to wear on your hands. For example, choose simple bands if youd like to stay with the minimalist look. Or, go bold with rings that all have a stone in them.XResearch source
  • This will help your jewelry look more cohesive even though youre mixing colors.
  • 2Wear rings in the same shade of gold. There are a lot of different types of gold out thererose gold, chocolate gold, and white gold, just to name a few. As you put on your rings, try to pick ones that are all the same shade so your rings look deliberate.XResearch source
  • Silver is usually all the same tone unless it is tarnished, so you dont have to worry about the shade of your silver rings.
  • 3Pick out a statement ring that brings your whole look together. Wear a large, flashy ring on your index or ring finger in either silver or gold. Then, wear other thin, minimalist rings on your other fingers.XResearch source
  • The statement ring bridges the gap between the silver and gold rings to make them feel more cohesive and intentional.
  • Tip: If you have a ring that is both gold and silver, use this as your statement piece to really tie your rings together. This is also called an anchor piece.

  • If any of your rings have large stones in them, they may not fit on top of each other very well.
  • Try combining thin and thick rings on 1 finger for a randomized look.
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    Dress For Your Skin Tone

    Consider the shade of your skin when picking jewelry. If your skin is a medium to dark brown, or has an olive tone, try darker shades of gold.

    If you have fairer skin, white gold and silver would look amazing on you but of course, that doesnt rule out gold completely!

    To be honest, I wouldnt worry about this too much. Its just something to think about. Basically, you want to try a variety of different chains, rings, etc. against your skin tone.

    Once youre through with that and figure out what you like, the struggle is over.

    Create A Unique Combination

    Mixing Gold and Silver Jewelry is Seriously Chic

    Creating the right mix is entirely subjective. There are no rules to follow here. The mixing style will vary depending on the occasion or the type of clothes you choose to wear on a particular day.

    We have come with few ideas on how you can mix the jewelry based on the type of attire or event youre attending.

    A simplistic look

    For everyday office or for school, you would want something simple and comfy to wear. Our favorite combo is to wear a big dialed gold or silver watch along with a few dainty bracelets stacked together!

    A traditional pattern

    Charm bracelets are the most popular piece of jewelry when it comes to a traditional combo for the wrist.

    Sterling silver charm bracelets with some large gold cuff bracelets in the middle are one of our favorite classic looks for the wrist.

    For the neck, you can wear a beautiful gold-plated collar necklace or choker paired with some silver multi-stringed neckpiece.

    If you are going for bold jewelry, we would recommend not to overdo with the outfit otherwise, your jewelry will not stand out.

    A semi-formal style

    For business meetings and finners, go for a semi-formal style. Your hand movements, while giving a presentation or talking to colleagues and business partners, will look better compared to the neckpieces.

    A vintage or antique gold bracelet with a pearl in the middle can be your bridging piece. Add some silver cuff bracelets with those, and you have yourself the perfect jewelry mix for your semi-formal look.

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    How To Mix And Match Gold And Silver Jewellery

    Are you wondering, how to mix and match gold and silver jewellery without looking like a fashion accident? Then you have come to the right place.

    There is a common myth around people that mixing gold and silver jewellery is a strict no. Since fashion is always what you make out of it, it is quite flexible when it comes to mixing gold and silver jewellery, and you can still create a statement with your unique look.

    You would be pleasantly surprised to know how amazing it looks to mix and match jewellery, if you can develop a good combination of gold and silver in the right way.

    So, how do you mix and match gold and silver jewellery? Heres our 5 tips:

    Dont Try To Match Hardware

    Almost allaccessorieshave hardware on them, whether its a purse, a pair of boots or some sunglasses. They could have zippers or buckles, you name it. So, unless the hardware is a major part of the piece, theres no need to consider these when combining mixed metal jewellery. However, if this is going to stress you out, we recommend buying accessories with less hardware on them.

    Right, now those are out of the way, let’s get on with how to style your mixed metal jewellery.

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    Mix Metals By Layering The Same Type Of Piece

    This is probably my favorite way to mix metals. If you like stacking rings or layering necklaces, try putting a silver piece and a gold piece right next to each other. The direct combination of these metals emphasizes the different textures of each piece, like the Pathway Ring in Sterling Silver providing an interesting break between the two Chori Rings in 14kt Gold-Plated in this picture.

    Here, the Ember Necklace in 14kt Gold-Plated and the Small Flame Necklace in Sterling Silver are paired together. I love that the warm Mustard lace and the bright Turquoise lace emphasize the contrast between the metals.

    Shane Co Round Diamond Three

    Mixing Gold and Silver Jewelry OOTD with Heart! #17Daily

    Courtesy of Shane Co.

    The 14k yellow gold detail cascades across this timeless three-stone diamond engagement ring. Set on a 14k white gold band, this piece exudes the most stunning contrast.

    For the bride looking to incorporate a bold, nature-inspired elementdo we have the ring for you! Yellow and white diamonds are set in platinum and 18k yellow gold creating the most captivating floral engagement ring.

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    Devotion Diamonds Bianca Solitaire Engagement Ring

    Courtesy of Devotion Diamonds

    An effortlessly elegant diamond solitaire is set in 18k yellow and white gold. The standard four-prong setting complements the understated split-shank band in the best possible way.

    This sweet engagement ring truly takes advantage of the mixed-metal look. An accent-flanked center stone is adorned by a cluster of diamonds on either side while rose and white gold take center stage.

    C Mixing Gold And Silver Earrings

    When it comes to mixing gold and silver earrings, the key is to choose one metal as your base and then add in accent metals. If you’re going for a more subtle look, stick to similar metals, like gold and rose gold. If you want a more dramatic look, mix different metals together, like silver and copper.

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    Heres Why You Can Mix Metals

    Metallic is a neutral, so you can wear any color with it. And absolutely gold, silver, and rose gold can all be mixed together.

    The key is to balance the three so the combinations make sense. If you have all gold and one random silver piece, it may not make sense, so do a little bit of silver and a little bit of gold.

    Ill show you some examples:

    Mixing Metals For Engagement Ring Silver And Wedding Band Yellow Gold

    Silver and gold Mixed spinner wedding ring for women size 6 to 9 ...

    If you are searching for Mixing Gold And Silver Wedding Rings you’ve come to the ideal location. We have 104 graphics about mixing gold and silver wedding rings adding images, pictures, photos, backgrounds, and more. In these page, we additionally have variety of images available. Such as png, jpg, animated gifs, pic art, symbol, black and white, transparent, etc

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    What To Wear With Your Yellow Gold Jewelry

    When it comes to the latest jewelry trends, yellow gold always takes the lead. However, unlike silver which simply goes with everything, golds warm tone can make it challenging to find the wardrobe color that will work well with it. So, if you are looking for ideas on mixing your gold jewelry with your style, we got you!

    Stealing a style isnt a crime. So why dont we find fashion inspiration from celebs that serve the best gold jewelry looks? Lets do this!


    Black is a powerful color because it makes any outfit elegant. Its the perfect contrast with yellow, making gold jewelry pop when paired with it.

    American rapper, producer, and entrepreneur Jay Z, along with Justin Timberlake, released the Holy Grail video in which he showcased his five-kilo Yellow Gold Miami Cuban Link Chain. Justin also wore an all-black suit mixing it with thin chains layered on his neck — a bit subtle on his end but still very high fashion.

    With the artists all-black wardrobe, it was really hard not to notice their gold chains. Black with gold jewelry, no matter the size, unquestionably gives off the stylish finish that you may be on to.

    Emerald Green

    Another color that just bursts with elegance is emerald green. Often seen as the color of royalties, emerald green will go perfectly well with your gold jewelry!



    Looking forgold jewelry to match youroutfits? VisitGold Presidents, and create your celeb-inspired look now!

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    Stacking Silver & Gold Rings

    Create your very own ring towers bycombining your gold and silver bands. Lending themselves tostacking, these bands pair effortlessly alongside each other.Stackingrings don’t have to be all one tone, you can try mixing silverand gold jewellery to create an eclectic effect.

    Match statement cocktailrings with minimal plain bandsfor a balanced look. If gold is your go-to metal, or you prefersterling silver jewellery, you can make a stunning blend by mixingsilver and gold jewellery.

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