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Gold Chain With Pendant For Men

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How Can You Tell A Fake Gold Chain From A Real One

5 Chain Wearing Rules ALL Men Must Know

The FTC made a rule saying all gold jewelry that is at least 10K should be inscribed somewhere in the metal with it’s number karat followed by K or KT. This lets you know the whole piece is made of real gold. If it’s not stamped, it’s most likely fake gold.

You’ll most often find the karat stamp on the clasp usually, or a small charm near the clasp. If your gold chain came with a pendant, you’ll probably find it on the pendant itself. If you don’t have crisp eyesight, you might need a magnifying glass or jewelers loupe.

It’s possible to see other markings than the KT. If curb link chain is 14KGP , the piece is gold plated. Jewelers apply a very thin layer of real 14K gold overtop a different base metal, usually stainless steel or sterling silver.

What Is The Ideal Length For Mens Gold Chain

Well this all depends on how tall you are!

The longer/shorter your torso is will determine where the chain will fall on your chest. a general rule of thumb is that the pendant or curve should fall in the middle of the chest.

If youre of average height, youll want to stick between 18-24 inches. for most men, a 20-inch chain will fall at their collarbone, so 22-24 inches is the sweet spot, especially when wearing a pendant.

If youre going for a layered look, youll need a chain thats about 26-36 inches to get to the middle of your chest or below that. You want to give your chains space while layering or else theyll get tangled.

For a choker look, 14-18 inches is the ideal length for mens gold chains. The rules will of course vary when shopping for kids.

Add Unique Style With These Gold Necklaces For Men At Bevilles

Mens necklaces can often be overshadowed, but our fantastic selection is great for creating personal style, whether youre keen to make a real statement or keep things understated and simple.

Our mens chain necklaces are crafted with intricate designs and precious metals. Find your desired length, width and chain style in our range of elegant gold chain necklaces, classic silver necklaces and stainless steel varieties.

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Tips For Picking Out A Gold Pendant For Men

When you’re trying to choose which type of gold pendant to get for your necklace, it’s important to consider the style and thickness of your chain as well as the metal color and pendant style. For example, you wouldn’t want to pair a big gold Miami Cuban Link chain necklace with a tiny gold nameplate pendant or a thin yellow gold Franco chain necklace with a large rose gold dumbbell pendant.

To find out what types of chain necklaces are the best chains for pendants, check out our guide on the Top 10 Strongest Necklace Chain Types for pendants you can wear daily. Then feel free to create your own chain necklace, or use our search filters to find exactly what you want to buy.

With our search filters, you can browse by diamond carat weight, metal type, width, price, and more. No matter the price. of our pendants are made from real gold, sterling silver, or platinum. Any and all of our gemstones are authentic.

If you buy gold pendants online, ItsHot offers free ground shipping on all orders > $150.

We provide a 30-day money-back guarantee for our jewelry purchases. If you’re not satisfied with your purchase, we will replace the item, provide a credit for the merchandise amount or provide a refund. So what are you waiting for? Check our men’s diamond pendants, with styles up to 80% off. Feel free to browse our gold chain necklaces and unique diamond jewelry and enjoy!

Most Popular Mens Gold Chain Style #: Snake Chain Link : Buy Masonic Pendant Necklace Men Hip Hop Jewelry 2017 ...

Snake chains links look just like a snake.

No, seriously. It even slithers through your hand and has a ton of flexibility.

Snake chains consist of flat, tightly joined rings, giving it an elegant appearance and overall solid feel.

The chains are so close together that you have to observe them closely to distinguish one from the other.

Snake chains go well with pendants but can stand on their own as a statement piece.

However, they are very delicate and can break relatively easily. Fixing them is also a task.

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Choosing Your Gold Chain Or Necklace

At Michael Hill we have a wide range of gold chains and necklaces crafted from minimum 10kt white, yellow and rose gold. Whether youre searching for the perfect gold necklace for a loved one, a mens gold necklace or a stunning chain for yourself, our extensive selection means youre sure to find something youll treasure.

Stylish Mens Pendants & Mens Diamond Necklaces Available Now

Are you searching for a mens necklace that shows him how much you care? Our mens pendants, which include unique animal, dog tag and cross designs, have you covered. Theyre available in so many styles, youre sure to find the perfect piece.

Or perhaps youre on the hunt for a mens diamond necklace to complement all your favourite garments. These shine brightly with a snazzy shirt for a night out. Or wear one over a singlet in summer for a statement look.

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Mens Gold Chain Style #1: Rolo Chain Link

Otherwise known as Belcher Chain links, Rolo Chain links are created in the same manner as Cable Chain links.

However, the difference lies in the shape of the links. Instead of using oval links, Rolo chains use round links.

They are also not typically flattened and look much heavier than Cable Chain links.

Pendants typically only look good on thin Rolo chains while thicker Rolo chains are worn on their own.

Mens Gold Chain With Pendant

Most attractive gold chain pendant design for men

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How Do I Care For A Gold Chain

To keep your gold chain shining, remove it before showering, swimming and sleeping and store it safely in its box or a jewellery box.

Polish your gold chain regularly with a soft jewellery cleaning cloth to remove dust and oils. You can also clean your gold necklace in a solution of mild detergent and warm water, soaking it in the solution before removing it and drying it gently with a cloth. Caring for your gold necklace will ensure it gives you years of lustre.

Mens Gold Chain Style #: Byzantine Chain Link

When you think byzantine, the first thing that may come to mind is the Eastern Roman Empire. but thats not what were talking about in this case.

Its sort of like chain mail, common during Medieval times, and features interlocking oval and/or round links, giving the chain a textured look.

Each link passes through four others in different directions making it very strong yet flexible.

This chain style is more popular among men than it is among women. byzantine chains are perfect on their own but also pair beautifully with pendants of all sizes.

Depending on where you are in the world, byzantine chains sometimes go by Kings Braid, Birdcage Chain, Idiots Delights, Etruscan, among other names.

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The Best Gold Chains For Men Are The Finishing Touches Your Outfits Need

Gold chains for…men? You better believe it. See, over the last few years, guys have embraced all kinds of jewelry with gusto, rocking pearls, beads, and not-so precious gemstones like their parents just let them loose in the accessories section at Claire’s.

But one piece of jewelry still reigns supreme: the simple gold chain. The type of necklaces we’re talking about here are favored by guys like Tony Soprano, who wore his gold pendant necklace while smoking cigars in the pool of his New Jersey mansion, and Michael Jordan, who rocked a duo of curb chain necklaces when he took off from the foul line in ’87.

What’s behind the gold chain’s enduring appeal? For one, gold will always be just a step above sterling silver, and in an entirely different league than stainless steel. The right gold chain also happens to be the easiest way to add some instant swagger to your summertime outfits, without making you look like a perma-tanned Miami promoter trying to offload dubiously-sourced uppers outside of LIV.

And best of all, the options are nearly endless. Are you going with white gold, rose gold, or yellow gold? A chunky rope chain or a more streamlined cable chain? A trendy choker or a classic collar? To help you find the necklace of your dreams, we went deep on the best gold chains for men, unearthing a treasure trove of choicesincluding a bunch that won’t permanently curb-stomp your credit card. Enjoy.

Buying Gold Chains At Ritani


It’s possible you’ve heard of Ritani, either by another guide on the site, or as a vague name in the back of your head. Ritani was known as a ring setting designer for most of their time in the jewelry business.

Ritani sells engagement rings, loose diamonds, and fine jewelry. But like James Allen, they don’t carry a wide selection in plain gold chains like Blue Nile or Helzberg.

They also offer the build your own diamond pendant where you get to choose your diamond. They also have a bunch of different necklaces that come with gold chains.

When you buy gold chain necklaces with Ritani, you get a free lifetime warranty. They ask that you sign up for it online within 45 days, but you don’t have to within that time frame. But you will have to sign up for it before you can use it.

The warranty will cover all the routine maintenance for the chain and pendant.

  • Must sign up online to use
  • Not much choice in plain gold chains

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How Many Karats Should A Mans Gold Necklace Be

Your gold necklace should be the number of karats you can reasonably afford. The purer it is, the more expensive it will be.

Note that this is not the same as carats, which measure the weight of gemstones.

The purest gold is 24 karats and is quite expensive since it is 100% gold.

Most of the chains youll see are 18k and 14k gold. 18k gold has 75% gold and 25% alloyed material. 14k gold has over 50% gold and less than 50% alloyed material.

The higher the karat of gold, the more yellow the gold will appear.

Buying Gold Chains For Men: Things To Consider

Are you having trouble choosing between the gold chains for men options on this page? Do you not know which one to choose? Here is an ultimate gold chains for men buying guide to choosing the right product based on your needs. It is important to remember that the right one can help to highlight your best qualities.

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How To Choose A Gold Type

Generally, warmer gold tones tend to match skin tones that are olive or darker. The higher the karats of yellow gold, such as in 14K solid gold franco chains, the more warm the color. Mixing yellow and white gold layered chains is another stylish way to accentuate gold. If you have a pale complexion, white gold may work better with your skin tone, though 10K gold chainsfor men in other colors may also work. If youve got the right button-down shirt and attitude, dont be afraid to channel your inner Scarface or Tony Sporano with a yellow gold curb-link chain.

Mens Gold Chain Style #: Gucci Mariner Chain Link

18k Gold Chain | | How it’s made

At the center of the oval links lies stability bars which give the chain its unique appearance and of course, notorious strength.

These chains are as strong as Cuban and curb links chains and are easy to fix if damaged.

Traditionally, mariner chains have been flat, but the puffed style or Gucci Mariner Chain Link style has become just as popular.

This has a similar design, except the links are much wider and rounder than the traditional style.

The Gucci Mariner Chain Link is, therefore, more durable, and is just as easy to fix.

These types of chain links are unisex, but the thicker styles are more popular amongst men.

They are incrusted with diamonds, cubic zirconia or moissanite .

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Which Chain Link Styles Are Easiest To Fix/repair

The difficulty of the repair all depends on how the links connect.

When there is a simple connection, for instance, a single round or oval-shaped link as is the case with Cable or Figaro chain links, it doesnt take much work to repair.

On the other hand, where there are multiple connections or braided or twisted chains, it will take more time.

Mens Chains At Michael Hill

At Michael Hill we offer a wide range of mens jewellery, from classic styles that transition effortlessly from work to weekend, to statement pieces designed to showcase your individual style.

Our collection of mens chains are made to last and include curb chain and figaro styles. The curb chain is made up of identical interlocking links. The curb design can be made up of large links for an eye-catching chain, or tight knit intricate links for an understated effect.

The Figaro chain is an Italian inspired design that consists of two or three identical small links, interspersed with one larger link to create a distinct pattern.

A timeless gold chain for men or silver chain for men is also the perfect gift idea. A fine quality piece of jewellery makes a lasting gesture for significant birthdays and milestone celebrations such as engagements and anniversaries, with the additional bonus that a chain will allow him to always wear your gift close to his heart.

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Buying Necklaces Pendants And Lockets

Elevate your look instantly with our extensive range of womens and mens necklaces, crafted in precious metals such as sterling silver and white, yellow and rose gold. With a variety of styles to choose from including must have chain necklaces, heart necklaces, gem pendants and lockets, theres a gorgeous necklace for everyone at Michael Hill.

What is the meaning of a necklace?

Necklaces are jewellery worn as an adornment around the neck, and have been worn for thousands of years. In ancient cultures, a necklace fashioned from precious metals and gems could signify status, and necklaces containing certain stones and gems were thought to offer protection or bring luck. Necklaces have also long been worn to signify religious beliefs, and cross necklaces are still a popular choice. Today necklaces are a popular gift for romantic partners who want to choose something meaningful that is not a ring, and are also ideal gifts for family members and friends. Necklaces can make a strong personal statement, with many options such as a heart necklace, initial necklace or zodiac necklace.

How do you pick the right size for a necklace?

What are timeless styles of necklaces?

Are Mens Gold Chain Back In

New Fashion 18k gold filled big pendant necklace for men jewelry hip ...

The real question is, were mens gold chain ever out of style? The answer is, no.

Before, gold chains were a status symbol, and today they still are. The most expensive pieces are still worn by wealthy people.

In the urban scene, gold chains are especially popular with hip-hop and rap stars, basketball players, and other influencers.

Most people wear gold chains because they complement their outfits. authentic gold chains last a long time and are a good investment piece once you figure out what suits you best.

Every man, and even young to teen boys should have at least one good gold chain to pair with his outfits.

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K Yellow Gold Rope Chain 5mm Bracelet 9 Inches


Highlight your closet with this incredible 10 K yellow gold rope chain bracelet. Made of brilliant 10 Karat yellow gold, this appealing jewelry piece is proposed to be worn as a free piece at any occasion. This evergreen extraordinary gold rope bracelet is open in different lengths and is ideal for wearing formally or otherwise. The bracelet has

Which Mens Gold Chain Style Is The Strongest

The first thing you need to think about is the material that makes it. If made of pure materials such as gold, silver, or platinum, then you can be more confident that your chain is going to be pretty strong.

Youll also have to think about its size. Bigger, heavier chains with large links tend to be stronger than small, light chains with small links.

You may also consider the way the links connect. Some connect with single links such as Cable chain and Rolo chain links, while others connect with multiple links such as byzantine and Rope Chain Links.

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