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Black And Gold Sputnik Chandelier

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Top Black Sputnik Chandeliers

Best Amazon Light Fixture | Amazon Sputnik Chandelier Install

When searching for the right sputnik chandelier for modern residential or commercial interiors, you will likely encounter a myriad of choices that mostly involve brass or gold tones. These beautiful brass sputnik chandeliers often feature space is an exciting process but you will undoubtedly be presented with several options, making it difficult to choose just one. While style is an important consideration when looking for a light fixture, the best-selling gold sputnik chandeliers offer various convenience features, making these unique ceiling lights even more versatile. If you want to incorporate darker metallics into your space, look for bronze sputnik chandeliers or those with deeper finishes like oil rubbed bronze, or aged iron.

When it comes to best-selling black sputnik chandeliers, many diverge from the standard sputnik-style orbital silhouette and morph into asymmetrical versions that still incorporate various splayed arms but with a completely new aesthetic. Often, black sputnik chandeliers are made of sturdy materials like lacquered metal, wrought iron, or aluminum and offer a range of finish options from subdued matte black to hand-rubbed antique brass that appears to change color based on the light level.

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If your head is often in the clouds and beyond, then you can relate to the invention of this iconic chandelier. After the launch of the Soviet satellite Sputnik in 1957, everyones imagination was engulfed in space travel, especially the design world. Thus, birthed the Sputnik chandelier, an introduction of the Atomic Age into home lighting. This chandelier is brimming with Mid-Century Modern style and has many variants that can give your lighting a funky, contemporary update. Whether you seek a new showpiece for your dining room or are looking to add a luxurious touch to the bedroom, the Sputnik chandelier is the perfect solution!

Starburst Or Sputnik Chandeliers

Give your room a retro-inspired lift with a Starburst or Sputnik chandelier that captures the intrigue of space and science. Perfect for mid-century and modern interiors, try a cluster chandelier of small Sputniks and bursts in a corner, alcove, or in the rooms center point to claim attention and provide light to the activities below. Search for models to suit your lighting needs, keeping in mind that some Sputnik styles offer only a single bulb while others require a dozen or more. Both Sputniks and starburst chandeliers look great as pairs install them over a sectional sofa or your outdoor seating and complement them with geo-print pillows and a faux-fur ottoman.

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