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Babe Ruth Gold Card Value

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Us Caramel #32 Babe Ruth Baseball Card

Extremely rare Babe Ruth card highlights Tampa doctor’s card collection now up for auction

Estimated PSA 9 Mint Value: $110,000

The 1932 U.S. Caramel set is a tough pre-War set that featured different baseball, boxing and golfing stars of the era. Released primarily in the Boston area, the cards are tough to find. Since Ruths is the last card of the 32 card lineup, theyre often seen in lower grade condition. No matter the cards condition, the imagery of the Sultan of Swat towards the end of his career in front of a bold, red background is instantly recognizable.

Most Watched Babe Ruth Cards On Ebay

Babe Ruth cards continue to remain red hot. For collectors seeking vintage Babe Ruth cards, eBay is still one of the best resources. Weve put together this list of the most-watched, and most valuable Babe Ruth cards on eBay to help collectors. We find its hard to navigate eBay with all of the noise. Narrowing down your focus to cards that other collectors have already determined deserve a watch is a good start. If you need any other ideas, check our piece which identifies ten undervalued Babe Ruth cards.

What Is The Most Affordable Babe Ruth Card

Cheap Vintage Babe Ruth Cards 10 Cards for Under $50

  • 1952 Topps Look N See Babe Ruth #15.
  • 1954 Topps Scoops Babe Ruth #41.
  • 1959 Fleer Ted Williams #2 Ted Williams and Babe Ruth Teds Idol
  • 1960 Fleer Baseball Greats Babe Ruth #3.
  • 1961 Fleer Baseball Greats Babe Ruth #75.
  • 1961 Golden Press Babe Ruth #3.

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How Much Is A Babe Ruth Gold Card Worth

babe Ruth gold baseball card Value: $0.99 $300.00 | MAVIN.

What Babe Ruth baseball cards are worth money?

Babe Ruth Baseball Cards: The Ultimate Collectors Guide

  • 1914 Baltimore News #9 Babe Ruth Pre-Rookie Card. Estimated PSA 4 VG-EX Value: $900,000.
  • 1921 E121 American Caramel. Estimated PSA 9 Value: $100,000 $125,000.
  • 1927 FC59 Honey Boy Ice Cream #14.
  • 1929 Star Player Candy #21.
  • 1933 Butter Cream #23.

The Babe Ruth Card From 1914 Breaks Previous Record For Sale Of A Sports Card

Babe Ruth 1997 24k Gold Plated Baseball Card

Thanks to his being one of the most iconic figures in the history of baseball, anything remotely associated with Babe Ruth is seemingly worth its weight in gold. And just one item associated with Ruth’s career has sold for a hardly-insignificant fortune.

According to a report by The Athletic, a Babe Ruth baseball card valued at more than $6 million was recently sold for a record-breaking price to an anonymous buyer. The card was dated a 1914 issue by the Baltimore News, which pre-dates Ruth’s first season in Major League Baseball for the Boston Red Sox.

While the final selling price was not disclosed, the sale broke the previous record for a sports card, which had been $5.2 million for the sale of a 1952 Mickey Mantle card as well as a 2003 LeBron James rookie card. Interestingly, other collectors will now have opportunities to buy shares of the card at $3 apiece.

“Today’s announcement represents not only a record price for a sports card, but also a historic and seismic moment for the sports collectibles industry,” read a statement by Collectable CEO Ezra Levine.

Babe Ruth’s 1914 Baltimore News card has long been a coveted item among collectors not only for the point in Ruth’s career it represents, but also the sheer rarity of it: Fewer than 10 cards are known to be in existence, with the last one known to be sold having sold for $450,300 at an auction in 2013.

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Most Expensive Babe Ruth Baseball Cards Sold On Ebay In Summer 2019

Posted by Adam Hughes | Baseball Cards, Players | 0 |

Is there anything more mesmerizing in this hobby than a spread of Babe Ruth baseball cards?

I mean, sure, Ruth doesnt have a singular big-ticket card to measure up to T206 Honus Wagner or 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle, but the Bambino is the greatest player ever.

The mystique of his cardboard is palpable, even across the interwebs and that means massive prices are usually attached.

To wit, check out these ten most expensive Babe Ruth baseball cards to change hands on eBay during summer of 2019.

What Is The Most Expensive 2020 Baseball Card

In August 2020, a Mike Trout rookie card sold for $3.93 million, taking the top spot from what else but a Wagner card, which had held the record since 2016 with a sale price of $3.3 million. This Wagner card is the most expensive baseball card ever sold and the most expensive trading card of any kind ever sold.

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How Much Are Babe Ruth Cards Worth

But the question is how much are Babe Ruth cards worth in todays climate?

His lasting legacy has spanned the test of time, and as the world moves towards other means of collectibles like NFTs, are Babe Ruth cards still as valuable as some of the most expensive and sought-after trading cards in the world?

E121 American Caramel Babe Ruth Photo Montage

Babe Ruth Signed 1933 Card Smashes Auction Record, From ‘Uncle Jimmy’ Collection | TMZ Sports

This 120-card candy set is rife with both the biggest names in the game and variations.

There are three versions of Cobbs card for example, and other stars in the set include Rabbit Maranville, Dave Bancroft, John McGraw, and Eppa Rixey.

This Ruth showing the great hitter in a couple of photos is one of several Babe variations, and the PSA 4 copy here sold in Buy-It-Now fashion for $9500.

Check out the original listing here .

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The Most Valuable Baseball Cards In History

Baseball card collecting became popular soon after cards were mass-produced in the 1880s. / Andy Cross/The Denver Post via Getty Images

Cards of Hall of Famers Honus Wagner, Babe Ruth and Mickey Mantle have sold for millions.

Though introduced to the public in the mid-1860snot long after the games inception and soon after the popularization of photographybaseball cards were not mass-produced until the 1880s. That’s when tobacco brands such as Old Judge and Gypsy Queen inserted cards inside their products featuring illustrations of players, mainly to keep the flimsy packaging intact. Baseball cards became a hit with fans, especially children, who got a bonus piece of chewing gum inside packs starting in the early 1930s.

But it was not until the 1980s that baseball card values skyrocketed, thanks to the public’s deep interest in nostalgia and the explosion of the popularity of rookie cardscards featuring players in their first Major League Baseball season.

Now considered investments by high-end collectors, rare cards in supreme condition have sold for millions. In 1991, an industry standard for card grading and authenticating was established by Professional Sports Authenticator, a sports memorabilia company. Other companies also rate cards based on condition, including Beckett Grading Services and Sportscard Guaranty Company .

E210 York Caramel #6 Type 1

Estimated Value: A PSA 4 graded copy sold for $4,080 in 2017

1927 would prove to be a huge year for Ruth as hed set the single-season record for home runs that would stand for decades by smacking 60 long balls over the fence. He and Murderers Row as the 1927 Yankees were called, would also win 110 regular season games and the World Series that year. The card shows Ruth in a pose that weve seen before on other cards of him as a Boston Red Sox pitcher but its still a much desired issue. Of the 60 cards in the set, his is the most desired.

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Babe Ruth Goudey Sport Kings #2 New York Yankees

We love, LOVE this card!

We consider it to be the best Babe Ruth card for the casual investor looking to own a slice of the Sultan of Swat without spending a million dollars.

The 1933 Babe Ruth Sports Kings Gum Card is numbered 2 and reads Babe Ruth, the Home Run King, is the greatest hero of the game of baseball. His amazing feats of the diamond are almost as well known in the far off country of Japan, as in this country

We recently bought an SGC 84 graded version of this card for $16,900.

Whats The Most Expensive Babe Ruth Card In The World

Sold Price: 1995 Babe Ruth Gold Plated Baseball Card

So which one holds the title for one of the most expensive Babe Ruth cards? This honor goes to the late Dr. Thomas Newman of Tampa Bay.

He owned one of the most extraordinary sports card collections on the entire planet, that spanned over forty years and in 2021 it sold for over $21 million, with some of the memorabilia dating back as far as the late 1800s.

Within this epic collection was a 1933 Goudey Babe Ruth #53 card that has been graded PSA 9 by the Professional Sports Authenticator.

The history of this card is a fascinating one, as it was originally sold as part of a bubble gum promotion, where the card came included in the bubble gum packaging.

Dr. Thomas Newman picked up this rare gem in the mid-1990s for $20,000 which has now sold for more than $4.2 million at auction.

Its good to see Babe Ruth is still breaking records, even 70 years later.

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Goudey Sport Kings #2

Estimated PSA 9 Mint Value: $350,000

This set is one of the most popular sports card sets of the 1930s and similar to the US Caramel set discussed earlier, it contains stars of several different sports. Top athletes from baseball, football, hockey, tennis, golf, boxing, swimming, horse racing and even dog sled racing are showcased in the set. Ruth is the key card to own but centering and angular cuts are common issues that hamper the card. A smiling Ruth on a green background with silhouettes of baseball players along the bottom make for a beautiful card.

Star Player Candy #21

Estimated Value: A PSA 5 copy sold for $25,000 in 2016

This is one of the most interesting but least understood Ruth cards on this list. It isnt known who manufactured these cards but theyve long since become known as the 1929 Star Player Candy set. Adding to the mystique, only two players from the set are known to the hobby, Ruths card #21 and Lou Gehrigs card #32. That would imply there are many other cards to the set but at this time its not known for sure. There were also Star Player Candy cards from 1928 whose reverse sides were blank but as you can see, the 1929 cards featured nice, short bios of the players. Ruths bio is especially interesting as it mentions his single-season home run record that would take decades before it fell to Hank Aaron.

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Video Answer: Pawn Stars: Mint Condition 1923 Babe Ruth Baseball Card

Essentially, Babe Ruth held the all-time Home Run record for many years until it was beaten by Hank Aaron in 1974. So, no, Ruth would not actually have known why he wanted the card but in Benni’s mind it’s something he might have desired to respect his own record being broken.

Babe had always loved the game of baseball as a kid. He was a natural. The monks, particularly Brother Mathias and Brother Gilbert, saw how good he was and how much he liked the game. Not only did they encourage him to play, they also helped him improve his skills.

Babe Ruth Baseball Cards Wrap

Baseball card collector finds rare Babe Ruth card worth millions

Babe Ruth baseball cards will continue to be some of the most coveted and expensive baseball cards for years to come.

His legend is forever fixated in the game and it seems highly unlikely that anyone would ever unseat him as the most iconic player to ever set foot on the baseball field.

Over the course of his career, Ruth put up astonishing numbers and set many records, some of which still hold up today.

If youre going to get into the habit of buying and selling his baseball cards then youll definitely need some deep pockets as the competition is huge.

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What Is The Most Expensive Babe Ruth Card Ever Sold

$6 millionBabe Ruth is a record holder again. A Baltimore News pre-rookie card of Ruth sold for $6 million, making it the most expensive card ever sold, according to Collectable. The card features Ruth in the minor leagues. Ruth played in the International League with the Baltimore Orioles in 1914.

How much is a 1933 Babe Ruth yellow card worth?

The 1933 Babe Ruth #53 yellow is the most valuable of the bunch with one selling on 12/09/2019 at a Robert Edward Auctions for $21,000. A PSA 9 grade of the yellow card will cost well north of $500,000.

How much is a Babe Ruth rookie card worth?

Estimated PSA 8 NM-MT Value: $1.35 million. Not surprisingly, the Babe Ruth rookie card is one of the most coveted and therefore most valuable baseball cards in the hobby. But there are actually two different versions: the M101-5 and the M101-4.

Where can I find a 1914 Babe Ruth Card?

The 1914 Baltimore News pre-rookie card of Ruth can be found with either blue or red borders. Thats if you can find one in the first place. Theyre extremely rare with only around 10 known copies in existence.

Babe Ruth Golden Legends Of Baseball 22 Karat Gold Baseball Card With Original Box

Babe Ruth Golden Legends of Baseball 22 Karat Gold Baseball Card with Original Box. Please see photos for more details regarding the condition of the card and box.

Due to the uniqueness of each item, please refer to the photos provided in this auction. We offer high resolution images of each item rather than a written description of condition.

This item is being shipped from the Pristine Auction warehouse.

A 17% buyer’s premium will be added to the total at the checkout process.

By placing a bid, you agree to abide by all Pristine Auction policies.

Issue second chance offers for AC-374429

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What Baseball Cards Are Hot Right Now

  • 2020 Topps Dynasty Bryce Harper On Card Auto GameWorn Majestic Patch Sealed 1/1. …
  • 2001 Topps Gold Traded Albert Pujols & Ichiro Suzuki Rookie Card #T99 #1906/2001. …
  • 2020 Topps Dynasty Mike Trout Angels Halo Logo Patch On Card Auto 1/5. …
  • 2019 PANINI FLAWLESS Ken Griffey Jr.

Goudey Sport Kings Babe Ruth

Babe Ruth 1994 22k Gold Plated Baseball Card

Didnt get enough Goudey eye candy in the listings above?

Good news!

Goudey released another set in 1933, the Sport Kings issue that included superstars from baseball, football, hockey, and more obscure sports like bed-making .

They sure crammed a lot into a 48-card checklist, but Ruth always draws the lions share of attention.

This PSA 6 copy went Buy-It-Now for $7500.

Check out the original listing here .

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Uncle Jacks Candy King Of Swat #24

Estimated Value: A PSA 2 graded copy sold for $32,980 in 2016

Most of the 1933 Uncle Jacks Candy cards were distributed regionally in the Springfield, MA area and came in one of four color tints: blue, green, red or purple. The 30 card set shows Ruth in the same pose as his 1933 Butter Cream pose, albeit the full pose instead of the cropped version. Conditions of these cards are usually not great, with none of the seven PSA-graded copies having been assessed higher than PSA 2.5+ condition. His status as the King of Swat is depicted at the bottom right corner of the card which adds a very nice tough to this rare card.

Frederick Foto Service #46

Estimated Value: An SGC 1.5 graded copy sold for $34,931 in 2014 and an SGC 2 graded copy sold for $40,000 in 2015

Not much is known about how these small photo cards of the Bambino were distributed by the Frederick Foto studio out of Sacramento, CA. However, its thought that the photo they used of Ruth cant be found anywhere else, a nice tidbit that adds to the mystique of this rare card. The set features many minor leaguers from the Pacific Coast league but also some Major League players as well. Its one of the earliest cards to denote Ruth as a member of the Yankees even though hes still shown in a Red Sox uniform.

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Babe Ruth Baseball Cards: The Ultimate Collectors Guide

Babe Ruth baseball cards are arguably the most sought after cards in the entire hobby.

It’s easy to understand why:

He is the game’s most iconic player and the face of America’s past time.

“The Bambino” started his 22 year Major League career in 1914 as a pitcher for the Boston Red Sox.

But it was from 1920 to 1935 as an outfielder for the New York Yankees where he built his legend into what it is today.

The kind of hitting numbers that the “Sultan of Swat” put up would be nearly unheard of today.

His popularity was off the charts during his playing career and many different companies of all kinds issued cards with him on it. There are dozens and dozens of different Babe Ruth cards out there to collect.

Let’s take a look at some of the most important and rare Ruth cards in the hobby.


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